Re: [O] Creating a (RabbitMQ) diagram

2019-10-19 Thread Michael Welle
Hello, "Fraga, Eric" writes: > On Thursday, 17 Oct 2019 at 15:21, Cecil Westerhof wrote: >> I tried it out (after a bit of configuring) with the following: >> >> #+BEGIN_SRC plantuml :file groupingComponents.eps :noexport > > [...] > >> It looks a bit different, but I will not worry about it at

Re: [O] org-id fixups and minor changes

2019-10-19 Thread Gustav Wikström
Hi again, FYI, I’ve applied a patch that will make it easier to change the default without breaking any existing functionality. I.e. we can avoid breakage for existing attachment-folders if we at some point in the future would choose to change default for ID’s to timestamp. Commit 42b8db0d3

Re: [O] [RFC] Document level property drawer

2019-10-19 Thread Gustav Wikström
Hi! I'll start with the most important info at the top. I've applied the patch! But before anyone comes screaming I'll just say it's applied on a separate branch. After consultation with Nicolas Goaziou that was seen as the most reasonable thing to do. The idea is that it's high time to start