Re: Editting from the agenda view

2019-12-02 Thread Memnon Anon
Shérab writes: >> To reschedule an entry remotely from the agenda view, you can press S-right >> (org-agenda-do-date-later) or S-left (org-agenda-do-date-earlier). > > I indeed remember having seen these commands! > The thing is that I am using emacs in the Linux console where these > bindings

Re: [O] Problems with org-drill

2016-05-05 Thread Memnon Anon
Milan Zamazal writes: > Anything new about this problem? I also experience the bug, it's still > present and I have to remove the given line on any Org update. :-( Bugtracker: Little function by

Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!

2015-11-12 Thread Memnon Anon
Matt Price <> writes: > On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Memnon Anon < >> wrote: > >\ > > But I can't figure out how to add my blog to the list there! Can you > tell me the secret?

Re: [O] Org Mode and PDF Notes!

2015-11-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Matt Price writes: > [...] Since my blog > has, I think, a readership of 0 (surely there's a way to get emacsers > to follow me? ah well), I will post a link here [...] -- /---\ | SDF and SDF-EU Public

Re: [O] org-mode + icicles, avoid key binding redefinitions?

2014-01-19 Thread Memnon Anon
John Kitchin writes: I am trying it out, and icicles seems to have clobbered a few key bindings like C-c ' to open source blocks. I used to have the same problem with C-c ' at one point in time, but not anymore. This was the only binding which got in the way. Using

Re: [O] org-mode + icicles, avoid key binding redefinitions?

2014-01-19 Thread Memnon Anon
John Kitchin writes: I got icicles via ELPA. The version from describe-package is Version: 20140118.1856. although in icicles.el it says ;; Version: 2013.07.23. That is the current version. Icicles isn't only icicle.el, Drew has actually a whole bunch of elisp addon

Re: [O] Feature request: info-org-manual

2013-09-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Marcin Borkowski writes: and - even though I've read the Org-mode manual (almost) cover to cover - I now also grepped it: this command is never mentioned there! So I guess that my lack of knowledge was justifiable. :) Well, the manual does not contain everything; never

Re: [O] how i can unsubscribe this mail list

2013-05-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Looking at the header of your mail (`t' in gnus :), you'll see this line: List-Unsubscribe:, So, did you try to send an email to with the a subject

[O] orgstruct in emacs -nw

2013-05-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I tried to use the orgstruct minor mode, but it didn't seem to do anything, although I used exactly the same setup Bastien showed in his interview[1]. After a while, I realized it was because I was using emacs in an xterm. Steps to reproduce below.[2] Wrong setup, a bug or intentional? If

Re: [O] orgstruct in emacs -nw

2013-05-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Christopher Schmidt writes: Wrong setup, a bug or intentional? This is a bug. Can you please give this patch a try and see if it corrects the issue? Apply it on master (06cdb2d). Thanks! Patch applied, Tab works. I will test it more thoroughly over the next

[O] [OT] Contributors to org.texi (was: GFDL)

2013-05-21 Thread Memnon Anon
Sebastien Vauban writes: Bastien wrote: Well, relicensing the Org compact guide under GNU GPL is definitely feasible, but relicensing the Org manual is (sadly) not. Let's take the feasible step first? FMI, why is GNU GPL not applicable to the manual? Hehe, on an

Re: [O] Is it possible to create links to M-x occur results?

2013-05-03 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik writes: On 2.5.2013, at 19:25, Leo Alekseyev wrote: Nice! Short and sweet, and works great. It should go on somewhere in the cool hacks section. Make a patch if you don't have write access to worg... It

Re: [O] Tracking flexitime

2013-04-22 Thread Memnon Anon
Thomas Koch writes: I'm searching for best practices to track flexi time with orgmode. I've a work contract of 8 hours per day in average. So I'd like to start a clock when I arrive at work, pause it for lunch and stop it when I leave. I wouldn't like to rely only on the

Re: [O] Release 8.0

2013-04-21 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien writes: I'm releasing Org 8.0. Excellent. To include other entries too, you can set the limit to a negative number. For example (setq org-agenda-max-tags 3) (setq org-agenda-max-tags -3) ? will not show the fourth tagged headline (and

Re: [O] Is there a limit to number of entries in org-feed.el?

