Re: [O] 3 beginner table questions

2014-05-22 Thread Bastien
Hi Ryan, Ryan Moszynski writes: 2: i'm lazy Assume we are too :) Can you resend your email as plain text? Otherwise the tables are unreadable. Also try rephrasing questions against a *simple* table, so that volunteers who want to answer don't get lost in the

[O] 3 beginner table questions

2014-05-06 Thread Ryan Moszynski
So, i'm using org mode to keep track of my workouts on a rowing machine and need help with 3 questions to allow me to finish off my table. The questions are based on the provided table, which is what I have so far. 1: in @4$4 and @4$7 i'm using vmean on a column of HMS values, how do I floor or