[O] Mystery appt

2015-04-28 Thread Jared Travis
Hi all, I log hours per Bernt Hansen's method. I sign out for lunch every day by pointing my clock to a journal/diary entry called lunch. My issue is when I return from lunch and sign back into my task, org-mode is convinced that I have appointments which I don't have. The appointments aren't

[O] Bernt Hansen bbdb template capture with bbdb 3

2014-10-29 Thread Jared Travis
Hey all, I working on a fresh install of org-mode and I've tangled in Bernt's 2014-08-24 org-mode.el. There are some slight variations in emacs and org versions (Bernt: emacs 23.2.1, org 8.3 beta; mine: emacs; org 8.2.6). I can't get Bernt's phone template F9-p bbdb name capture to