2013-04-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Aditya Mandayam writes: I tried using org-feed: and it returns 70 entries when I try to update. Is there a limit to the amount it can pull? Or is it me? FWIW, with a quick test, I can't reproduce that. Some more

Re: [O] Is there a limit to number of entries in org-feed.el?

2013-04-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Memnon Anon writes: ,[ M-x org-feed-update-all; Example output *Messages* ] [...] | 2 new entries from 6 feeds ` And in a previous run, I got: 72 new entries from 6 feeds So, I can see no upper limit in the code at a first glance, and even

Re: [O] Effort Per Day

2013-04-04 Thread Memnon Anon
daya writes: There are some tasks on which I would like spend a specified time of the day. I would like to set a per-day effort on these tasks. The current effort system seem to support effort per task, not effort per day. What is the recommended way of doing this? What

Re: [O] Carsten's Interview relates questions, esay insert images, attachemnt locations etc..

2013-03-27 Thread Memnon Anon
zeltak writes: one thing that i really found needing in my (very) short time using orgmode is an easy way to insert images into orgmode (i use that alot in academia). are there any long term plans to implement this? It would help to clarify the usecase you are thinking of. I

[O] [OT] Replacement for Google Reader (was: Org-mode as a replacement for Google Reader)

2013-03-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit writes: TL;DR: org-feed.el is not a doable replacement for Google Reader. What about alternatives? NNTP: - Mail: - rss2email Web: - rawdog - Tiny Tiny Rss hth Memnon

Re: [O] A mix of habits and effort estimates?

2013-03-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Marcin Borkowski writes: As I mentioned (though only in the subject), yes. This is close, but my point is not I want to do this at least once each three days or something like this, but rather I want to spend at least 180 minutes every week on this - regardless of days.

Re: [O] posting guide?

2013-03-14 Thread Memnon Anon
it seems to me that this is entirely superfluous. I have not seen a mailing lit with better behavior anywhere. We should not be distracted by a lone user. FWIW, +1

Re: [O] org-agenda-files skips two files

2013-02-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Eric Abrahamsen writes: I've noticed for a while that two org files in my ~/org directory never get added to org-agenda-files, and I can't figure out why. My org-agenda-files is set to '(~/org/), and yet: (dolist (f (directory-files ~/org t org$)) (unless

Re: [O] [Bug] Yasnippet/Org: properties messed up when expanding $1

2013-02-14 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit writes: So there does not seem to be anybody who is able to fix this issue. Is there at least somebody who can confirm this weird bug? I tried your snippet, everything fine here with: Org-mode version 7.9.3e (7.9.3e-1032-g791a8d) yas, latest git hth Memnon

Re: [O] How to improve Org startup time?

2013-02-14 Thread Memnon Anon
Sebastien Vauban writes: Bastien wrote: Sebastien Vauban writes: However, I've left it in the `org-finalize-agenda-hook' hook, so that the `appt-list' is fed up as soon as I begin using agenda functions. But then org-agenda-to-appt will be called each time your

Re: [O] full outline functionality in .el files: how?

2013-01-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Gregor Zattler writes: Hi Thorsten, - after figuring out that I can have full outline functionality in .el files too, the (in my eyes) main advantage of an org-based config was gone. could you please elaborate how to achieve this? Icicle uses linkd.el:

Re: [O] Wish: switch active time-stamps to inactive when CANCELED

2013-01-21 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos writes: But unfortunately, I know that little of ELISP, that I am not able to implement it by myself :-( Time to learn some then - and there is no better way than scratching your own itch :-) Two days later, no reply so far. I'll give it a shot. Karl, if you

Re: [O] clocking ongoing items

2012-12-14 Thread Memnon Anon
Rainer Stengele writes: I wonder how others are clocking ongoing isues, which are not really todos but more like issues collecting clocked time for work done regularly. Example: Reading mail and organising daily priorities of tasks. *** STRT [#C] Reading Mail/News

Re: [O] S-TAB cycling opening archive subtrees

2012-12-14 Thread Memnon Anon
Vincent Beffara writes: When cycling visibility of a subtree using TAB, subtrees with the :ARCHIVE: tag are not opened, and that is a very good thing. But when I cycle a buffer globally using S-TAB, their contents are shown, which feels like the wrong thing to do ...

