Re: [O] Crashing bug in spreadsheet

2011-07-22 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, '@II..@III' means all rows between the second and third h-lines. In your case, this is the same vsum(), so you get a circular reference. Try @I..@II instead Regards, .j. On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 06:48:36PM +, wrote: Hi, I had the following text in a

Re: [O] How to uniformly configure multiple org files

2011-08-05 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Darlan, Please check #SETUPFILE Regards, .j. On Fri, Aug 05, 2011 at 02:54:30PM -0300, Darlan Cavalcante Moreira wrote: In each org file I usually put several configuration lines such as #+STARTUP, #+OPTIONS, #+LINK, etc. Is there

Re: [O] deadline :: schedualed :: or-later

2011-08-29 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Michael, Please check the purpose of SCHEDULED in org-mode: It is exactly what you mean by starting at a day or later. For a fixed date, just drop a timestamp inside a heading. Regards, .j. On Mon, Aug 29, 2011 at 01:38:26PM

Re: [O] feature request for org-store-log-note

2011-09-27 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi John, Please check the variable org-log-states-order-reversed Documentation: Non-nil means the latest state note will be directly after heading. When nil, the state change notes will be ordered according to time. Regards, .j. On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 08:51:27PM -0400, John J Foerch

Re: [O] org table spreadsheet problem

2011-11-28 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, Please check the following thread on a similar problem: There is a definition for 'vsumif' function you can use to add conditionally. Regards, .j. On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 03:32:05PM +0800, wrote: hi,all.

Re: [O] [BUG] LaTeX subtree export gives spurious unbalanced begin/end_%s blocks error

2011-12-12 Thread Juan Pechiar
I have the same problem. It occurs on a 2nd pass through org-export-blocks-preprocess (in org-exp-blocks.el). 1st pass runs OK, 2nd pass gets the error condition. 1st pass processes the following: (buffer-substring match-start (point-max)) - #+begin_src emacs-lisp\n (message \Hello,

Re: [O] fast navigation

2011-12-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, Have a look at org-goto (C-c C-j) And also completion features (eg. iswitchb emulation) Regards, .j. On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 05:39:41PM +0400, sergio wrote: Is it

Re: [Orgmode] Merging .org files

2011-01-30 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hola Pere, I'd suggest creating a master document with #includes of all your Orgmode files, and then export this master document as org-mode. There is a :minlevel attribute to automatically demote included org-mode files. Saludos, .j.

Re: [Orgmode] Help with translating the new variable `org-clock-clocktable-language-setup'

2011-02-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
Spanish: (es Archivo N Fecha y hora Tarea Tiempo TODO Tiempo total Tiempo archivo) I hope the TODO coincidence doesn't send org-mode into orbit. On Sun, Feb 13, 2011 at 02:03:49PM +0100, Bastien wrote: I've pushed a fix which introduces a new custom variable

Re: [O] Change default size of images?

2011-03-08 Thread Juan Pechiar
Add something like this together with your export headers: #+BIND: org-export-latex-image-default-option width=0.9\\textwidth,height=0.7\\textheight,keepaspectratio The general rule for +BIND is to provide LISP variables and values (See 12.2 Export Options in Org manual). You may need to

Re: [O] Delete in emacs on OS X

2011-03-10 Thread Juan Pechiar
Doing F1-k on backspace (delete key) gives: DEL (translated from backspace) runs the command delete-backward-char And with delete (Fn-delete) it says: DEL (translated from kp-delete) runs the command delete-backward-char So both are mapped to DEL. You can fix this with

Re: [O] hide #+ lines?

2011-03-19 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, If you are referring to directives such as export templates, etc., these can in general be placed anywhere in the document. For example, inside a COMMENT'ed heading at the end of the document, with folded view as default. You can also have all that in another file and use #+setupfile or

Re: [O] Apply custom CSS class to headings in HTML export?

2011-03-31 Thread Juan Pechiar
You can add custom styles via properties: In order to add styles to a subtree, use the :HTML_CONTAINER_CLASS: property to assign a class to the tree. In order to specify CSS styles for a particular headline, you can use the id specified in a :CUSTOM_ID: property.

