[Orgmode] Re: limit agenda to particular tag?

2009-07-28 Thread Memnon Anon
John SJ Anderson geneh...@genehack.org writes: Is there a way to display an agenda (like 'C-a a' does) but have it limited to items that have a particular tag? (E.g., so I can see only '@WORK' items when at work.) Either use your agenda and use / to limit the view to what you want. Or

[Orgmode] skip-entry-if category

2009-08-21 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I am experimenting with different custom agenda views, and this area is, as always, excellently documented, thank you all! However, there is one thing I am not able to figure out: Using skipping, it is easy to limit my daily agenda to certain tags like: (org-agenda-skip-function

[Orgmode] Re: skip-entry-if category

2009-08-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik carsten.domi...@gmail.com writes: On Aug 22, 2009, at 2:47 PM, Matt Lundin wrote: I believe this is not possible with the built in org agenda skip functions, since they search only the text within the subtree and do not recognize inherited tags and properties. However, I

[Orgmode] Re: POLL: Change of keys to move agenda through time

2009-08-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik carsten.domi...@gmail.com writes: 1. Make the cursor keys LEFT and RIGHT do normal cursor motion again 2. Use the keys n and p to switch the agenda to earlier and later dates. No and no for the same reasons Christian Egli mentioned. Memnon

[Orgmode] Bug (?): Columnview in emacsclient broken?

2009-09-15 Thread Memnon Anon
-log-into-drawer LOGBOOK org-agenda-mode-hook '((lambda nil (hl-line-mode 1))) org-agenda-start-on-weekday nil org-occur-hook '(org-first-headline-recenter) org-from-is-user-regexp \\Memnon Anon\\ org-agenda-log-mode-items '(clock) org-remember-templates '(( 116 * TODO %?\n %U\n %i\n %a ~/life

[Orgmode] Re: Bug (?): Columnview in emacsclient broken?

2009-09-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Sebastian Rose sebastian_r...@gmx.de writes: I don't see any of those problems - I use the official Emacs-23 release currently. So the problem might be related. Okay, it seems to be some part of my setup. Starting with emacs -q or -Q, the client behaves correctly. I already went through my

[Orgmode] columnview and emacsclient (again)

2009-10-12 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! I still see this problem with emacsclient and columnview (cf. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/17568/match= , especially the links to the pictures). I cut down my .emacs to a minimum, could someone please again test it with emacs 23? 0.) change path-to-org-directory to your

[Orgmode] Re: columnview and emacsclient (again)

2009-10-12 Thread Memnon Anon
David Bremner brem...@unb.ca writes: I don't much about the causes, but when have this problem, it turns out that the org-column face is messed up. In particular, it often seems to get set to 1/10 of a point high or something silly. Interesting. I compared the output of C-u C-x =, they are

[Orgmode] Re: Emacs startup file

2009-10-13 Thread Memnon Anon
saikari keitele saikar...@gmail.com writes: I'm new to orgmode and quite new to Emacs. Could you please tell me the exact lines I have to add to the emacs startup file(.emacs.el) to enable orgmode? Welcome ;) If you are new to emacs, really learn, how to use the integrated documenatation.

[Orgmode] Agenda: Column View and Filtering

2009-11-22 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! I am still working on making orgmode a more usefull tool for me :), how do you guys handle this problem: I schedule and reschedule tasks pretty often. (Thats why I, too, think a history of scheduling would be a nice addition to have.). Whenever a task comes up, I schedule it for some day

[Orgmode] Re: Date calculations

2009-12-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Benjamin Andresen be...@in-ulm.de writes: %%(diary-anniversary 14 5 1956) Arthur Dent is %d years old I can't for the life of me get this to work. I tried emacs 22.1, 22.3, emacs 23.1 and the current CVS head. [...] Does anyone have this working? Works fine here. %%(diary-anniversary

[Orgmode] Re: Date calculations

2009-12-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Benjamin Andresen be...@in-ulm.de writes: This works: %%(diary-anniversary 12 30 1984) Arthur Dent is %d years ^ ^ ^ M D Y This doesn't: %%(diary-anniversary 30 12 1984) Arthur Dent is %d years ^ ^ ^

[Orgmode] Re: Date calculations

2009-12-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik carsten.domi...@gmail.com writes: can you point out exactly where in the documentation this is located? ,[ (info (org)Weekly/daily agenda) ] | * Birthdays and similar stuff | #+CATEGORY: Holiday | %%(org-calendar-holiday) ; special function for holiday names