Re: [O] Agenda: show only prio-A events with associated date/timestamp

2012-12-11 Thread Memnon Anon
I'd like to derive a custom agenda view that has following properties: - show only items with associated datestamp or timestamp (same as «is displayed in the time grid of my usual agenda») - only with priority [#A] So, your usual agenda, but only priority #As ? Or only those items with

Re: [O] org-drill installation problem

2012-12-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Sanjib Sikder writes: (require 'org-drill) (add-to-list 'load-path ~/.emacs.d/) [...] File error: Cannot open load file, org-learn ,[ ] | For manual installation, put the following in your =.emacs=. You will also need | to make sure

Re: [O] Some Experiences with org-babel-load-file

2012-12-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Florian Beck writes: 1. `org-babel-load-file' doesn't seem to be in the org docu. The instructions on worg are obsolete (mentions `org-install') and needlessly complicated. Just putting (package-initialize) ;; only if you use the newest org ... and the newest emacs!

Re: [O] Possible bug in org-open-at-point when filename includes ampersand

2012-12-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Johnny writes: To replicate: - Create a file test__file.txt - In dired, locate the file and capture the link C-c l - In an org file, insert link by C-c C-l - Place point at file and C-c C-o (org-open-at-point) The link org stores is e.g ~/test__file.txt. This cannot

Re: [O] Exclude tag from custom agenda

2012-12-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit writes: What I want to achieve: on top, there should be my normal agenda (events, tasks, habits, ...) but minus elements tagged with reward. [...] I think, that «(agenda nil)» has to be modified but I don't know how. I'm in a hurry, but lets see if I can give

Re: [O] Sort by Inactive Timestamp

2012-12-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Jeff Mickey writes: Thank you Memnon! The (get-text-property 1 'org-marker a) is still voodoo to me, but that worked perfectly. Hehe, it *is* black magic. Carsten recommended to have a look at the org-cmp-* functions (

Re: [O] Sort by Inactive Timestamp

2012-12-07 Thread Memnon Anon
Jeff Mickey writes: However.. my current issue: I'd like to sort my todo's by when I entered them. So in my capture template I put an inactive timestamp at the bottom, so my headlines look something like: --8---cut here---start-8--- *

Re: [O] Question re. Bernt's agenda setup

2012-11-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Manish writes: a way to pick out all #+begin_src parts from the .org version? (org-babel-tangle optional ONLY-THIS-BLOCK TARGET-FILE LANG), bound to `C-c C-v t' by default. Not all emacs-lisp blocks are set to :tangle yes, though. Or use a quick Keyboard macro

Re: [O] [Bug] Inline Links from Agenda

2012-11-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Memnon Anon writes: it seems to me that `C-c C-o' (org-agenda-open-link) does not work correctly for internal links with: ELISP (emacs-version) GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.4.2)\n of 2012-11-01 on dex, modified by Debian ELISP (org

Re: [O] How to set up a recurring task wich is automatically set on done

2012-11-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Ukhara Arahku writes: I have to do a job every 2 weeks on Friday I want to have a task which: - remembers me (or is shown in the agenda) 2 days before, thus Wednesday - when the recurring date is over it is set on DONE automatically - and is shown again 2 days before

Re: [O] How to customize the heading definition in org-mode

2012-11-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Avner Moshkovitz writes: I want to use a lisp file (the .emacs file) in org-mode. This will help me to navigate through sections of the .emacs configuration file. I do so with the following setup: I have a minimal init.el file in my ~/.emacs.d directory.

[O] [Bug] Inline Links from Agenda

2012-11-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, it seems to me that `C-c C-o' (org-agenda-open-link) does not work correctly for internal links with: ELISP (emacs-version) GNU Emacs (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.4.2)\n of 2012-11-01 on dex, modified by Debian ELISP (org-version t t) Org-mode version 7.9.2

Re: [O] Problem with hourly repeater

2012-10-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Nicolas, Nicolas Goaziou writes: Yes, I confirm the bug. Would you mind testing the following patch and tell me if it fixes the problem without adding unwanted side-effects? I've been testing the patch for a couple of days now. No unwanted side-effects as far as I can

Re: [O] how to customise Emacs to recognise 13.10. as 13th of October this year instead of 2010-10-13?

