Re: [O] Ways to make org feasible for huge files

2011-10-14 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Btw I get that behavior in emacs 23.1 too Scott On Fri, Oct 14, 2011 at 3:00 AM, Tassilo Horn tass...@member.fsf.orgwrote: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa writes: Hi Marcelo, 4328, exactly the same amount of lines I have in the file. Didn't you say that you have 4000 *k*

Re: [O] Ways to make org feasible for huge files

2011-10-13 Thread Scott Jaderholm
For my org files my linum-overlays length is equal to the number of lines on the screen so perhaps there's something you can do to get better performance. I'm not sure what setting it would be, I'm running e24 with my own complicated linum-format. Scott On Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 9:23 PM, Marcelo

Re: [Orgmode] Themes Compatible with color-theme.el

2010-10-10 Thread Scott Jaderholm Please link to don't copy so that as I make changes they'll get updated. Scott On Thu, Oct 7, 2010 at 4:15 AM,

Re: [Orgmode] [ANN] Org to Atom, revisited

2010-07-06 Thread Scott Jaderholm
David, I love the idea of this project, and I really hope it makes it into org proper! Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the sitemap/index feed feature in this or an older version to work for me. Can you add more details in Section 4.2? It mentions org-atom-publish-org-as-atom-index but

[Orgmode] empty-line-terminates-plain-lists and indentation

2009-07-05 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Hi, Is (setq org-empty-line-terminates-plain-lists t) supposed to change indentation in emacs org buffers? Even with the above setting, the following snippet: * Heading Some text: - a - b More text: - a - b is automatically indented as follows: * Heading Some text: - a - b More

Re: [Orgmode] Upgrading org-mode--Windows

2007-10-23 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 10/22/07, Michael Dixon [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I apologize in advance if this question is off-topic/inappropriate, but the version of org-mode packaged with emacs 22.1 for Windows is 4.67, while the latest current version is 5.13. I can't seem to figure out how to update the org-mode

Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.13

2007-10-23 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 10/19/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Changes in Version 5.13 - New variable `org-agenda-window-frame-fractions' to customize the size limits of the agenda window in the case that you display the agenda window by reorganizing the

[Orgmode] Two bugs with setting deadlines/scheduling

2007-10-23 Thread Scott Jaderholm
As of 5.13 I am unable to schedule or set deadlines other than tomorrow. I thought this must be something in my settings but running emacs with -q and loading org without any special settings yields the same bug. Is anyone else having this problem? A more minor bug: if I create a file and add a

Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode version 5.12

2007-10-13 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 10/11/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Changes in Version 5.12 --- - The variable `org-ellipsis' now defaults to `org-link'. What are your thoughts on making this clickable, with RET and mouse? I don't know, the link face makes it looks like it should be.

[Orgmode] Column view bugs

2007-10-13 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Carsten, I took a closer look at column view today and really liked what I saw. It seems to have gotten a lot better since I tried it on 5.01, but it may just be that I understood the implementation this time around. I think it works very well and I am very surprised it hasn't gotten more use. I

Re: [Orgmode] Re: org-mode PDAs

2007-09-17 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 9/17/07, Leo [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Can someone help me understand the advantage of running Emacs in pda? Emacs is an keyboard driven application and pda sucks at keyboard input. How would these two things match? I don't think that most people would choose to run Emacs on a PDA (phone)

[Orgmode] blank lines and keystrokes for org remember templates

2007-09-06 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Hi, 1. When I use remember with a template I get a blank line after the text that I type. My template looks like this: (setq org-remember-templates '((?l * TODO %? ~/Documents/org/ New Tasks))) If I write TODO something I get a blank line after it in my org file even though I

Re: [Orgmode] running remember with emacsclient - how to get a new frame

2007-09-06 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 9/6/07, Jason F. McBrayer [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I define this function in my .emacs: (defun my-remember nil (progn (select-frame (make-frame '((name . *Remember*) ))) (raise-frame) (remember))) Jason, This is great. How would you make it so that the

Re: [Orgmode] Feature request: Selective encryption

2007-08-31 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 8/30/07, John Wiegley [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but one feature I'd like to see is the ability to hit a keystroke and have the current outline entry encrypted or decrypted. allout.el does this now (although I find the implementation somewhat

[Orgmode] - before *, special C-a with plain lists, and * to - conversion

2007-08-09 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Welcome back Carsten, I hope you enjoyed your well-deserved vacation. #1 is a bug, #2 and #3 are feature requests (both of which sound familiar; apologies if they've been mentioned before). 1. Type - at the beginning of a blank buffer and then press M-RET. On my system it stalls but if you

Re: [Orgmode] feature request: (more) in agenda?

