Inserting a row divider/header into org-babel results

2020-01-14 Thread sergio ruiz
Adding a header to the data === I am presenting some simple data here, but the idea is, I would like to programatically add a header to the results of an org-babel evaluation. Looking at the results from `data_table', I would like to intercept the first line so

Re: Accessing properties in code blocks

2020-01-10 Thread sergio ruiz
Ah. I am running the org-mode that came with my emacs. I tried updating it, but ran into version problems. I will see if there is another emacs-lisp way to get that info. Thanks! > On Jan 9, 2020, at 6:26 PM, Mike Gauland wrote: > > Looking at git, it seems that was introduced in 9.2.

Re: Accessing properties in code blocks

2020-01-09 Thread sergio ruiz
I am getting: eval: Symbol’s function definition is void: org-macro--get-property I am using: Org mode version 9.1.9 (release_9.1.9-65-g5e4542 @ /Applications/ Mark set Is this a newer function? Thanks! > You can use elisp code to look up the

Accessing properties in code blocks

2020-01-09 Thread sergio ruiz
I realized this is related to my previous post, but if i could do this, it would save alot of work. I would like to access the values of the properties inside the (shell) code block. Thanks! * Report section :PROPERTIES: :url: :END: I'd like to have several

[Properties] accessing propreties in text

2020-01-09 Thread sergio ruiz
Is there a way to reference the values of properties, so that at render time, the document does something like: * Opening section :PROPERTIES: :section: test :time: 1 day :END: Is there a way to do something like.. this section is the section and will be done in which would render

[org-babel] String interpolation using shell

2020-01-09 Thread sergio ruiz
Hey, all. I am trying to set a string at the head of the file and use it in different places in the file. Everything works correctly for somethign like ruby, but I am not sure how do do this with a shell command. Just sets the string to the url #+NAME: url_name #+BEGIN_SRC ruby

[O] [export] Markdown - Exporting headings

2017-01-05 Thread sergio ruiz
For some reason, when I export headings under over 2 deep, I get an unexpected   markdown export. For example: * First header ** second level *** Third level Fourth level gives me: First header second level 1.  Third level     1.  Fourth level ideas?