Re: [O] org-plus-contrib tar disappeared from

2018-01-04 Thread Christopher League
Nicolas Goaziou writes: > I see all the versioned copies at the location you point out. Can you > confirm they reappeared? Ah yes, that's better... everything is back and the package builds fine now. > OOC, why > > homepage = ";;

[O] org-plus-contrib tar disappeared from

2018-01-03 Thread Christopher League
Hi, this is a plea to retain versioned copies of the org-plus-contrib tar in the directory, because package managers refer to them. Currently, the only versions present at that location are 20171227 and 20171228. I'm using NixOS, and my current nixpkgs tree refers to

[O] [PATCH] Fix message format in org-notmuch-search-open

2015-05-15 Thread Christopher League
* org-notmuch.el (org-notmuch-search-open): Bug fix When opening a notmuch-search link, we use =message= to display the path at the bottom of the screen. This would signal Not enough arguments for format string when the path contained %-signs, as it is likely to when the query contains spaces:

[Orgmode] [PATCH] fix org-feed when retrieve-method is curl or wget

2009-06-30 Thread Christopher League
Hi Carsten and everyone. I love using org-feed, to gather various collection points (delicious, starred in google reader, dial2do, etc) into org-mode. I tried switching the org-feed-retrieve-method to curl or wget, and encountered some bugs. The fixes were simple, and the full details are

[Orgmode] wish list: sort tasks by age

2009-06-30 Thread Christopher League
I would love to be able to sort TODOs by their age, so it becomes painfully obvious what I have been ignoring. Since org relies on free- form text (a strength), it's tricky to ensure that every item gets a 'creation-time' property. But it doesn't need to be accurate to the second; even a

[Orgmode] org-attach git-commit limitations

2009-06-03 Thread Christopher League
Hi folks, I started trying to use the org-attach feature (C-c C-a) and I like the idea that it can auto-commit attachment changes to a git repo. But I noticed some shortcomings... 1. I like to keep the entire org-directory under version control, but org-attach only commits if the

Re: [Orgmode] processing pending emails as part of your GTD system

2008-04-23 Thread Christopher League
On Apr 23, 2008, at 11:34 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How did you know about this ``message://%3c%3e'' schema syntax!? Is there anything else I can do to Mail from within Emacs (or from within Quicksilver {see footnote}). Where can I read more! Is it safe to upgrade Mail (i.e. if I

Re: [Orgmode] processing pending emails as part of your GTD system

2008-04-22 Thread Christopher League
to return set the clipboard to (_links as string) end tell #!/usr/bin/env zsh ## email-tickler-update -- manage a set of 43 mailboxes as a 'tickler' file ## Written by and for Christopher League [EMAIL PROTECTED] ## but released to the public domain. ## This program is distributed in the hope

Re: [Orgmode] RFC: interactive tag query adjustment

2008-01-12 Thread Christopher League
anything else strange. On Dec 8, 2007, at 9:00 AM, Christopher League wrote: Hi, I've been using org-mode for about a year, and recently updated to the latest release. I was happy to discover the enhanced tag query features (phone|email/NEXT|SOMEDAY, etc) and started rethinking my

Re: [Orgmode] RFC: interactive tag query adjustment

2007-12-08 Thread Christopher League
On Dec 8, 2007, at 1:29 PM, Adam Spiers wrote: The idea sounds great! though I copied your code into a buffer, did M-x eval-buffer, typed C-c a m and couldn't get any of the electric keys to behave any differently to normal. Not sure if I did something wrong. Huh, okay. Maybe the code is