Re: [Orgmode] Re: Bug?: 7.02/7.3 - Unable to set `org-capture-templates'in a

2010-11-14 Thread David Maus
At Sun, 7 Nov 2010 05:52:23 + (UTC), Anupam Sengupta wrote: This allows the `org-capture-templates' saved in the separate emacs-custom.el file to be correctly loaded. Note that this behavior is from 7.02/7.3, and probably has to do with the custom-autoload definition of this variable in

[Orgmode] Re: Bug?: 7.02/7.3 - Unable to set `org-capture-templates'in a

2010-11-06 Thread Anupam Sengupta
Anupam Sengupta anupamsg at writes: I use a _separate_ file for saving the settings using the Custom interface. This includes all org-mode settings and templates, and have been working well till 7.01h. *However*, after upgrading to 7.02, I found that the capture templates are