[bug] org-agenda-sorting-strategy sorting incorrectly?

2020-01-16 Thread Gary Cheng
With the following:

(setq org-agenda-sorting-strategy '((agenda time-up deadline-down
scheduled-down habit-down priority-down category-keep)
 (todo priority-down category-keep)
 (tags priority-down category-keep)
 (search category-keep)))

The `time-up` is correctly shown first; however, all scheduled items are
shown next as opposed to all deadline items (the order should be the other
way around).

Also, it is unfortunate that there is no symbol for upcoming deadline items
to differentiate them from past deadline items. Since they are considered
"earliest", the sorting goes from "In 5 days... -> In 3 days... -> 2 days
ago --> 4 days ago", which is rarely useful. There is no way to sort just
items past due date "2 days ago --> 4 days ago --> 5 days ago", which is a
much more common workflow (e.g. looking down the agenda, the more
salvageable recent deadline items are at the top). It is more sensible to
just limit deadline items to items due today or the past, and have a
separate symbol for upcoming deadlines (i.e. "upcoming-deadline-down" and
"upcoming-deadline-up"). Then, one can e.g. put all upcoming deadline items
at the bottom of the agenda because he wants to deal with items that are
more relevant now.

Currently on lorg-mode 9.3.1 (latest version of org-mode available as of
this submission).

[O] Bug: Evil's evil-ex-substitute does not expand headlines as necessary. [8.2.10 (release_8.2.10 @ /usr/share/emacs/25.2/lisp/org/)]

2017-09-16 Thread Gary Cheng
Emacs  : GNU Emacs 25.2.1 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.22.16)
 of 2017-07-15
Package: Org-mode version 8.2.10 (release_8.2.10 @

When using evil's substitute (:%s/string1/string2/c) in an org file, if the
string that is to be substituted is hidden under a headline, the cursor
will go to the end of the line of the headline of the string, as opposed to
expanding the headline automatically and putting the cursor on the string
the way evil's find (/) does. It should match evil's find behavior which is
more intuitive and useful by doing the same thing.

[O] Bug: org-copy-visible includes emphasis markerse hidden by org-hide-emphasis-markers [8.2.10 (release_8.2.10 @ /usr/share/emacs/25.2/lisp/org/)]

2017-08-24 Thread Gary Cheng
Emacs  : GNU Emacs 25.2.1 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.22.16)
 of 2017-07-15
Package: Org-mode version 8.2.10 (release_8.2.10 @

With evil-mode enabled (bug still applies without using evil, see:
https://github.com/emacs-evil/evil/issues/907), start Emacs, evaluate (setq
org-hide-emphasis-markers t).

Open a org file containing the following line:

~$ firejail --get= ~

which is shown in the visible buffer as:

$ firejail --get= 

Then, visually select via v from the first character "$" to the last
character ">" of the line. What's copied into the clipboard is (note the
"~" in the beginning):

~$ firejail --get= 

instead of:

$ firejail --get= 

Also, copying the entire line with V via org-copy-visible will yield ~$
firejail --get= ~.

I only use Emacs with evil-mode enabled, so I'm not sure what Emacs
equivalents are, but it has the same issue even without using evil
according to the evil developer (see github issue posted above).