2007-08-06 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 8/5/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When I browse my todos in agenda view (see below) most of the time I forget about whether I have comments or not, so I don't even check: I've been using : to designate headings that have notes (as opposed to ones that have SCHEDULED etc.).

Re: [Orgmode] C-u C-c C-t broken

2007-07-19 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 7/18/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Jul 17, 2007, at 21:57, Scott Jaderholm wrote: I don't know if C-u C-c C-t was ever intended to work, but it's definitely broken. I'm guessing most people use C-# C-c C-t * Test (C-u C-c C-t) Args out of range: 2, 9 and * Test

Re: [Orgmode] Re: Idea: Quicksilver-like Org-mode (anything.el)

2007-07-17 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 7/15/07, Xavier Maillard [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Scott, Scott Jaderholm jaderholm at writes: With anything.el, you could add the task Move pictures to the project Organize shared drive by typing F5 Orga RET Move pictures RET. You could complete the task by typing F5 Move

Re: [Orgmode] adding subheadings

2007-07-17 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Hi Adam, On 7/15/07, Adam Spiers [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: First post so go easy on me ;-) Thanks! Would something like the following be of use to anyone other than me? Definitely! The general purpose part (inserting subheadings/subtodos) is useful to me, but I don't have a TODO keywords

[Orgmode] Feature Idea: special C-e (like special C-a)

2007-07-12 Thread Scott Jaderholm
I don't use tags a whole lot, but when I do I often get tripped up using C-e to go to the end of my heading name. Consider he following line: * Heading :tag: If you press C-e it will take you to after :tag:. Do most people (1) use C-c C-c or (2) edit the tags by hand? If 1, then

Re: [Orgmode] Suggestion: Jump points

2007-07-11 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 7/11/07, Rick Moynihan [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So here's a suggestion. Why not support jump points (or jump lines), which would be essentially be a syntactic marker that would tell org-mode to jump to a specific line within an outline when visiting from the agenda e.g. via follow mode. *

Re: [Orgmode] done todos only date stamped, not date-time stamped

2007-07-11 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Welcome Brian, On 7/11/07, Brian van den Broek [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Unfortunately, I get only a datestamp, without time data (e.g., `` CLOSED: [2007-07-11 Wed]''). I did M-x apropos-variable RET time done RET and found the variable org-log-done-with-time. If this variable is t (true) you

[Orgmode] Agenda: right aligned tags and relative links

2007-06-22 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Two issues with agenda: - Tags are not right aligned. Some appear a tab away from the end of the heading and others appear only a space after it. Can we right align them and color them like in org files? - Links that are relative in a file may not work correctly in agenda. Do most of you use

[Orgmode] Re: Agenda: right aligned tags and relative links

2007-06-22 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 6/22/07, Scott Jaderholm [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Two issues with agenda: - Tags are not right aligned. Some appear a tab away from the end of the heading and others appear only a space after it. I should clarify: Day-agenda: Friday22 June 2007 work:In -2 d.: TODO Get

Re: [Orgmode] Duration Tally

2007-06-19 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 6/19/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So the discussion must be about how you would like Org-mode to make use of such data. Obviously it would be easy to write (as you suggest) a little function that returns all this data as, say, a property list. But then you would still need

Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode 4.76

2007-06-01 Thread Scott Jaderholm
:// Enjoy. - Carsten Changes in version 4.76 --- - Footnotes like[1] are now exported to HTML [1]This is a footnote Thanks to Scott Jaderholm for this proposal and a detailed HTML example on how the exported text should look

Re: Footnote support (was: [Orgmode] org-publish.el 1.80)

2007-05-29 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 5/29/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Finally a good idea that is also easy to implement. Exactly as proposed, in 4.76 What can I say, you rock! Thank you, Scott ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list

Re: Footnote support (was: [Orgmode] org-publish.el 1.80)

2007-05-21 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Are you using footnote-mode together with org-mode? How? I cannot get it to work... - Carsten On May 21, 2007, at 5:36, Scott Jaderholm wrote: Carsten, Looking closer, it looks like this might be functionality that would be provided by org itself not org

Re: [Orgmode] org-publish.el 1.80

2007-05-19 Thread Scott Jaderholm
David, If you are still accepting requests for features then I would like to request footnote support. Suggested implementation: I would like it to replace [1] (or similar references) in the body with supa class=footref name=fnr.1 href=#fn.11/a/sup Then after Footnotes: replace [1] with p

Re: [Orgmode] Windows binaries with org-mode preinstalled?

