Re: [O] small folding issue

2014-04-17 Thread Bastien
Hi Robert,

yes, this is a tickling issue.

I circumvent it by using (setq require-final-newline t)
in my emacs.el, as the proper fix is somewhat tricky.


[O] small folding issue

2014-04-10 Thread Robert Klein

I see a small folding issue (release_8.2.5h-104-g3589f6, but probably
way before; didn't test):

If I have a tree at the end of an org file:

#+begin_src org
* my header

/without/ a newline after the last line, the header folds into

* my header...g

I found that in a new org file, and I'm not sure I had a org file
without a newline at the end before.  So I can't say if this is  a new
issue or not.

Best regards