Re: [O] Bug: columnview times don't accumulate properly [7.8.03 (release_7.8.03.576.gbeb02)]

2012-03-15 Thread mylesenglish
The patch I just sent should be named org-colview.el.diff instead of org-inlinetasks.el.diff Myles

[O] Bug: ^:{} option, underscore in inline task, latex export

2012-02-20 Thread mylesenglish
Hello, If an underscore appears in an inline task then there are problems for latex export, as below. Myles #+TITLE: Underscore bug #+OPTIONS: ^:{} * This works as expected Here is an under_score that is escaped upon latex export *** TODO Fix buggy_bug That

[O] [BUG] error if arg to #+call: contains a comma

2011-12-12 Thread mylesenglish
Hello, There may be a problem with parsing arguments to the #+call function: #+name: A #+begin_src sh :var a=this, works echo $a #+end_src #+results: A | this | works | #+call: A() #+results: A() | this | works | #+call: A(a=this also works) #+results: A(a=this also works) : this also