2007-05-12 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 5/11/07, Joshua Gilliland [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: My question is, is there a pre-compiled Windows binary for Emacs (of the installation wizard flavor) that I could download and get the IT to install for me with a minimum of hassle on his part? I looked at Emacs W32, but as far as I can

[Orgmode] S-up not raising priority

2007-05-08 Thread Scott Jaderholm
I think this is a bug. S-up in M-x org-todo-list selects a region for me instead of raising priority. S-down does decrease priority however. Thanks, Scott ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list

Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode 4.73

2007-04-25 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Carsten, While I think this improved showing blank lines in CONTENTS view (arrived at by S-Tab), I think there are still bugs with FOLDED view. I am using (setq org-cycle-separator-lines 1) and I have: * Projects ** Some Project *** DONE Some Task CLOSED: [2007-04-25 Wed 09:57] ** Another

[Orgmode] Org update script

2007-04-25 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Has anyone created a script for updating org? It's only a few commands but since we're fortunate enough to get updates so frequently (thanks Carsten!) it would be nice to only have to type one. I don't know how to write quality scripts but I've jotted down what I think would need to be done to

Re: [Orgmode] Problem with Version 4.72

2007-04-25 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Ian, Upgrade to 4.73 and it will work. A bug in 4.72 prevented it from working in Emacs 21. Cheers, Scott On 4/25/07, Ian Barton [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I have been using various versions of org up to 4.69 in Ubuntu (currently Feisty) with no problems. However, when I upgraded to 4.72 I get

Re: [Orgmode] Org update script

2007-04-25 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 4/25/07, Pete Phillips [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Scott Jaderholm [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Has anyone created a script for updating org? This will do the job. It doesn't compile the lisp file, but I frequently don't bother to do this anyway. :-) I changed it to work without

[Orgmode] Bug: files included in org-agenda displayed as open buffers

2007-04-25 Thread Scott Jaderholm
I think this is a bug. If I start a fresh Emacs with no additional buffers open and run org-agenda and then type C-x b TAB and it displays the org files that are included in my org-agenda, including .diary, as if they were open buffers, but if I switch to them emacs goes to a different buffer

Re: [Orgmode] Org-mode 4.72

2007-04-24 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 4/24/07, Carsten Dominik [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: - Better control over blank lines between trees in collapsed view. This has come up several times in the past and most recently by Scott Jaderholm. There is now a new variable `org-cycle-separator-lines' with default value

Re: [Orgmode] no blank lines in org file opened in Emacs on Windows

2007-04-20 Thread Scott Jaderholm
-excursion (beginning-of-line) (looking-at outline-regexp)) (funcall outline-level)) (t 1)))] 0) Thanks, Scott On Apr 19, 2007, at 23:18, Scott Jaderholm wrote: On Linux I can have org open a file and display it like this: * Local Settings... * Projects ** Foo * Something Notice that it's

[Orgmode] no blank lines in org file opened in Emacs on Windows

2007-04-19 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On Linux I can have org open a file and display it like this: * Local Settings... * Projects ** Foo * Something Notice that it's nice about letting me having blank lines between my top level headings, even though they are to some degree compacted. I think my setting is content for how

[Orgmode] adding more color to agenda events

2007-02-27 Thread Scott Jaderholm
Hi, Is there an easy way to add new faces to org-agenda? I would like to add a face for events including the text meeting or birthday and other phrases. I'd also like to create a special face for event subjects, such as Diary, life, or work (the first column in agenda). It'd also be nice to be

Re: [Orgmode] setting time for agenda items

2007-02-21 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 2/20/07, [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: How do I include the 2:15pm on the calendar- not just the date? Bastre, My favorite way is to add the time while typing to event name and then add the date. So I type: * Audit meeting 3pm C-c C-s Good luck, Scott

Re: [Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions, smart [ ], and org-publish questions

2006-12-09 Thread Scott Jaderholm
On 12/9/06, Pete Phillips [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Scott 2. I use org-mode over ssh and since shift doesn't work along Scott with other modifiers many of the keystrokes do not work. Has Scott anyone come up with alternate keystrokes not involving shift Scott that they could

[Orgmode] recurring events, alternative to shift modifier, tag positions, smart [ ], and org-publish questions

2006-12-08 Thread Scott Jaderholm
First let me say that I've really enjoyed using org-mode for the past month or so. Thank you to all those who have contributed to it! I've had fun customizing the faces a little and this is what I came up with 1. Is there a way to do recurring events?