Re: [Orgmode] Bug ? : org-babel and calc : calc-command-flags

2011-01-20 Thread Eric Schulte
Hi d.tchin, This problem is caused because (as you point out) the calc-command-flags variable is not defined. In my Emacs version calc-command-flags is provided by (require 'calc) which is part of Babel's calc support, this variable must be part of another package in your distribution. As a

[Orgmode] Bug ? : org-babel and calc : calc-command-flags

2011-01-19 Thread d . tchin
Hello, I tried to use calc with babel but it doesn't work as expected. I use the following block with simple instruction : #+begin_src calc 2*3 #+end_src I didn't get back any results. I launch calc and it seems to be called as I have following output --- Emacs Calculator Mode --- 1: 6 .