Re: [O] Parsing org files with python

2011-04-23 Thread Juan Pechiar
NEO (No Emacs Org) has just been announced: Regards, .j. On Sat, Apr 23, 2011 at 05:29:24PM +0200, Georges Racinet wrote: Now the question : are you aware of a python library to parse org files ? The ultimate goal would

[O] DITAA and Unicode characters [babel]

2011-04-24 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, Out of the box, ob-ditaa does not work with non-ascii characters. I looked into the problem in order to answer a user request on StackOverflow (yes, there are org-mode questions posted there instead of here!).

Re: [O] DITAA and Unicode characters [babel]

2011-04-25 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 01:13:41PM -0600, Eric Schulte wrote: I just pushed up a change to ob-ditaa which adds a new header argument, namely :java through which options can be passed to the java command. With that patch the following should work #+begin_src ditaa :file ... :cmdline -e utf-8

Re: [O] Org table with long lines visibility

2011-05-04 Thread Juan Pechiar
If you're running Emacs on a graphic environment, there is a mouse tooltip showing the whole cell contentes when you hover over a truncated cell. Regards, .j. On Wed, May 04, 2011 at 06:48:56PM +0100, Johnny wrote: I have a table with ridiculously long lines, so I have limited them by putting

Re: [O] turn headline(s) into plain list?

2011-05-06 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, 'C-c -' may help to some extent: Cycle the entire list level through the different itemize/enumerate bullets (‘-’, ‘+’, ‘*’, ‘1.’, ‘1)’) or a subset of them, depending on org-plain-list-ordered- item-terminator, the type of list, and its position17. With a numeric prefix argument N,

Re: [O] Export option for hiding TODO keyword

2011-05-12 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, Doesn't this option do what you want? #+OPTIONS: todo:nil Just tested it, and it works. Regards, .j. On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 10:27:20PM +0200, Sebastien Vauban wrote: I did not find a way to hide the TODO keywords from the headings, on export. Though, I think it would make sense in

Re: [O] HTML5 presentations

2011-06-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Jun 15, 2011 at 07:19:46PM +0100, Eric S Fraga wrote: What browser(s) are people using for this? Conkeror doesn't work well at all and iceweasel (aka firefox) 3.5.19 sort of works. Hi, Opera 11 (OSX) seems to work OK, only that slides start to appear shifted the higher the slide

Re: [O] [babel] using #+call for inline results

2011-06-22 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, The documentation for #+call is rather confusing: It is also possible to evaluate named code blocks from anywhere in an Org-mode buffer or an Org-mode table. #+call (or synonymously #+function or #+lob) lines can be used to remotely execute code blocks... Because aparently #+call

Re: [O] disable org-decrypt: auto-save-mode may cause leakage

2011-07-14 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 02:22:32PM +0200, Karl Voit wrote: How can I auto-answer the question from the subject line with «n» (per default) any time it is asked? Hi Karl, You can customize this behaviour via org-crypt-disable-auto-save You probably have it set to 'ask'. Options exist for

Re: [O] Filter in Captured Column View

2014-03-18 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Mats, You can add :skip-empty-rows t to the columnview header, so that rows with no Status property will not show. This, however, will also hide the Release headers. Workaround is to add a dummy 'Status' property to these. Doc here:

[O] [BUG] org-agenda-goto-today from end of agenda buffer fails / OS-X only

2012-09-28 Thread Juan Pechiar
A very minor bug when jumping to today from agenda buffer, on Emacs for OS-X. To reproduce: On the weekly agenda buffer (C-c a a): - switch to a week other than the current week (e.g. press 'f') - go to the end of the buffer ('M-') - call org-agenda-goto-today (press '.') This operation

Re: [O] Multiline #+MACRO:

2012-12-03 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Mon, Dec 03, 2012 at 08:28:26PM +0100, Benny Simonsen wrote: I would like to make a multiline macro that contains somethiing like this: #+ATTR_HTML: class=centerimg file:./gallery/$1 is it possible, and how? Hi, \n inside a macro definition gets expanded as a new-line. So you can

Re: [O] Agenda bug: 'now' is on the wrong day

2012-12-27 Thread Juan Pechiar
Huy, please check your setting for org-extend-today-until: The hour when your day really ends. Must be an integer. This has influence for the following applications: - When switching the agenda to today. It it is still earlier than the time given here, the day recognized as TODAY

Re: [O] relative row reference in table formula

2012-03-01 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Osiris, On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 11:01:39AM -0300, OSiUX wrote: is possible to define the reference to the last row of the following @II+$3, to avoid having to change the number of row (@4$3)? in this example does not calculate: | date | item |cost |

Re: [O] Export individual clock entries to HTML?

