Re: [O] MobileOrg for iOS approved and soon to be available in the app store

2013-04-20 Thread David Jennings
Sean Escriva sean.escriva at writes: For those interested in MobileOrg on iOS devices, it has been approved and will be back in the store soon, it can take up to 24 hours to become available. See this github issue for further info:

Re: [O] MobileOrg app not available in the Belgian App Store?

2013-04-06 Thread David Jennings
On 05/04/13 17:51, Holger Wenzel wrote: Hi Guido, I wanted to install the MobileOrg app on my iPhone, but iTunes claims that there is no such app in the Belgian App Store?! Did I miss something? did you go to, ? It looks like it's currently not available in