[O] Bug: empty ob-stan.el when installed from ELPA [8.3.4 (8.3.4-47-gaf853d-elpaplus @ /home/tamas/.emacs.d/elpa/org-plus-contrib-20160502/)]

2016-05-02 Thread Tamas Papp
This is about the ELPA package org-plus-contrib, but I could not find a more specific place to report it. When installing org-plus-contrib from ELPA, the file ob-stan.el is empty (length 0). This has been the situation for a while (see [1]), but cloning from the master git repo [2] was a

[O] capture: create or append to existing heading, by date

2015-10-01 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, I am tracking calories using tables like this: --8<---cut here---start->8--- ** [2015-10-01 Thu] | | food | quantity | kcal/unit | kcal | |---+--+--+---+---| | | | |

[O] ob-R ignores ess-eval-visibly?

2015-09-04 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, I prefer ESS not to wait for results of evaluating R code, especially if it takes a longer time (eg estimating a model in RStan, 1-2 minutes), so I have (setq ess-eval-visibly 'nowait) But I find that ob-R ignores this, eg evaluating #+BEGIN_SRC R :results none Sys.sleep(10) #+END_SRC I

Re: [O] eval source blocks in a subtree when opening file

2015-08-07 Thread Tamas Papp
On Tue, Aug 04 2015, Charles C. Berry ccbe...@ucsd.edu wrote: On Tue, 4 Aug 2015, Tamas Papp wrote: I would like to do the following: whenever I open the file in Emacs, I would like to eval all the source blocks under the heading Setup. I have found org-babel-execute-subtree, but I cannot

[O] eval source blocks in a subtree when opening file

2015-08-04 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, I have a file that looks like this (stylized): --8---cut here---start-8--- * Setup :noexport: #+COMMENT: some code here I want to run every time I open the file in SRC blocks * Experiment 1 #+COMMENT: code I run when necessary, not every time *

[O] changing cells in an org-mode table with Emacs lisp

2014-12-27 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, I would like to manipulate cells in an org-mode table using Emacs lisp code. Suppose I have a function (FORMAT-CELL CELL ROW COL) that takes a cell (string), row and column numbers, and returns a new string if I want to replace content in a cell, and NIL otherwise. I need help with writing

[O] error when completing in org-contacts

2012-02-20 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, I started using org-contacts (from the contrib directory of the org-mode git repo, with the emacs-snapshot package in Debian), with the following configuration: (require 'org-contacts) (setq org-contacts-files '(~/org/contacts.org) org-capture-templates '((c contacts entry (file

[O] short section titles in TOC

2012-02-16 Thread Tamas Papp
Hi, Is it possible to have a short version of a section title in the table of contents? Eg in LaTeX, one can use \section[Suggestions]{Suggestions for discussion} and the first one would show up in the TOC. I was wondering if one can do this in org-mode. Best, Tamas