Re: [O] Not merging org-lparse, org-xhtml org-odt to the core

2011-08-24 Thread Allen S. Rout
on Xah Lee. :) - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] would take more than an org-mode strip-down.

2011-10-03 Thread Allen S. Rout
and emacs. This makes them a poor tool to communicate with End-Users. But this might be acceptable, because there's no hood on the engine, and the bloody thing is steered with a rudder and laterals, instead of the nice sane wheel and pedals everyone else uses. :) - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] Not overwriting unchanged source code files when tangling

2011-11-22 Thread Allen S. Rout
with diff. :) - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] org-jira.el... and Org conventions (Bastien, Carsten and all)

2012-01-03 Thread Allen S. Rout
?) TRAC integration. It should be enough to understand 'How org-mode thinks about ticket systems'. Unfortunately, in order to do this, it is necessary for org-mode to have an opinon. :) Which it doesn't, yet. - Allen S. Rout

[Orgmode] Re: Generic LaTeX class support (scrlttr2/isodoc)

2011-02-10 Thread Allen S. Rout (Allen S. Rout) writes: I'm trying to use your lisp to generate isodoc letters. I'm wondering what tex processing commands you are using? I'm closing in on the discrepancy. The exported TeX which Jambunathan sent was 'similar' to what I'm getting, but there were a few important

[O] PERL, org-mode and literal document input.

2011-05-02 Thread Allen S. Rout
: erpalpha: RO erpbeta:' ]; #+end_example - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] PERL, org-mode and literal document input.

2011-05-06 Thread Allen S. Rout
should just deal with it. Am I silly to want to be able to label it 'srcname' instead of 'results'? My elisp-fu is not good enough to let me define :var-but-read-the-src-block - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] So many reading on gmane?

2014-04-04 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 04/03/2014 08:49 AM, Rainer M Krug wrote: This seems very strange - but it is the fact that gmane seems to be not available the reason why this list is so quiet today USENET uber alles; bevor alles; schlie├člich; ├╝berhaupt. ;) - Allen S. Rout - Nein, ich spreche kein Deutsch

Re: [O] Org is awesome

2014-04-04 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 03/22/2014 03:52 AM, Bastien wrote: ORG IS AWESOME. Tell it to the world with a blog entry :) I searched worg for 'colophon' ('cite' of course had lots of hits..) It might be nice if there were something analogous to

Re: [O] New logo

2013-04-01 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 04/01/2013 02:28 PM, Brian van den Broek wrote: That's not in keeping with the spirit of the thing. Knowing allusions (as above) are fine, but overtly pointing it? That's not cricket! Mmm. Maybe a _REALLY_ big turkey on a platter? - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] New logo

2013-04-01 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 04/01/2013 02:35 PM, Evan Misshula wrote: Apologies for any breech of protocol. EM Ew. - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] asynchronous code evaluation

2013-09-04 Thread Allen S. Rout
. If you let the sim run in the background while you edit, you'll likely get to a point, whilst tweaking or such, that you have dispatched several long-running jobs in parallel, and only care about the last result. That's probably counterproductive. :) - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] Offer for taking over maintainership

2013-02-13 Thread Allen S. Rout
. It would probably be most peaceful not to discuss Jambunathan's offer on this forum. I expect that the count of +1s to the offer will communicate the list's collective opinion. - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] Offer for taking over maintainership

2013-02-14 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 02/14/2013 10:36 AM, Jose E. Marchesi wrote: Note: Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to the dark side. Hate leads to suffering. Get it right. Was that a shark we just jumped over? On 02/13/2013 04:31 PM, Allen S. Rout wrote: It would probably be most peaceful

Re: [O] Changing [X] by something else

2012-02-10 Thread Allen S. Rout
checkmark in the character formerly knows as 'X'. - Allen S. Rout

[O] Minimal example... Is this intended ?

2012-02-29 Thread Allen S. Rout
prefixed. The trailing, prefixed block was generated when I had no space after the string 'foo' in the NAME: line. If I add one space, then the results block which comes before is generated. I can't think this is a deliberate feature; can anyone else duplicate these results? - Allen S. Rout

[O] Is babel just ... unstable at the moment?