[Orgmode] Proposal Keybinding: Agenda 's' - save org-agenda files

2010-01-03 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I use orgmode all the time, so I found it sensible to use it as default major mode with (setq default-major-mode 'org-mode). I just noticed that the 's' key in the agenda calls org-save-all-org-buffers, which saves _all_ org buffers open in emacs. I found this behaviour to be somewhat

[Orgmode] Re: Question about end date for a scheduled task

2010-01-05 Thread Memnon Anon
Avinash Kulkarni avinas...@gmail.com writes: Hi, Is there a way to specify when a particular task should stop repeating? For instance, I need to backup the server in my office once a week for the next 3 weeks, after which the employee in charge will take it over again. Right now, I just added

[Orgmode] Re: Tips on maintaining a knowledge-base ?

2010-01-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, d.st...@gmail.com writes: I was wondering if anyone uses org-mode for this kind of use, and would really be interested in reading how you maintain such a system. I'm especially interested in methods that relate to structuring and 'querying' the knowledge base, since it's of no use if

Re: [O] Scheduling calling debugger

2011-07-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+li...@gmail.com writes: The error at the end was generated on attempting to reschedule a headline like this: ** TODO Read note on fitter SCHEDULED: 2011-07-19 Tue Debugger entered--Lisp error: (invalid-function org-loop-over-siblings-in-active-region)

Re: [O] Can't follow links with id property

2011-07-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+li...@gmail.com writes: I can't follow links with an ID property. I have attached a minimal example org file. Org complains it cannot find a match and prompts to create a new headline. Answering yes to the prompt creates a new headline like this: *

Re: [O] Suggestion: Stackoverflow for Orgmode

2011-07-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Thomas Renkert tunnelbl...@quantentunnel.de writes: I noticed that - as more people with a diverse range of background knowledge start to use orgmode - the mailing list is getting more and more difficult to navigate: I do agree that the volume of mails did considerably increase. a lot of

Re: [O] bug when tuning agenda views

2011-07-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Роман Новиков unique.smi...@gmail.com writes: org-7.5 ,[ (info (org)Feedback) ] |For bug reports, please first try to reproduce the bug with the | latest version of Org available--if you are running an outdated | version, it is quite possible that the bug has been fixed already. `

Re: [O] Commenting a diary sexp line??

2011-07-22 Thread Memnon Anon
suvayu ali fatkasuvayu+li...@gmail.com writes: On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 3:42 PM, Bastien b...@altern.org wrote: I think you can already set up your custom agenda views to ignore COMMENT headlines. Could you point me to it? I did an apropos search for org agenda ignore but all I could find

Re: [O] Referring to ID in other Org-mode file

2011-07-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit devn...@karl-voit.at writes: How can I refer to an ID in another Org-mode file (withing the same folder)? [...] I was searching in the Org-mode manual but could not find any solution for my problem. Either this is not possible or I could not find the (existing) solution yet.

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-26 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Bastien, Bastien b...@altern.org writes: On an item, `C-c C-s' and `C-c C-d' now allows you to use +2d to say schedule in 2 days from today or ++2d to say schedule in 2 days from existing timestamp. In agenda, `B s' and `B d' will also understand this and let you reschedule/redeadline

Re: [O] Habits not showing in agenda and no progress graph

2011-07-27 Thread Memnon Anon
John Hendy jw.he...@gmail.com writes: Ah. That might have done it. I was playing around a bit tonight and noticed that if I changed the scheduled date, I got a little multi-colored bar looking thing in agenda week view. Is that the graph? Yes.  #+begin_src org    ,* TODO note down month's

Re: [O] How to make a tag-todo search within a time range

2011-07-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi etimecowboy, etimecowboy etimecow...@gmail.com writes: For example, I want to search the scheduled TODO items with the work tag in the past 3 days. I thought the searching string was: +work+SCHEDULED\today\+SCHEDULED=\today-3d\, ^? ^?^? ^?

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Michael C Gilbert m...@gilbert.org writes: Ideally, something like this should be available in the org file, rather than in the agenda. [...] But if I shift back and forth to the agenda, then I can make this work. I'm assuming that the 'Cc C-s' and 'C-c C-d' commands don't work on regions

Re: [O] stop rebuilding of agenda upon secondary filtering? (7.6 behavior)

2011-07-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Michael Gilbert m...@gilbert.org writes: Upon upgrading to 7.6, I am noticing that my agenda now rebuilds as I move between various secondary filters. This is a substantial slowdown to my regular workflow. Is there a setting I could use to adjust this behavior? Other advice? see: Message-ID:

[O] Merge org-7.7 into emacs

2011-08-07 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Just a heads up: http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.devel/142944 I don't know anything about this, but maybe something can be said/done about it while Bastien enjoys his vacation? Memnon

Re: [O] Merge org-7.7 into emacs

2011-08-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Eric Schulte schulte.e...@gmail.com writes: I believe 10 lines is the cutoff for whether a patch may be considered tiny and thus whether it requires copyright attribution to the FSF. ,[ http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contribute.html ] | If your patch is against a file that is part of Emacs,

Re: [O] how to narrow Clock Total on repeating tasks?

