Re: [O] Using Org for a dissertation

2012-05-15 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Hi Richard,

I recently have written my dissertation in orgmode.

I switched to latex for the final 4 weeks between the correction version 
(completely written in orgmode) and the final version.

What I liked about org:
- Outlining functionality
- Synopsis drawers and view
- Markup
- Compiling subtrees
- noexport tag
- tagging

What I disliked/ preferred in auctex:
- missing footnote folding in stable version
- footnotes frequently lead to trouble with overlapping latex groups.
- missing/spare syntax highlighting
- reference handling in especial w.r.t headings (if you change the 
heading you use the reference)

- debugging
- missing subfigure abilities
- compile time i.e. if you have much babel-snippets
- whitespace handling i.e. after e.g. \si{someunit} (you cannot place a 
footnote at the place where it should be.

The main reasons to switch to auctex in the end for me has been the 
much  better debugging possibilities and the better reftex integration 
(you have to fix quite a bit of wrong references in the final stage of 
your work. Furthermore, I had to do some additional time consuming 
debugging of the orgmode markup several times (most frequently related 
to org-babel).

I would do it again but I'd switch to latex as soon as the basic 
structure of the text is fixed.

Just my 2 cents.

Best Markus

Re: [O] ConTeXt export

2012-03-08 Thread Markus Grebenstein

From: David
Cc: Sebastien,
Subject: Re: [O] ConTeXt export
Content-Type: text/plain; format=flowed

Nick  writes:

Can ConTeXt handle a LaTeX program?

No it can't, not that I'm aware of anyway. While
both LaTeX and ConTeXt inherit from plain TeX,
and therefore look somewhat similar cosmetically,
they don't work the same. (e.g. ConTeXt does not
use LaTeX packages, the .tex files differ in
essentials and not just in details, etc.)

-- David I also think it would need a ne exporter. On the other hand it 
might prevent running in the too many packages trap of LaTeX. To be 
honest, I do not know how man people really use ConTeXt. Best Markus

Re: [O] Including Latex Files

2012-03-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear Nicolas,

Tanks a lot. I found out that

#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex latex

does work also.  I just forgot the quotes, sorry.

Reading the manual I would have expected that src does export formatted 
source code which is not what I intended.



Am 05.03.2012 20:43, schrieb Nicolas Goaziou:


Markus  writes:

So I tried

#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex latex

The syntax is #+INCLUDE: myfile.tex src latex


[O] Including Latex Files

2012-03-05 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

I have a question regarding the #+INCLUDE markup:

Using babel, I ran into trouble with latex equations and I do not have 
the time to sort things out (unbalance #+begin_latex...). Therefore, I 
decided to use auctex and latex files to edit the calculation parts of 
my thesis.

I know the brute force method of using \input etc. but I'd prefer to 
use the much better  #+INCLUDE markup, because I can open the file using 
C-C '. Using

#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex
orgmode assumes the file is in org syntax.

So I tried
#+INCLUDE: myfile.tex latex
and the files compiled fine but C-C ' does try to open a file called 
myfile.tex latex

Is there any chance to include a tex file in orgmode in a way that it 
can be opened interactively by using #+INCLUDE: or -even better- 
defining a link?


[O] Archiving only with confirmation

2012-03-03 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

from time to time I involuntarily archive parts of my thesis when I want 
to save (it happens when I mess up the saving keys). Since I recognized 
this a couple of days or even weeks later this makes recovering complicated.

Therefore I would love to have the possibility to be asked whether I 
really want to do that. I used 
org-archive-subtree-default-with-confirmation but I did not get what the 
meaning of that one is. When I use that command I am sure that I want to 
archive and as far as I see it does not change the default behavior.

Does anybody have an idea how to achieve what I want?
Thanks in advance,


[O] Export anchor to latex

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

I am regularly running into problems with internal links to headings, 
since my document meanwhile is 200pp+ long and I tend to change headings.

Since I loose the ability to jump to the heading, I do not like to use 
the classic latex approach using \label.

I am wondering why anchors are not exported as a label. Alternatively 
having an option for headings would be nice like:

* Heading [label:anchor]

Is there a possibility to tweak orgmode to export anchors?

Thanks in advance,


[O] ConTeXt export

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

Since the name of ConTeXt makes it almost impossible to search for that 
topic I'd like to ask you:

Is there an ConTeXt exporter (planned??). I am getting more and more fed 
up with all the package trouble...

Thanks in advance,


Re: [O] Export anchor to latex

2012-03-02 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear Nick,

that is even more than enough ;-)

Thanks a lot! That solves quite a bit of preoblems for me.

I tried to put the anchor in the line of the headline itself and it 
worked in orgmode but was not exported as I expected.