2012-03-01 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 12:10:16PM -0500, Jesse W. Wilson wrote: After a year and a half with paper notebooks, I've decided to return to org-mode. :) One thing I could never figure out, though, is how to get org-export-as-html to export individual clock entries. The clock summary tables are

Re: [O] Converting table to properties

2012-06-06 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 05:55:52PM +0530, Vikas Rawal wrote: I have a table under each of several headlines in an org file. Each table has a row of column labels and a row of data. I would like to convert the table into properties, with labels coming from first row and values of properties

Re: [O] Scheduling: Finishing a task 'Yesterday' OR Repeat on the same day

2012-06-17 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Sun, Jun 17, 2012 at 08:12:19PM -0400, William LÉCHELLE wrote: org-mode thinks I finished it for 'today' because it's after 0AM and schedules it for 'tomorrow'. This way, I'll forget it for one day. Is there a simple day to say: I finished this task yesterday without me having to

Re: [O] [bug] spreadsheet does not replace some fields

2012-06-20 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Jun 20, 2012 at 02:26:42PM +0200, Michael Brand wrote: Isn't there a nasty spreadsheet bug? I'm quite confused that it has not been discovered yet so I start to doubt on my reliability. Hi, Michael. This is a feature, not a bug. From the manual (section 3.5.6 Column Formulas): If

Re: [O] agenda: why are tags enclosed with two :?

2012-07-18 Thread Juan Pechiar
The empty tag '::' means that your TODO 12345 has no tags. The :habit: tag was inherited from a parent heading. .j. On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 02:25:54PM -0400, wrote: This is an except of my agenda: 14 days-agenda (W29-W31): Wednesday 18 July 2012 TODO 12345

Re: [O] Tab to indent plain lists

2012-08-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Christopher, M-right and M-left on item 1.1 will promote / demote it, just as with headings. Regards, .j. On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 05:49:52PM -0400, Christopher J. White wrote: I take miscellaneous meeting notes using plain lists. It's

Re: [O] Condition Case Before First Headline

2012-08-22 Thread Juan Pechiar
I can reproduce this (latest git version) if the clocktable declaration lies before the first heading. Minimal example: bla bla #+BEGIN: clocktable :maxlevel 7 :block yesterday :scope tree1 #+END: bla bla * heading1 :LOGBOOK:

[Orgmode] use of org-export-latex-verbatim-wrap

2010-05-26 Thread Juan Pechiar
Trying to adjust the style for fixed-width sections in LaTeX export (drawers in particular), I found org-latex.el defines a customizable wrapper for verbatim sections: (defcustom org-export-latex-verbatim-wrap '(\\begin{verbatim}\n . \\end{verbatim}\n) Environment to be wrapped

[Orgmode] latex-export + columnview: misinterpretation of section prefixes as emphasis

2010-05-30 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi! The test file below contains a columnview table showing section headers. Export to HTML works OK: the asterisks inside the table are transformed into indentation. Export to LaTeX: asterisk pairs are interpreted as emphasis, resulting in an incorrect renering of asterisks and bold asterisks.

Re: [Orgmode] Worldcup + time zone question

2010-06-07 Thread Juan Pechiar
Here is a quick and dirty function to update all timestamps in a buffer by N hours: 8 (defun uphours ( n ) update all timestamps n hours (interactive nAdd hours: ) (save-excursion (goto-char (point-min)) (while (re-search-forward [[] nil t)

[Orgmode] [PATCH] org-capture with LISP function template

2010-07-18 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Carsten + crowd, Below is a patch for org-capture when the template is given by a LISP function. Problem was that the function is inside a string (not a LISP form), so the string has to be evaluated explicitly. Now it's working for me. I use it to get a template formed by URL/title and

Re: [Orgmode] org-table: Table Navigation esp. for multi-line cells?

