Re: [Orgmode] [mobileorg-android] Files synced, but nothing showing

2010-08-03 Thread Jonathan Arkell
Fixed the problem! It appears that checksum.dat wasn't being generated. When I upgraded from 6.36c to 7.01g, the file was being generated, and sync worked! Sorry for the list noise! __ Jonathan Arkell Tech Lead Inspired By Drum Bass, Scheme, Kawaii p.

[Orgmode] [mobileorg-android] Files synced, but nothing showing

2010-08-02 Thread Jonathan Arkell
Hi Orgers. This could easily be a PEBKAC issue, I have pushed the files to my webdav with org-mobile-push, but when I try to sync with my webdav folder using MobileOrg, I get a blank MobileOrg screen. Also, the mobileorg directory on my SD card is empty. This is using version 0.4 alpha.