Am 02.03.2012 21:23, schrieb Nick Dokos:

Markus  wrote:

Dear List,

I am regularly running into problems with internal links to headings,
since my document meanwhile is 200pp+ long and I tend to change

Since I loose the ability to jump to the heading, I do not like to use
the classic latex approach using \label.

I am wondering why anchors are not exported as a label. Alternatively
having an option for headings would be nice like:
* Heading [label:anchor]

Is there a possibility to tweak orgmode to export anchors?

Thanks in advance,

I may be misunderstanding what you mean, but when I try exporting to latex
the following org file:

--8---cut here---start-8---

* foo

foo text

* bar

bar text
--8---cut here---end---8---

I get the following latex code:

| ...
| \section{foo}
| \label{sec-1}
| \label{fooanchor}
| foo text
| \section{bar}
| \label{sec-2}
| \label{baranchor}
| bar text
| ...

Isn't that enough?


Re: [O] Open Drawer using keys or even better automatically

2011-11-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear Suvayu,

at first: sorry for the late response. My last response is lost in  
space. I know how to export my thesis.

This was just about having the ability to see nothing else but the  
headings and the synopsis itself, where the synopsis should be  
something like

* The Heading
Here we have the synopsis text

Here comes some very lengthy and boring text.

What I'd wish to see is something like.

* The Heading
Here we have the synopsis text

Like e.g. within the Scrivener Cardboard.

Best Markus

Re: [O] Bug in latex export

2011-11-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein
Nobody out there able to reproduce? I still have trouble with this on  
org-mode 7.7 and ubuntu 11.10.

Best Markus

[O] Bug in latex export

2011-11-12 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear list,

I found a problem with the latex exporter when exporting bold font:

*this is a text* is exported as \textbf{this is a text\} with an extra \ 
which disables the }after it and causes a latex error.

I use org-mode 7.7 from githhub updated on tuesday or wednesday using 

Please find the tex and the org file attached.



% Created 2011-11-12 Sa 12:09

\title{A title}
\author{The Author}
\date{12 November 2011}




\part{Introduction :First Draft:}



Here is a text: 

\textbf{Here is some bold text\}

#+STARTUP: hidestars
#+STARTUP: indent
#+STARTUP: oddeven
#+TODO: Missing FirstDraft RevisedDraft | final
 (only to two levels in TOC)
#+OPTIONS: toc:4  *:t tags:nil H:6
##+OPTIONS: toc:nil(no TOC at all)
#+LaTeX_CMD: xelatex
#+LaTeX_CLASS: book
#+LaTeX_CLASS_OPTIONS: [a4paper,10pt]
#+LaTeX_HEADER: \input{Templates/book_header.tex}
#+LATEX_HEADER: \input{Templates/grebi-settings-macros.tex}
#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage[style=authoryear-comp,backend=biber]{biblatex}
#+LaTeX_HEADER: \bibliography{Diss-zotero}

#+AUTHOR: The Author
## General Shortcuts

# End ACRONYM Shortcuts
#+TITLE: A title

* Introduction :First Draft: 
** Preface
Here is a text: 

*Here is some bold text*

[O] Bug(?) report footnotes

2011-11-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear Orgmode community,

last week I submitted a journal paper of appr. 30 pages using orgmode 
and latex export and I ran into trouble regarding footnotes several times.

The document didn't compile due to wrongly set brackets of footnotes if:
A footnote is placed without a blank line infront of a heading that is 
exported as itemized.


was exported to something like

\footnote{asdfsdfasdfasdf \begin{itemize} qwerwerwqe}

since the document has been quite big it has been really plenty of work 
to find these errors.

If of any interest I can try to reproduce this in a less than 9500 word 

Best Markus
P.S.: I used the IEEEtran class.

[O] Feature suggestion

2011-11-06 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear community,

since I used Scrivener (Windows Beta) quite a while I'd love to have 
more of fletcher penny's multimarkdown (or MMD- like Syntax) integrated 
in orgmode to make it more versatile. Sadly I am not a lisp programmer 
at all...

Best Markus

[O] Open Drawer using keys or even better automatically

2011-09-13 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

after converting my whole thesis from Scrivener to Orgmode I'm missing  
just one feature:


The method proposed in the list using the VISIBILITY property is not  
suitable for me since I want to have the synopsis at the level of the  
text it describes and I want to be able to have some introduction text  
also besides the synopsis.

Therefore I have been wondering wether there is any chance to generate  
a sparse tree that opens all specific drawers e.g. :SYNOPSYIS: or  
alternatively to have the sparse tree (only showing the headlines) and  
open the drawers using keybindings.

