Bug: org-table-insert-column edits formulas wrongly [9.3 (release_9.3 @ /usr/local/Cellar/emacs-plus/HEAD-9d38564/share/emacs/28.0.50/lisp/org/)]

2020-03-30 Thread Yu Han Quek
Calling org-table-insert-column in a table with formulas wrongly increments the column number left of the newly inserted column. Minimal example: | 1 | 2 | 3 | #+TBLFM: $3=$1+$2 With cursor in the `1` cell, call `M-x org-table-insert-column`. Expected output: | 1 | | 2 | 3 | #+TBLFM:

[O] [BUG] Export of sub- and superscripts to LaTeX inconsistent in tables?

2012-06-21 Thread Yu
occur there. When explicitly writing E_{tot} in the table, this was exported as E_\{tot\}, which is just as unexpected. I tested this with a freshly pulled version from the git repository and with the org-mode sample above as the contents of a minimal file with the same result. king regards, Yu

Re: [O] babel, executing code in background process

2012-03-05 Thread Yu
interactively. kind regards, Yu 2012/3/2 Eric Schulte eric.schu...@gmx.com Erik Garrison erik.garri...@gmail.com writes: Hi Eric, Thanks for the background. It looks like ob-screen may be very limited in that it doesn't It seems to me that a decent method would behave similarly

[O] [BUG]? Constant-definition-lines in tables get exported.

2012-02-17 Thread Yu
-mode is a yesterday's pull from the git-repository. kind regards, Yu

Re: [O] Weirdness re: inclusion of figures

2012-02-16 Thread Yu
the text. king regards, Yu 2012/2/16 Paul Magwene pmma...@gmail.com: Hi All, I'm trying to get up to speed with org-mode and babel for doing reproducible computational research.  I'm just starting to play around with simple examples, and I'm baffled by the following. This first example

[O] Table formulas: Cannot use column names on the left hand side

2012-02-16 Thread Yu
Hello! I tried today to use named columns for calculations. While this works on the right hand side of the equation, names don't seem to work for the left hand side -- which is a problem, because a change in column arrangement, that isn't caused by org functions (e.g. manually inserting a column

[O] Images in Tables?

2012-02-08 Thread Yu
Hello! I was wondering if there is any useful way, to organize images in tables. This would be useful e.g. if one needs to organize some images on a regular grid, but the images aren't equally sized, such that a simple line break doesn't do the trick. Creating just a table with the image links

Re: [O] Showing evaluation buffer while executing source blocks?

2012-02-02 Thread Yu
Little correction: it doesn't seem to be simple after all. Emacs' single-threading kills the concept, because the display doesn't get updated during execution anyway. Does anybody have an idea, if this can be avoided? 2012/2/2 Yu yu_...@gmx.at: Hello! I wondered if there is a way to show

Re: [O] Variable settings in .emacs VS cross device portability.

2012-02-01 Thread Yu
2012/1/31 Eric S Fraga e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk: Eric Schulte eric.schu...@gmx.com writes: [...] File Local Variables [1] make it possible to explicitly specify the values of variables from within the text of a .org file.  This can be placed in a single line at the top of a file for small changes

[O] [BUG]? \\ and `fill-paragraph'

2012-01-30 Thread Yu
Hello! When using \\ to force linebreaks, these potentially get lost when reformatting the paragraph with Alt+Q (fill paragraph). Given an input : - long sentence long sentence :long sentence long sentence :long sentence long sentence :long sentence: \\ :Next line.

[O] Variable settings in .emacs VS cross device portability.

2012-01-30 Thread Yu
regards, Yu

[O] noweb-ref: Limiting scope of definitions?

2012-01-30 Thread Yu
Hello! Scenario - * Maintain a potentially long org file as an appendix. * In this appendix, many independent scripting tasks will be documented. * Each such scripting task has similiar partial tasks, e.g. imports, settings, ... In such a case, many independent scripts may

Re: [O] Syntax error warnings? (Especially important with :noweb-ref's)

2012-01-30 Thread Yu
and be collected into a list until then. (Multiple advantages: `add-to-list' can take care of multipli occuring warnings and a single warning is more clear by far then several warnings). king regards, Yu 2012/1/30 Eric Schulte eric.schu...@gmx.com: Yu yu_...@gmx.at writes: I tried my test file just again

Re: [O] Marking specific elements for folding?

2012-01-28 Thread Yu
:fold that block header argument : set term pdfcairo mono : plot data using 1:2 blablabla : #+END_SRC : :END: : : And this table looks like [[foo.pdf]] when folded. king regards, Yu 2012/1/27 Eric S Fraga e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk: Yu yu_...@gmx.at writes: Hello! I

[O] Marking specific elements for folding?

2012-01-26 Thread Yu
Hello! I was wondering, if there is a way to mark specific elements for staying folded unless explicitly shown. Reading the manual I only found possibilities to control the global folding of sections and blocks in general. However, what I want to do is: - Embed a table of numerical data in my

[O] Absolute paths in exported files

2012-01-23 Thread Yu
within the org-mode buffer, but it would be nice if the links in the PDF file could support local files properly too (though I'm not sure if the viewers even support this). kind regards, Yu

Re: [O] Syntax error warnings? (Especially important with :noweb-ref's)

2012-01-21 Thread Yu
missing code blocks from the output file (where, as mentioned, they result in nothing rather than an unresolved ... construct). kind regards, Yu 2012/1/14 Eric Schulte eric.schu...@gmx.com: Yu yu_...@gmx.at writes: Hello! I was wondering, if there is a way to get warnings for typos (e.g

[O] Quoting characters?

2012-01-12 Thread Yu
. In a source code block, that is declared to be of the language org, this behaviour doesn't appear, but it reappears for other languages. When exporting to html or pdf, the comma isn't present for src blocks, but it is for the colon blocks. kind regards, Yu

[O] Syntax error warnings? (Especially important with :noweb-ref's)

2012-01-12 Thread Yu
these. kind regards, Yu

[Orgmode] A bug of org-freemind.el in org-mode package 3.34c

2010-01-27 Thread Yu Shen (MCBU)
? (line-number-at-pos))) )) Attached is an example to demonstrate the problem. I'd like to know the author's (Lennart Borgman) intension before I attempt to modify it. Yu Shen yubrs...@gmail.com test.org Description: test.org

[Orgmode] Inline Latex Fragment in html export

2009-01-29 Thread Yu Zhao
Hi everyone, When I use inline latex in a org file like $a=b^2$ or \( a=b^2 \) and export it with C-c C-e b, the formula is not inline. Instead it is displayed in a new line and centered. Do you have any idea about it? Thank you! Yu Zhao

[Orgmode] word wrapping inside org table

2009-01-14 Thread Yu Zhao
Hello everyone, Is it possible to do word wrapping inside org table as MS Word did? I know that one table mode can do this. (http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/TableMode) Best wishes, Yu Zhao ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list Remember: use `Reply All

[Orgmode] About grammar highlight

2008-11-14 Thread Yu Zhao
is if it is possible to use htmlize.el to enable grammar highlight like muse does while publishing html. Is it possible to use pgf/tikz package? Best wishes, Yu Zhao ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list Remember: use `Reply All' to send replies to the list. Emacs