2010-08-27 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Livin, As far as I know, orgmode does not support multi-line cells. The example table you provided contains 7 rows (+ formatting at top) plus 2 h-lines (horizontal separator). h-lines separate table sections (e.g. headings from contents). In this context, the behaviour you are reporting

Re: [Orgmode] Agenda and weather forecast | language and units

2010-09-09 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, The google API determines the unit system (C or F) based on the language parameter (smart guys?!). Ths parameter goes after the city in the call to org-google-weather: E.g. %%(org-google-weather Montevideo,Uruguay es) This extension is magic! Regards, .j. P.S. Cannot install into

Re: [Orgmode] Any equal setting of #+STARTUP: nologdone?

2010-10-08 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Fri, Oct 08, 2010 at 04:39:26PM +0800, Water Lin wrote: I am using following setting --- #+STARTUP: nologdone --- to avoid done log note while I mark one entry as DONE. But I want to set it as a global setting to avoid use it for every org file. Hi Water, The

Re: [Orgmode] Feature request

2010-10-10 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Sun, Oct 10, 2010 at 09:50:47AM -0400, David Abrahams wrote: I have to reschedule quite a few items daily. Often they're yesterday's items that I need to reschedule for today. `C-c C-s . RET' is a bit much typing for that I use S-right on the agenda buffer, which is quite easy.

Re: [Orgmode] bug? scheduled keyword inside org items.

2010-10-11 Thread Juan Pechiar
I'd imagine enclosing the email text in a #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE block would make sense (semantically) and also avoid interpretation of SCHEDULED keyword. But even using #+BEGIN_COMMENT block, timestamps and SCHEDULED are found by the agenda. A workaround for your problem can be setting those

Re: [Orgmode] Wanted: org-publish-org-to-ascii

2010-10-13 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 07:59:23PM +0200, Manuel Danzl wrote: I'm a happy org-mode user since a few month's and I'm using org-publish to write on some work related documentation. Now my collegues asked me to export the docs not only to html but also to plain text! Unfortunately, org-mode

Re: [Orgmode] conditional export based on target

2010-10-23 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Thu, Oct 07, 2010 at 01:24:28AM -0300, Ezequiel Birman wrote: Is there something like conditional export? I'd like to use tikz when exporting to latex but my own hand-made ascii drawing when exporting to ascii/latin1/utf8. Hi, I've been thinking on your request, and today this appeared on

Re: [Orgmode] Table of Contents

2010-10-24 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Sun, Oct 24, 2010 at 10:58:00PM -0200, Flavio Souza wrote: I'd like to know if there is a way to change the Table of Contents title, when publishing a HTML file. The reason is that I'd like to translate Table of Contents to Portuguese automatically. Hi Flavio, Have a look at

Re: [Orgmode] How to match items with tags and special todo keyword

2010-10-26 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Bar, You should use C-c a m, and use a search string of the form mytag+TODO=WAITING This matches for a specific TODO state (for example, WAITING). Check the corresponding manual section here: BR

Re: [Orgmode] Sorting table columns (*not* content)

2010-11-01 Thread Juan Pechiar
If you don't mind losing h-lines, you can transpose the table, sort rows, and transpose back. This code (which I previously posted to the list) transposes a table: #+begin_src: emacs-lisp (defun org-transpose-table-at-point () Transpose orgmode table at point, eliminate hlines (interactive)

Re: [Orgmode] Re: conditional export based on target

2010-11-02 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Tue, Nov 02, 2010 at 04:41:05PM -0300, Ezequiel Birman wrote: #+source: tree1_latex #+BEGIN_SRC latex :exports (if (and (boundp 'latexp) latexp) results none) \begin{tikzpicture} ... \end{tikzpicture} #+end_src I still don't know how to export the TikZ code to latex but a png or

Re: [Orgmode] novice - inline src ?