Thanks in advance and best regards,


[O] Export issue: Text not exportet to latex but to html (emacs23.2 windows and orgmode 7.7)

2011-08-28 Thread Markus Grebenstein

Dear List,

I've been fighting the whole night but I' can't get it fixed:

I have a simple and short file (to test why the big document 70 pages  
is not exported completely) which I want to export to latex. But if I  
do so, a portion of text is missing (in the tex file! So it doesn't  
seem to be related to latex setup?) If I export the same text to html  
it works fine.

I fixed the file encoding to utf 8 and checked encoding also using jedit.

.emacs tex- relevant part:

(add-to-list 'org-export-latex-classes
  (\\part{%s} . \\part*{%s})
   (\\chapter{%s} . \\chapter*{%s})
   (\\section{%s} . \\section*{%s})
   (\\subsection{%s} . \\subsection*{%s})
   (\\subsubsection{%s} . \\subsubsection*{%s}))

(add-to-list 'org-export-latex-classes
;;   (\\part{%s} . \\part*{%s})
;;   (\\chapter{%s} . \\chapter*{%s})
   (\\section{%s} . \\section*{%s})
   (\\subsection{%s} . \\subsection*{%s})
   (\\subsubsection{%s} . \\subsubsection*{%s}))

(add-to-list 'org-export-latex-classes
\\setromanfont [BoldFont={Gentium Basic Bold},
ItalicFont={Gentium Basic Italic}]{Gentium Basic}
\\setsansfont{Charis SIL}
\\setmonofont[Scale=0.8]{DejaVu Sans Mono}
\\geometry{a4paper, textwidth=6.5in, textheight=10in,
marginparsep=7pt, marginparwidth=.6in}
 (\\section{%s} . \\section*{%s})
 (\\subsection{%s} . \\subsection*{%s})
 (\\subsubsection{%s} . \\subsubsection*{%s})
 (\\paragraph{%s} . \\paragraph*{%s})
 (\\subparagraph{%s} . \\subparagraph*{%s})))

;; acitvate RefTex
;; Master Bib
(setq reftex-default-bibliography  

(setq reftex-cite-format 'natbib)
(defun my-org-mode-setup ()
 (when (and (buffer-file-name)
(file-exists-p (buffer-file-name)))
  (load-library reftex)
  (and (buffer-file-name)
(file-exists-p (buffer-file-name))
'((?N 'natbib)
(?b . [[bib::%l]])
   (?n . [[note::%l]])
   (?p . [[citep][%l]])
   (?c . [[cite][%l]])
   (?C . \\cite{%l}
   (define-key org-mode-map \C-c\C-g 'reftex-citation)
(add-hook 'org-mode-hook 'my-org-mode-setup)

;; Mehrerer Latex prozessoren
;; Aus Orgmode FAQS
;; LATEX_CMD auf nicht pdflatex oder xelatex setzen

(require 'org-latex)
(setq org-export-latex-listings t)

;; Originally taken from Bruno Tavernier:

;; but adapted to use latexmk 4.20 or higher.
(defun my-auto-tex-cmd ()
  When exporting from .org with latex, automatically run latex,
 pdflatex, or xelatex as appropriate, using latexmk.
  (let ((texcmd)))
  ;; default command: oldstyle latex via dvi
  (setq texcmd latexmk -dvi -pdfps -quiet %f)
  ;; pdflatex - .pdf
  (if (string-match LATEX_CMD: pdflatex (buffer-string))
  (setq texcmd latexmk -pdf -quiet %f))
  ;; xelatex - .pdf
  (if (string-match LATEX_CMD: xelatex (buffer-string))
  (setq texcmd latexmk -pdflatex=xelatex -pdf -quiet %f))
  ;; LaTeX compilation command
  (setq org-latex-to-pdf-process (list texcmd)))

(add-hook 'org-export-latex-after-initial-vars-hook 'my-auto-tex-cmd)

;; Specify default packages to be included in every tex file, whether  
pdflatex or xelatex

(setq org-export-latex-packages-alist
  '(( graphicx t)
( longtable nil)
( float nil)))

(defun my-auto-tex-parameters ()
  Automatically select the tex packages to include.
  ;; default packages for ordinary latex or pdflatex export
  (setq org-export-latex-default-packages-alist
'((AUTO inputenc t)
  (T1   fontenc   t)
  ( fixltx2e  nil)
  ( wrapfig   nil)
  ( soul  t)
  ( textcomp  t)
  ( marvosym  t)
  ( wasysym   t)
  ( latexsym  t)
  ( amssymb   t)
  ( hyperref  nil)))

  ;; Packages to include when xelatex is used
  (if (string-match LATEX_CMD: xelatex (buffer-string))
  (setq org-export-latex-default-packages-alist
'(( fontspec t)
  ( xunicode t)
  ( url t)
  ( rotating t)
  (american babel t)
  (babel csquotes t)
  ( soul t)