Re: [O] How to get rid of first line indent?

2017-06-12 Thread John Ankarström
Birnle  writes:

> But I’ve read that it is possible to directly export to Markdown – that is the
> format I usually work with. By exporting an Org mode file these unnecessary
> spaces should be erased. I just have to figure out how to export to Markdown
> from Org mode … Do you know a good online How-to?

Exporting to Markdown is built into Org-mode, accessible from the
C-c C-e export menu, but might not be enabled by default. To
enable it, customize `org-export-backends' (M-x customize RET
org-export-backends RET) and enable export to Markdown format

Then you can press C-c C-e m m to export the Org document to a
.md file.

- John

Re: [O] org to static site?

2017-06-05 Thread John Ankarström
On June 5, 2017 1:26:15 AM GMT+07:00, Scott Randby  wrote:
> Maybe this is too primitive, but I keep all the content in one Org
> file
> and export the text under each top-level headline as a single HTML
> page.
> I use some simple macros if I need to export more than one top-level
> headline. I keep the CSS code in a separate file. Keeping all the
> content in one file makes it really easy to add new pages and edit old
> pages. I use a preamble for site navigation.
> Scott Randby

Sounds interesting.

Do you have any way to generate an index page for your blog?

- John

Re: [O] org to static site?

2017-05-31 Thread John Ankarström
Chunyang Xu  writes:

> It is said that Nanoc is flexible. You can convert org mode to
> HTML with Pandoc or Emacs. Nanoc supports Pandoc out of box. To
> use Emacs, you need to write your own "filter" (Nanoc's
> terminology, i.e., convert one format into another), for
> example,
> [...]
> I just created my own site  with it
> last week.

Looks fantastic! I've been searching for a good way to write blog
posts in Org, and this looks very promising. Thanks for the
examples, too.

> The syntax highlighting on code block is provided by
> htmlize.el. I noticed `org-html-export-to-html' produces
> different HTML every time even the org file is unchanged at
> all. It is very annoying to me. I found a work-around to avoid
> it,

I've always been annoyed by Org's default heading id's. The way
I usually solve it is by setting a CUSTOM_ID property for every
heading, but it's rather inflexible ...

Does anybody know of a way to have Org produce sensible, readable
id's for headings? Like #this-is-a-heading instead of

- John