Re: [O] Export to multiple HTML files

2015-02-27 Thread Pete Ley
This: may be a starting point. It is a small library which splits an org file into many smaller ones. (Bug reports/feature requests welcome, btw.) The main function returns the list of generated files, so you could #'mapc some export function over it.

Re: [O] Entering Repeating Scheduled Tasks in the Minibuffer

2014-12-10 Thread Pete Ley
PS What is the meaning of (=F) that appears at the end of the minibuffer? I believe this means org has chosen the future option of an ambiguous input. e.g., it is December 10th. I use C-c . to create a timestamp and simply put in 9. The closest date that matches is December 9th, but there is a

[O] Conditionally export certain sections based on predefined types

2014-12-04 Thread Pete Ley
Not a great title, but I'm not sure how to explain what I want succinctly. I'm trying to write a resume, and I'd like to be able to export different versions of it for different things. For instance, I don't necessarily want to include my hourly job experience when applying for a programming

Re: [O] Float placement in org-latex

2014-11-18 Thread Pete Ley
org-export-latex-image-default-option is just what I'm looking for, I think. I figured making all the images smaller would do it, I just didn't know if there was a way to do that without putting a #+ATTR_LATEX on every image or something. Thanks!

[O] Float placement in org-latex

2014-11-15 Thread Pete Ley
Just a quick question for someone new to and quickly becoming enamored with org-latex-export. I'm encountering a problem with my floats. Namely, I have a section with not much text and several floats, it's probably about a page worth of actual text and 7-10 gnuplot-generated graph images. I have

Re: [O] Org-mode Habit with Varying Description

2014-10-23 Thread Pete Ley
All I've got now are a function that finds the logbook, and another that parses the log items and normalizes them: extracts the TODO states/timestamps/key-values and sets them as properties on the items themselves. Then you've got a pretty good basis from which to do reporting. Hooking into

Re: [O] Org-mode Habit with Varying Description

2014-10-20 Thread Pete Ley
As Bastien said, this doesn't really fit the idea of a habit, but I think there is a reasonable non-elisp way of tweaking it to fit. Maybe it would help. What if you had something like this: * Read book :LOGBOOK: - Note taken on [2014-10-20 Mon 10:33] \\ 151-300 - Note taken on

Re: [O] Linked tasks

2014-06-25 Thread Pete Ley
it seems to me that it's more 'depend' in the sense of 'this task has to be done for this other task to be doable'. IIRC, the TRIGGER property in org-depend.el allows you to change the state of another tree when the current one is marked done. I imagine you could use it to have a clone task in

Re: [O] sharing my firsts, org babel tangle and init .org file

2014-04-18 Thread Pete Ley
I've looked at the solution on worg and, though I didn't actually try to implement, it seems like tangling your init file every time you open Emacs is a little cumbersome. Please correct me if I'm wrong in this assumption. I also have a sync script hooked into my tangling that has to do with

[O] Conditionally display breadcrumbs in agenda view

2014-02-07 Thread Pete Ley
I know there is a way to display parent headlines using the agenda prefix. Is there a simple way to do this conditionally for certain subtrees? Here's my use case. I have an org file for keeping track of what I do to various machines I work on/administer (though I use that term

Re: [O] How not to show repetitive tasks in the TODO items of agenda view

2014-01-23 Thread Pete Ley
The problem is that all the birthdays and repetitive tasks are cluttering my view in agenda TODO items (C-c a t). Is it possible to make these items show up only in the agenda view (C-c a a) and not in the TODO items list (C-c a t) You could try define a custom agenda command to show all

[O] Search for defined property

2014-01-22 Thread Pete Ley
I have trees in several agenda files with Effort properties and I'm trying to make an agenda view that shows all trees with this property defined. I know I can do 'M-x org-agenda m' to do a property search but this only seems to work searching for properties with a specific value. I'd like to

[O] Holidays without fixed dates

2014-01-16 Thread Pete Ley
For instance, New Year's Day is always on January 1st, but something like the start of Daylight Saving Time is always around the same time but on the closest Sunday. Is there a ready-made solution for working this sort of thing into the agenda? So far I just have holidays in my agenda that have

[O] Errors trying to add properties to clocktable

2013-11-04 Thread Pete Ley
Per section 8.4.2 of the manual, I'm trying to add a :properties column to the clocktable. Here are my block settings: #+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 2 :scope agenda :block thisweek :properties CATEGORY :inherit-props Now, my goal is to add a work commitment in hours per week to some of the

Re: [O] Adding and subtracting from clocked entries.

2013-11-04 Thread Pete Ley
Cecil Westerhof writes: As far as I know, you can do exactly this (the subtracting clock time from one tree and adding it to another) but it's triggered on idle time, so if you're working on something else in emacs it won't ask you to resolve your idle clock time. I am

Re: [O] Adding and subtracting from clocked entries.

2013-11-04 Thread Pete Ley
Cecil Westerhof writes: I am still working, so it will not work I am afraid. Hopefully some org-mode guru can come along and explain how to trigger the functionality arbitrarily or by some other means, since the manual says what you're looking for is definitely doable.

Re: [O] Having trouble with hidestars this morning

2013-11-04 Thread Pete Ley
Susan Cragin writes: Hello. Normally outlines are supposed to start up in hidestars view, which shows one star per level, indented, thusly: * First Level * Second * Third But after compiling both emacs and org-mode from git this morning, and

Re: [O] Babel Tangle issues

2013-11-02 Thread Pete Ley
Sam Flint writes: I use org-babel to LP, and when I go to tangle, I get very little output, a shebang line and that is about it, I have noweb set to tangle, yet my references do not resolve. Any ideas why? Without seeing your specific setup, I can't say for sure, but I