2012-10-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Gregor, today (2012-10-11) I yanked Kommt am 13.10. um 14:00 zum into the date/time prompt: the date is recognised as 2010-10-13 Mi 14:00 instead of 2012-10-13 Sa 14:00 as I would expect since I have the following customisations (excerpt): I just tried, it seems to work just fine here.

Re: [O] Error on reload but none in Messages Buffer?

2012-10-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Rainer M Krug writes: On 10/10/12 12:55, Achim Gratz wrote: (load-misses ())) + (message %s lfeats) (setq load-misses -(delq 't + (delq 'tt (mapcar (lambda (f) (or OK - I get a warning when compiling: In org-reload: org.el:20024:19:Warning: reference

Re: [O] Problem with hourly repeater

2012-10-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Martin Pohlack writes: This has been discussed several times before and the conclusion was that hourly repeaters are not supported: True, back in 2009. Not true anymore: ,[ ORG-NEWS Version 7.9.2 ] | Support for hourly repeat cookies | | You can now

[O] Problem with hourly repeater

2012-10-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I am trying the hourly repeaters and see a problem. Steps to reproduce: * emacs -Q * load minimal setup: --8---cut here---start-8--- ;;; adjust path as needed! (setq load-path (cons ~/org-mode/lisp load-path)) (setq load-path (cons

Re: [O] Org-mode release 7.9.2

2012-09-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien writes: I've released Org 7.9.2. [...] See for the updated list of changes. Excellent release! Probably my favorite: , | * New special property CLOCKSUM_T to display today's clocked time | | You can use CLOCKSUM_T

[O] [PATCH] org.texi: New link (was: suggestion for org manual)

2012-09-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien writes: Can you create a patch for this? Like this? From 365f6f3d23926647ce40979ca59f88f96086b713 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Memnon Anon Subject: [PATCH] Add a link to documentation * doc/org.texi (Tracking your habits): Point

Re: [O] Breadcrumbs?

2012-09-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien writes: Indeed! I've updated `org-display-outline-path' so that it can return a string: (org-display-outline-path nil t t) So you can now hook it like this: (add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda() (add-to-list 'mode-line-format

Re: [O] Erroneous No such file or directory with babel and remote dir

2012-09-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Loris Bennett writes: How do I avoid the mixed installation problem when testing with a clone of the org repository? ,[ ] | Among the most common reasons is Orgmode gets loaded before the | load-path variable is

Re: [O] GTD in org mode - in which project is this action ?

2012-09-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Clément Mayet writes: *I think the main difficulty is to get the project to which the action belongs as it is only a heading above the action. My first question is : should I use properties, tags , something else ?* I use properties for projects. Depending on your numbers of

Re: [O] Habit setup help needed

2012-09-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Robert Horn writes: *** HABIT [#A] Weekly GTD review [0/9] :home: DEADLINE: 2012-09-21 Fri ++1w SCHEDULED: 2012-09-17 Mon ++1w :LOGBOOK: - State DONE from HABIT [2012-09-14 Fri 09:00] I thought that it

[O] Activating modules before org-install (was: org-url-hexify-p is not respected)

2012-09-11 Thread Memnon Anon
James Harkins writes: So then the question is, why was I getting the ID-style links in the first place? I hadn't loaded that module before (I didn't even know about load-library before). One short question: My ~/.emacs.d/init.el has these lines: , | ;; modules got to

Re: [O] Cannot agenda - bulk shift SCHEDULED entries with repeater interval

2012-09-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Rainer Stengele writes: SCHEDULED: 2012-09-10 Mo .+3w I would like to shioft the date by bulk action in the agenda B s. That does not work. SCHEDULED date stays unchanged. Is this a bug? I just tried, works as expected here with (release_7.9-24-g2cb72a). +1d

Re: [O] suggestion for FAQ: clarifying how to upgrade org

2012-09-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi rpjd, Robert P. J. Day writes: that seems to work fine. if that's an acceptable way to upgrade org, that should probably be mentioned in the FAQ -- that you might just be able to do a standard, distro-specific install of whatever represents the org-mode package

Re: [O] won't emacs kick into org mode for any file with a .org suffix?

2012-09-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Jambunathan K writes: It is meant for users who are using Org with a version of Emacs that is released before 2007-11-09. That is really an Emacs that is half-a-decade old. Hmm. Half a decade? It does not work ootb on a machine in my university I frequently log in to:

Re: [O] won't emacs kick into org mode for any file with a .org suffix?

