Re: [O] Using Org for a dissertation

2012-05-15 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Hi Richard, I recently have written my dissertation in orgmode. I switched to latex for the final 4 weeks between the correction version (completely written in orgmode) and the final version. What I liked about org: - Outlining functionality - Synopsis drawers and view - Markup - Compiling

Re: [O] ConTeXt export

2012-03-08 Thread Markus Grebenstein
From: David Cc: Sebastien, Subject: Re: [O] ConTeXt export Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed Nick

Re: [O] Including Latex Files

2012-03-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear Nicolas, Tanks a lot. I found out that #+INCLUDE: myfile.tex latex does work also. I just forgot the quotes, sorry. Reading the manual I would have expected that src does export formatted source code which is not what I intended. Best, Markus Am 05.03.2012 20:43, schrieb Nicolas

[O] Including Latex Files

2012-03-05 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, I have a question regarding the #+INCLUDE markup: Using babel, I ran into trouble with latex equations and I do not have the time to sort things out (unbalance #+begin_latex...). Therefore, I decided to use auctex and latex files to edit the calculation parts of my thesis. I

[O] Archiving only with confirmation

2012-03-03 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, from time to time I involuntarily archive parts of my thesis when I want to save (it happens when I mess up the saving keys). Since I recognized this a couple of days or even weeks later this makes recovering complicated. Therefore I would love to have the possibility to be asked

[O] Export anchor to latex

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, I am regularly running into problems with internal links to headings, since my document meanwhile is 200pp+ long and I tend to change headings. Since I loose the ability to jump to the heading, I do not like to use the classic latex approach using \label. I am wondering why

[O] ConTeXt export

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, Since the name of ConTeXt makes it almost impossible to search for that topic I'd like to ask you: Is there an ConTeXt exporter (planned??). I am getting more and more fed up with all the package trouble... Thanks in advance, Markus

Re: [O] Export anchor to latex

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear Nick, that is even more than enough ;-) Thanks a lot! That solves quite a bit of preoblems for me. I tried to put the anchor in the line of the headline itself and it worked in orgmode but was not exported as I expected. Best, Markus Am 02.03.2012 21:23, schrieb Nick Dokos: Markus

Re: [O] Open Drawer using keys or even better automatically

2011-11-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear Suvayu, at first: sorry for the late response. My last response is lost in space. I know how to export my thesis. This was just about having the ability to see nothing else but the headings and the synopsis itself, where the synopsis should be something like * The Heading

Re: [O] Bug in latex export

2011-11-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Nobody out there able to reproduce? I still have trouble with this on org-mode 7.7 and ubuntu 11.10. Best Markus

[O] Bug in latex export

2011-11-12 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear list, I found a problem with the latex exporter when exporting bold font: *this is a text* is exported as \textbf{this is a text\} with an extra \ which disables the }after it and causes a latex error. I use org-mode 7.7 from githhub updated on tuesday or wednesday using org-tracks.

[O] Bug(?) report footnotes

2011-11-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear Orgmode community, last week I submitted a journal paper of appr. 30 pages using orgmode and latex export and I ran into trouble regarding footnotes several times. The document didn't compile due to wrongly set brackets of footnotes if: A footnote is placed without a blank line infront

[O] Feature suggestion

2011-11-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear community, since I used Scrivener (Windows Beta) quite a while I'd love to have more of fletcher penny's multimarkdown (or MMD- like Syntax) integrated in orgmode to make it more versatile. Sadly I am not a lisp programmer at all... Best Markus

[O] Open Drawer using keys or even better automatically

2011-09-13 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, after converting my whole thesis from Scrivener to Orgmode I'm missing just one feature: Synopsis The method proposed in the list using the VISIBILITY property is not suitable for me since I want to have the synopsis at the level of the text it describes and I want to be able

[O] Export issue: Text not exportet to latex but to html (emacs23.2 windows and orgmode 7.7)

2011-08-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Dear List, I've been fighting the whole night but I' can't get it fixed: I have a simple and short file (to test why the big document 70 pages is not exported completely) which I want to export to latex. But if I do so, a portion of text is missing (in the tex file! So it doesn't seem to