2010-11-02 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Nov 03, 2010 at 03:34:58PM +1300, Adam wrote: Am a novice, and just trying my first src emacs lisp. Can a results output be included in the middle of a line of text ? Hi, Yo can include inline code blocks thus: The date today is src_emacs-lisp{(format-time-string %a %e %b %Y )}. The

Re: [Orgmode] proposal for enhanced org-get-priority function

2010-11-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
I'm against feature-itis. Orgmode has been losing some of its elegance to feature requests. And by 'elegance' I mean ease of learning and using and maintaining, and not having to decide between N different ways of achieving something just because so many border-case features exist. The agenda is

Re: [Orgmode] Smart vsum

2010-11-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Cecil. The attached email from orgmode mailing list includes code for a conditional vsum, which is what you need here. Regards, .j. On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 01:10:52PM +0100, Cecil Westerhof wrote: It is just a table with activities and the needed time pro activity. When there is an

Re: [Orgmode] Change DOCTYPE declaration?

2010-11-17 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, The DOCTYPE declaration is hardcoded inside org-html.el You may change it by defining a hook and modifying the generated HTML. Have a look at the following message, where they get rid of the declaration: you may add some

Re: [Orgmode] Change DOCTYPE declaration?

2010-11-17 Thread Juan Pechiar
-specific export option) Juan Pechiar wrote: The DOCTYPE declaration is hardcoded inside org-html.el You may change it by defining a hook and modifying the generated HTML. Have a look at the following message, where they get rid of the declaration:

Re: [Orgmode] Change DOCTYPE declaration?

2010-11-17 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 05:25:05PM -0500, Nick Dokos wrote: #+BIND: uriel-change-doctype t but a good (if not scalable) solution to the problem. I have a question however: why is it that hooks can't be set using this mechanism? From my limited understanding, the #+BIND directive is for

Re: [Orgmode] Change DOCTYPE declaration?

2010-11-18 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 10:35:50AM -0500, Uriel Avalos wrote: The only problem is that #+BIND is not working. I tried setting org-export-allow-BIND to t and it still does not work. Ideas? Did you C-c C-c over (any of the) option headers? This is required for org-mode to re-parse all options in

Re: [Orgmode] export comments in LaTeX ?

2010-11-22 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi, Maybe you can easily regexp-replace all 'COMMENT' keywords for a tag (like :noexport:). Then there are header options for tags which should be included / excluded on export. #+EXPORT_SELECT_TAGS: Tags that select a tree for export #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS: Tags that exclude a tree

Re: [Orgmode] Re: export comments in LaTeX ?

2010-11-22 Thread Juan Pechiar
.j. On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 10:53:20PM +0100, e20100633 wrote: Juan Pechiar writes: Maybe you can easily regexp-replace all 'COMMENT' keywords for a tag (like :noexport:). Then there are header options for tags which should be included

Re: [Orgmode] How do I insert just a time stamp in a capture template?

2010-12-10 Thread Juan Pechiar
%(sexp) allows to include lisp expressions in a capture template. %(format-time-string %H:%M) should insert the current time. Regards, .j. On Wed, Dec 08, 2010 at 10:08:32PM +, Charles Cave wrote: I use the following template (l Log Time entry (file+datetree c:/charles/My

Re: [Orgmode] Block conventions

2011-01-04 Thread Juan Pechiar
The keyboard shortcuts produce lowercase text (e.g. typing e[TAB] for a begin_example). It's not my personal preference, though. Regards, .j. On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 02:05:27PM -0500, Jeff Horn wrote: I was wondering whether it is common practice to indicate source code blocks with capital

Re: [O] What is the symbol/glyph that ... ?

2015-06-20 Thread Juan Pechiar
I (capital letter i) is bound to org-agenda-clock-in. You can check binding in your installation via describe-function: C-h f org-agenda-clock-in In the agenda buffer, you can check what is I bound to: C-h k I .j. On Sat, Jun 20, 2015 at 06:30:17AM +0100, Sharon Kimble wrote: What is

Re: [O] negating a filetag on an entry?

2016-07-15 Thread Juan Pechiar
On Fri, Jul 15, 2016 at 08:20:58AM -0400, John Kitchin wrote: > If I use a line like: > > #+FILETAGS: f16-06625 > > and I want a headline in the file to not have that tag, is that possible? There is a hack by David Maus to remove redundant (already inherited) tags from a heading:

Re: [O] horizontal rules in table confuse org-table-iterate

2019-01-07 Thread Juan Pechiar
Hi Hendrik, Everything above the first hline is considered a table heading, and is therefore not included in calculations. This is explained in the docs: On Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 04:23:01PM +0100, Hendrik Tews wrote: > org-table-iterate does not