2012-09-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Robert P. J. Day writes: i figured that -- my point was that i think it's worth mentioning that, with any decently current version of emacs, all of that is already configured and you don't need to do anything. reading that section doesn't make that clear. Adding it

Re: [O] Filtering Agenda View

2012-09-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Ken, Ken Mankoff writes: I tried setting the regexp to \ WAITING\ but that did not fix it. How can I improve the regexp, or is there a better way to show TODO items that are TODO, STARTED, WHATEVER, but not WAITING (or not WAITING and SOMETHINGELSE). ,[

Re: [O] suggestion for org manual

2012-09-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Moin Jonas, Jonas Stein writes: It says # You have enabled the habits module by customizing the variable org-modules. I would expect here a link about customizing the variable org-modules, and how the setting looks like. Well, customizing variables belongs to the emacs

Re: [O] repeater not working?

2012-09-03 Thread Memnon Anon
Alan Schmitt writes: By the way, what is the canonical way to install contribs? The site says to simply add a load_path to the source directory of org-mode, but maybe there is another way. The canonical way would be the way described in the info

Re: [O] repeater not working?

2012-09-03 Thread Memnon Anon
Alan Schmitt writes: I guess I'm too much into an OmniFocus way of organizing thing, and need to dig deeper in orgmode to find the canonical way of doing this. For repeating projects, do you use checklists like Memnon Anon? FTR: I don't use checklists that often

Re: [O] Trying to print the agenda in the terminal - emacs stdout limit?

2012-09-03 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Marcelo de Moraes Serpa writes: If I eval this block in Emacs, the whole agenda text is shown in the *Messages* buffer, but when I run it from the command line, it only shows the first two lines:  ➜  ~  ./script.el Global list of TODO items of type: ALL Available

Re: [O] repeater not working?

2012-09-01 Thread Memnon Anon
Alan Schmitt writes: I'm starting to play with repeaters, and I cannot make them work. Here is a sample of a small file I have: *** Archive Mail [2/2] SCHEDULED: 2012-09-01 Sat +1m DONE Read and archive all mail (orgmode, Sent) CLOSED:

[O] Scheduling time+effort or (ab-?)using org-agenda-default-duration

2012-06-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi org people, I am trying to make my life a bit easier and would love some advice. * Short: Has anyone a little schedule/timestamp function which takes time of day (e.g. 10:20 or 10pm) and schedules/timestamps items as time+effort (e.g. 10:20+0:30)? A tiny change to org-agenda-format-item

Re: [O] Updating orgmode

2012-06-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Michael Welle writes: You might use 'M-x find-library' and at the prompt type 'org.el' to discover which version is loaded by Emacs. Also useful: M-x list-load-path-shadows hth Memnon

Re: [O] Difficulty of using Org mode

2012-06-06 Thread Memnon Anon
suvayu ali writes: The way I went about it was to get an overview of the capabilities from Worg and start using only the features I needed (in my case note taking and export). As I became more familiar, I delved into other features (like agenda, babel) and

Re: [O] Updating info files

2012-06-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Mike Fitzgerald writes: C-h i still brings up the old info files. files are there: org.pdf rg.texi rgcard.pdf rgcard.tex rgcard_letter.pdf rgguide.pdf rgguide.texi Mhh, are these all files in the doc dir? Info doesn't use pdf, here is mine for comparison:

Re: [O] source code folding

2012-05-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Puneeth Chaganti writes: I'm not sure there's such a short cut, but you can define one for yourself. A simple function (without any sort of error checking) like the one below can be bound to a key-binding of your choice.

Re: [O] open a source code

2012-05-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Petro writes: If I open a python code using C-c ', emacs window splits into two. One with with python mode and another with org mode. How can I prevent splitting and make python window full screen? Good question, lets check the docs: F1 i, d, m org TAB RET. Working with

Re: [O] Timestamp: Forward or backward by a week

2012-05-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos writes: But I saw a message implying that Debian does not consider emacs documentation free (!?!?), so the info files may be in emacs23-common-non-dfsg in this case. The FSF isn't the only one caring about Freedom. Where more than one entity exists, they are

Re: [O] org-mode as an accountability system?

