Re: [O] Escaping links

2017-08-12 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, John Kitchin writes: > Could you put some magic at the beginning of the string that indicates it > is encoded? I don't know. Could you elaborate a bit? Regards, -- Nicolas Goaziou0x80A93738

Re: [O] org-babel-expand-src-block behavior

2017-08-12 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Ken Mankoff writes: > Hi, > > I've just learned about =org-babel-expand-src-block= (from [1]) which seems > like an improvement over =org-edit-special=, because variables are expanded. > > But I notice two issues with it, and I'm wondering if these are intentional >

[O] Bug: Latex math mode not set in footnotes [9.0.9 (9.0.9-68-g492420-elpa @ /Home/ps/.emacs.d/elpa/org/)]

2017-08-12 Thread Paul Stansell
Hello, Latex math mode is not set in a footnote when exporting an org file to tex or pdf. Below and attached is a simple example. Thanks ---cut here-- * Example When exporting to pdf math $\hat{x}$ is okay in the main text but not in this

Re: [O] Escaping links

2017-08-12 Thread John Kitchin
I was thinking of something like how all PDF files start with something like %PDF-1.3. So any string that started with %org-9.0, for example would be certain to be encoded, whereas any other beginning would not be certain. Nicolas Goaziou writes: > Hello, > > John Kitchin

Re: [O] org-babel-expand-src-block behavior

2017-08-12 Thread Ken Mankoff
On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:52 PM, Nicolas Goaziou wrote: > > Ken Mankoff writes: > > > and second, if I make changes and then exit the expanded block > > (via C-') without saving, the changes are lost. If I enter > > =org-edit-special= and exit w/o

Re: [O] Tracking Interruptions -- Work Flow Question

2017-08-12 Thread Eric Abrahamsen
Raymond Zeitler writes: > Does anyone schedule and "org-clock" interruptions? I really need to > quantify how much of a drain they are to my productivity. > > I thought I'd include a generic "** TODO Interruption" in my (or an > file) and schedule it every

[O] org-publish an org-mode outline

2017-08-12 Thread Bob Newell
I may be overlooking something simple here, but I'm having a problem with org-publish. When I try to publish a page containing something like this (minimal example): #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE * top ** level 2 *** level 3 #+END_EXAMPLE what happens is that 'top' etc. get interpreted as section markers (the


2017-08-12 Thread Scott Randby
In the properties of a subtree, I have several :EXPORT_HTML_HEAD: lines. When I export to HTML, only the first of the lines exports to the header. I can get two lines to export to the header by using :EXPORT_HTML_HEAD: followed by a :EXPORT_HTML_HEAD_EXTRA: line, but I need more than two such