Re: [O] #+ATTR_LaTeX no longer honoured

2013-05-20 Thread Daniel F
It's strange that you say that link is not up-to date (altho I can see that the version you've linked to is also linked from the main page), because it says here: This manual is for Org version 8.0.3 (release_8.0.3). Is it possible to maybe put some sort

Re: [O] RFQ - new contribution - org-screenshot.el

2013-05-17 Thread Daniel F
It looks great! I think I'd only convert defvars to defcustom. Personally, I don't worry about prefixes that much, because if I am not using a command very often I just tend do run it using M-x command-name - Dan On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 2:41 PM, Max Mikhanosha wrote: At

Re: [O] support for org-mac-link-grabber.el

2013-05-13 Thread Daniel F
Hi Carsten, Ivan. Thanks for the feedback. The issue that Ivan mentioned does look important and I'll try to fix it asap and incorporate the check. I'll also look into the rehilighting thing, I am not sure if that's possible. I guess it also would be nice to scroll not just to the right page, but