2012-03-04 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Peter, Peter Salazar writes: My committed actions for a day consist of:      a) TODOs for the projects I'm working on b) random errands that need to be done that day c) daily habits (e.g. meditating, exercising) I don't believe org-agenda can support me in doing

Re: [O] org-yank improvement?

2012-03-04 Thread Memnon Anon (François Pinard) writes: I often cut a list item (or a hierarchy of list items) to reinsert it into another heading which I know contains only list items. All the headings are collapsed, so what I usually do is position the cursor at the beginning of the /next/

Re: [O] org-yank improvement?

2012-03-04 Thread Memnon Anon
Bernt Hansen writes: (I'm using clean mode, as probably everybody does!) No. What's this 'clean mode' you're taking about? I can't find any reference to that on worg. ,[ (info (org)Clean view) ] | 15.8 A cleaner outline view | === | | Some people

Re: [O] missing appointments

2012-02-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos writes: ;; wrong (setq org-appt-timer (run-at-time 00:01 nil (function org-agenda-to-appt))) [...] o finally, I would like to add a call at midnight every day to recalculate appointments for the next day - unfortunately, the call above is not correct, so

Re: [O] Org without X on Debian

2012-02-01 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl writes: Does anybody use Org in a non-graphical environment? Is it possible to make the (all) keys work? Mhh, surprised no one mentioned it: ,[ (info (org)TTY keys) ] | Because Org contains a large number of commands, by default many of | Org's core commands are

[O] org-catch-invisible-edits clarification

2011-12-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, just read up on the new features in 7.8 and org-catch-invisible-edits caught my attention. I set it to show and tried a simple example: --8---cut here---start-8--- * Test ** level2 *** Level3 Some text * Headline --8---cut

Re: [O] A quick way to empty contents of entries?

2011-11-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik writes: On Nov 4, 2011, at 7:56 AM, gylns wrote: Hi, all I want to empty all my contents but leave only with the headlines and the properties, is there a fast way? [...] For one file: perl -ne 'print if /^\*+ / or


2011-10-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit writes: * Carsten Dominik wrote: C-u 30 C-c a a For now I used: ,[ from my .emacs ] | (defun vk-export-agenda() | Exports monthly Org-mode agenda to agenda.ics file | (interactive) | (org-agenda-list) |

Re: [O] headline navigation and refiling.

2011-10-05 Thread Memnon Anon
Le Wang writes: Use the C-u (universal prefix) to `org-refile', i.e. C-u C-c C-w. How could I miss that?! Woohooo! Thanks, Memnon

Re: [O] Time range end in agenda view not displayed

2011-09-30 Thread Memnon Anon
michael holzer writes: When I have an entry that contains a time range, for example: * timerange 2011-09-30 Fri 14:00--2011-09-30 Fri 18:00 this shows up in the agenda view as: uni:14:00.. timerange while I would expect something like: uni:

[O] Orgmode,Bidi,Speed in emacs trunk

2011-09-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I've not been following the list closely for a while, not sure if Bastien is on vacation or whatever. Just in case Carsten or anyone else wants to comment on this: From: Eli Zaretskii Subject: bug#9610: 24.0.90; org-mode: sluggish response and high CPU

Re: [O] how to narrow Clock Total on repeating tasks?

2011-08-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Michael, Michael Gilbert writes: Basically, I'm just looking for a way to narrow the scope of the clock total to the current iteration of task, in the context of the column view of the agenda. Comparing effort to total doesn't make a lot of sense if the former is an

Re: [O] Merge org-7.7 into emacs

2011-08-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Eric Schulte writes: I believe 10 lines is the cutoff for whether a patch may be considered tiny and thus whether it requires copyright attribution to the FSF. ,[ ] | If your patch is against a file that is part of Emacs,

[O] Merge org-7.7 into emacs

2011-08-07 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Just a heads up: I don't know anything about this, but maybe something can be said/done about it while Bastien enjoys his vacation? Memnon

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Michael C Gilbert writes: Ideally, something like this should be available in the org file, rather than in the agenda. [...] But if I shift back and forth to the agenda, then I can make this work. I'm assuming that the 'Cc C-s' and 'C-c C-d' commands don't work on regions

Re: [O] stop rebuilding of agenda upon secondary filtering? (7.6 behavior)