2012-03-01 Thread Allen S. Rout
occasion on which it seems I got an output line from 'last' C-c C-c in 'this' run's output block. I've been seeing comments about changes to the babel block formats recently, so it's perhaps plausible that git HEAD just isn't stable. Should I back off? - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] Is babel just ... unstable at the moment?

2012-03-01 Thread Allen S. Rout
to know you!. :) - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] Rendering error, or am I missing something? -- case 3.

2012-03-01 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 03/01/2012 02:54 PM, Eric Schulte wrote: I've just pushed up a fix for this issue, please let me know if it doesn't work on your system. Pulled and reinstalled, all looks well. Thanks for the quick response, and the encouragement. I'll keep on trying to break stuff. :) - Allen S

Re: [O] Plotting (with gnuplot) using dates timestamps

2012-03-26 Thread Allen S. Rout
understands what a date is at a fundamental level, and doesn't give you any crap about it. Better still, once you climb over the activation energy of changing graphing idioms, a huge vista of new capabilities are open to you. - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] A week off

2012-07-17 Thread Allen S. Rout
On 07/16/2012 06:49 PM, Bastien wrote: Dear all, I'm taking a week off, with no internet connectivity. I'll be back online on July 24th. Mm, so does that mean we fill his inbox with packing peanuts or something? - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] are super-hidden technical blocks required?

2012-08-06 Thread Allen S. Rout
as time-stamping of files is. But I don't want to see the timestamps during normal Org usage. As a user, if your code is decorating my tree, I want to know it. If you hide it, I'd be mad. Org is my life in plain text, not WordPerfect with reveal-codes. - Allen S. Rout

Re: [O] GNU Emacs ported to Android

2012-08-22 Thread Allen S. Rout
that problem, but haven't followed its progress much. - Allen S. Rout

[Orgmode] Clean capture from command line?

2010-11-16 Thread Allen S. Rout
. Harshing my buzz, definitely. A gmane search on 'capture command line' in this group didn't seem to help much. Am I thinking about the problem the wrong way? How do you-all do that sort of ad-hoc capture? - Allen S. Rout ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list

[Orgmode] Re: Clean capture from command line?

2010-11-18 Thread Allen S. Rout
-on-finalize 1 and then use that template. Thanks, Eric and Friedrich... - Allen S. Rout From 2086fe4be30d5383b9db4d5db91da6b03357c128 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001 From: Allen S. Rout Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 12:52:02 -0500 Subject: [PATCH 3/3] Add post-finalize hook --- lisp/org

[Orgmode] Re: Introducing gnugol - an org-mode-output web search client

2011-01-06 Thread Allen S. Rout
; it may be not at all, which would be inauspicious for a combination. But if they're doing any sort of output capture/filter, then adding an org-mode flavor to the list might be really straightforward. - Allen S. Rout ___ Emacs-orgmode mailing list

[O] More export filter examples out there?

2015-03-17 Thread Allen S. Rout
-headline? More generally, anyone got some art for some similar reconstruction they've done, which they might like to share? - Allen S. Rout (defun ox-asr-only-first-status ( tree backend info ) Arrange that, under headlines marked 'Status', only the first of them is included. ( org

Re: [O] orgmode and R?

2015-08-03 Thread Allen S. Rout
. is the first hit on org-mode R from google. There is extensive art on the topic. - Allen S. Rout

[O] "global" variables in a babel document...

2016-05-17 Thread Allen S. Rout
ocument level, a few variables which I would like to be accessible in every code block in this document. I know I can set them independently on every block, but that seems tiresome. - Allen S. Rout - #+PROPERTY:header-args:var tsmuser="query" * foo :PROPERTIES: :header-ar

[O] back matter in Org documents.

2016-08-18 Thread Allen S. Rout
not awful, but it's not nearly as high-speed and sexy. - Allen S. Rout

Exporting comments to comments?

2020-02-19 Thread Allen S. Rout
place, or making sure that it's exported in a visible manner in the output. ("I want to print the comments in my LaTeX.."). So... am I missing something obvious? Anyone else trying something similar? - Allen S. Rout