Re: [O] Indenting source code blocks in lists

2012-01-25 Thread Phil (Philip) Mason
But let us assume that I already have a source block, and it is not indented correctly; what is the easy way to indent this block in a list? If you indent just the #+BEGIN_SRC line and then use C-c ' to open the source editor and C-c ' to close it again it indents all source to the level of

[O] Using last row in remote table references

2012-01-11 Thread Phil (Philip) Mason
Hello all, Should I be able to use @ in references to remote tables? For example in the tables below I would expect the results table to show cde as the result of both formulas. #+TBLNAME: TEST1 |---+---| | a | f | | b | g | | c | h | | d | i | | e | j | |---+---| #+TBLNAME: RESULTS