2011-07-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Michael Gilbert writes: Upon upgrading to 7.6, I am noticing that my agenda now rebuilds as I move between various secondary filters. This is a substantial slowdown to my regular workflow. Is there a setting I could use to adjust this behavior? Other advice? see: Message-ID:

Re: [O] Habits not showing in agenda and no progress graph

2011-07-27 Thread Memnon Anon
John Hendy writes: Ah. That might have done it. I was playing around a bit tonight and noticed that if I changed the scheduled date, I got a little multi-colored bar looking thing in agenda week view. Is that the graph? Yes.  #+begin_src org    ,* TODO note down month's

Re: [O] How to make a tag-todo search within a time range

2011-07-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi etimecowboy, etimecowboy writes: For example, I want to search the scheduled TODO items with the work tag in the past 3 days. I thought the searching string was: +work+SCHEDULED\today\+SCHEDULED=\today-3d\, ^? ^?^? ^?

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-26 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Bastien, Bastien writes: On an item, `C-c C-s' and `C-c C-d' now allows you to use +2d to say schedule in 2 days from today or ++2d to say schedule in 2 days from existing timestamp. In agenda, `B s' and `B d' will also understand this and let you reschedule/redeadline

Re: [O] Referring to ID in other Org-mode file

2011-07-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit writes: How can I refer to an ID in another Org-mode file (withing the same folder)? [...] I was searching in the Org-mode manual but could not find any solution for my problem. Either this is not possible or I could not find the (existing) solution yet.

Re: [O] Commenting a diary sexp line??

2011-07-22 Thread Memnon Anon
suvayu ali writes: On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Bastien wrote: I think you can already set up your custom agenda views to ignore COMMENT headlines. Could you point me to it? I did an apropos search for org agenda ignore but all I could find

Re: [O] Suggestion: Stackoverflow for Orgmode

2011-07-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Thomas Renkert writes: I noticed that - as more people with a diverse range of background knowledge start to use orgmode - the mailing list is getting more and more difficult to navigate: I do agree that the volume of mails did considerably increase. a lot of

Re: [O] bug when tuning agenda views

2011-07-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Роман Новиков writes: org-7.5 ,[ (info (org)Feedback) ] |For bug reports, please first try to reproduce the bug with the | latest version of Org available--if you are running an outdated | version, it is quite possible that the bug has been fixed already. `

Re: [O] Scheduling calling debugger

2011-07-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Suvayu Ali writes: The error at the end was generated on attempting to reschedule a headline like this: ** TODO Read note on fitter SCHEDULED: 2011-07-19 Tue Debugger entered--Lisp error: (invalid-function org-loop-over-siblings-in-active-region)

Re: [O] Can't follow links with id property

2011-07-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Suvayu Ali writes: I can't follow links with an ID property. I have attached a minimal example org file. Org complains it cannot find a match and prompts to create a new headline. Answering yes to the prompt creates a new headline like this: *

Re: [O] Custom agenda view for properties

2011-07-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Christian, Christian Zang writes: despite carefully reading the manual and trying out some approaches so far I could not figure out whether or not it is possible to have a custom agenda view based on a header's properties. The manual is great, but its always a

[O] Searching the org list (was: Formal description of Org files)

2011-07-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos writes: There was a discussion about this on the list a few months ago, but I can't get to to find the thread atm, although I can get to is that me or is gmane's search on the fritz? I had some trouble with gmane search for

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien writes: My Gnus .overview has been corrupted and I lost track of the question. Can you restate it shortly here? ,[ Original request as short as I can get it ] | Michael is looking for a way to bulk re'timestamp' items | relativ to the timestamp the item has

Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi all, Pieter Praet writes: On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 19:32:18 +0200 (CEST), wrote: Please don't *insult* our devs by calling this useless BS a BUG, let alone ask them to *waste* their precious time and skills on it. Mhh, I don't think it was in any way insulting

Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi all, I think this is a very reasonable and concise mail on the star topic Nicolas wrote here. If Bastien agrees to its assessment, I would suggest adding a link to it to the FAQ item on the topic. Memnon

Re: [O] ThoughtBack

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
John Hendy writes: On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Bastien wrote: [...] Or did I miss something? Don't think so. Googling produces little, either. [...] So... looks like notes + some other feature set that's unexplained? I found some stuff, e.g.:

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