Re: [O] Organizing and taming hectic Academia work (faculty viewpoint)? Tips or a good guides sought after :)

2015-06-09 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Xebar, Xebar Saram zeltakc at writes: Dear Martin Thanks so much for your prompt response. I did ofc do an extensive google research yet found that as can be seen in your link most entries focus on either writing papers or general bits an pieces .What i am looking for is a

Re: [O] MobileOrg app not available in the Belgian App Store?

2013-04-06 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Guido, I wanted to install the MobileOrg app on my iPhone, but iTunes claims that there is no such app in the Belgian App Store?! Did I miss something? did you go to, ? It looks like it's currently not available in the app store. At least in Germany I

[O] org-insert-link and partial-completion-mode incompatibility?

2011-06-22 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi, in emacs 23.3 with the org-mode release_7.5-421-ge734e I experience an incompatibility between org-insert-link and partial-completion-mode. org-insert-link in an org-mode buffer results in: Symbol's definition is void: t The trace back looks like Debugger entered--Lisp error:

Re: [O] org and microsoft exchange

2011-06-20 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi, I was thinking of trying to get org and microsoft exchange talking to each other via soap-client.el and exchange web services (ews). Ultimately it would be nice to have a route into the corporate world of exchange, outlook, entourage, and blackberry where so many of us are forced to

[Orgmode] Re: export html - doc

2010-12-20 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Eric, I know this is an awfully tired topic, and I'll be thrilled when the odt exporter is ready, but in the meantime exporting to HTML and then either opening or copying/pasting into OpenOffice is not working for me, while it does seem to be working for other people. I'm on Ubuntu,

[Orgmode] Re: What WebDAV service do you use for syncing org files?

2010-10-21 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Jeff, Well, I just answered my own question as far as getting MobileOrg to work... I just set the WebDAV directory to a local directory within Dropbox. I thought it had to be WebDAV (like that would make a difference). I'm still interested to know what everyone uses to sync working

[Orgmode] Re: What WebDAV service do you use for syncing org files?

2010-10-21 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Jeff, There is an ftp-server available for Android phones that should let you do similar things, if you didn't root your phone. My phone is *so* rooted. Like the first thing I did after unboxing. The Verizon crapware was so annoying! I've got my Android rooted and have a ssh server

[Orgmode] Re: MobileOrg for Android...issues

2010-08-05 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi C64Wiz, Also, I selected to store the .org files on my SD card. Is there a way I can *manually* copy org files to the SD card (just need a location really) so that I can at least read/reference them? I don't have a need to edit/capture at this point, but would like to at least view them.

[Orgmode] Re: MobileOrg for Android...issues

2010-08-05 Thread Holger Wenzel
I do have my own WebDav server (Apache mod) but I'm a security guy so I only allow https. Bad http, bad. :) Even in your own private network? My setup was to have the webdav server only visible in my home wlan and then sync the phone against that. Holger

[Orgmode] Re: [mobileorg] Android sync failed

2010-06-16 Thread Holger Wenzel
Hi Torsten, I just got my new android based phone (HTC Desire) and the very first thing I'm interesting in getting my org-based brainswap onto the android. I installed Mats mobileorg program for android (btw., I hate the word app, sorry ;) ) version 0.4 Alpha I followed the manuals and