[O] References: simplifying org mode usage for Bibtex files

2017-11-05 Thread lngndvs
My need is for a simple work flow/usage of Orgmode to annotate and organize existing BibTex *.bib files. I have mentioned on this list that I had found Cb2Bib to work extremely well for, so to speak, harvesting references from Google Scholar. In fact, Pere Constans, developer of Cb2Bib, recently

[O] Emacs bookmark: org-capture-last-stored

2015-02-25 Thread lngndvs
This feature has apparently crept into emacs and orgmode within the last year or so, and I've come to rely on it. I don't remember anything I may have done to make this happen, but now I can have a persistent record of my last capture. Wow! Love it. Can this feature be tweaked to list, say,

[O] Refile: refile to any open file.

2012-02-25 Thread lngndvs
It occurs from time to time that I wish to refile to an open file, that is not one of my org-refile-targets. It doesn't make sense to use org-agenda-files for refile targets since I might have other files open for various reasons. So I thought, why not either declare that any open file is a

[O] ?? While taking note, capture a note with reciprocal links to/from current location

2012-02-11 Thread lngndvs
I am studying some text in an org file, some comments from a colleague on a research project. I need to do a little google search about a term (something that happens quite often). It would be convenient to produce a note elsewhere, perhaps in a different file, or perhaps under a

[O] Some struggles of mine with org-mode

2012-02-07 Thread lngndvs
[This post concerns what have become, for me, conflicts between the scopes of org-agenda-files and the universe I would like to search within all org files, in particular. I hope I will be forgiven for drifting substantially from that focused topic] Org-mode is well entrenched