2011-08-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Michael, Michael Gilbert m...@gilbert.org writes: Basically, I'm just looking for a way to narrow the scope of the clock total to the current iteration of task, in the context of the column view of the agenda. Comparing effort to total doesn't make a lot of sense if the former is an

[O] Orgmode,Bidi,Speed in emacs trunk

2011-09-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I've not been following the list closely for a while, not sure if Bastien is on vacation or whatever. Just in case Carsten or anyone else wants to comment on this: From: Eli Zaretskii e...@gnu.org Subject: bug#9610: 24.0.90; org-mode: sluggish response and high CPU

Re: [O] Time range end in agenda view not displayed

2011-09-30 Thread Memnon Anon
michael holzer michi_holzer_n...@gmx.at writes: When I have an entry that contains a time range, for example: * timerange 2011-09-30 Fri 14:00--2011-09-30 Fri 18:00 this shows up in the agenda view as: uni:14:00.. timerange while I would expect something like: uni:

Re: [O] headline navigation and refiling.

2011-10-05 Thread Memnon Anon
Le Wang l26w...@gmail.com writes: Use the C-u (universal prefix) to `org-refile', i.e. C-u C-c C-w. How could I miss that?! Woohooo! Thanks, Memnon


2011-10-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit devn...@karl-voit.at writes: * Carsten Dominik carsten.domi...@gmail.com wrote: C-u 30 C-c a a For now I used: ,[ from my .emacs ] | (defun vk-export-agenda() | Exports monthly Org-mode agenda to agenda.ics file | (interactive) | (org-agenda-list) |

Re: [O] A quick way to empty contents of entries?

2011-11-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Carsten Dominik carsten.domi...@gmail.com writes: On Nov 4, 2011, at 7:56 AM, gylns wrote: Hi, all I want to empty all my contents but leave only with the headlines and the properties, is there a fast way? [...] For one file: perl -ne 'print if /^\*+ / or

[O] org-catch-invisible-edits clarification

2011-12-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, just read up on the new features in 7.8 and org-catch-invisible-edits caught my attention. I set it to show and tried a simple example: --8---cut here---start-8--- * Test ** level2 *** Level3 Some text * Headline --8---cut

Re: [O] Org without X on Debian

2012-02-01 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl ignora...@gmx.de writes: Does anybody use Org in a non-graphical environment? Is it possible to make the (all) keys work? Mhh, surprised no one mentioned it: ,[ (info (org)TTY keys) ] | Because Org contains a large number of commands, by default many of | Org's core commands are

[Orgmode] Capture while Buffer is narrowed to subtree

2011-02-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I've been working on a large subtree of my main orgfile while it was narrowed [C-x n s]. While doing so, I wanted to capture some information which usually ends up under * Inbox at the bottom of that file. This time, the information ended up in the narrowed buffer with a new * Inbox added. I

[O] [Bug?] org-crypt warning and --daemon

2011-03-14 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, ,[ org-crypt.el ] | ;; FIXME Find a better way to encrypt Org auto-saved buffers? | ;; When `auto-save-default' is non-nil, make sure entries are | ;; encrypted before auto-saving | ;; (when auto-save-default | ;;(add-hook | ;; 'org-mode-hook | ;; (lambda () (add-hook

[O] Re: Outlook replacement

2011-03-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Suvayu Ali fatkasuvayu+li...@gmail.com writes: How do you (as in all users using Emacs as their email client) deal with unreliable networks? Setup here: Emacs + leafnode (local newsserver for gmane, gwene) fetchmail msmtp So all data is dealt with locally, as far as Emacs

[O] FAQ? (was: Continuation of main section text after subsections ?)

2011-03-27 Thread Memnon Anon
Marcel van der Boom mar...@hsdev.com writes: [...] I've looked for documentation or customization options on this, but haven't found any yet. What I have done so far is turn the subheadings into lists or surround them by *bold markers*, which helps a little. Seems to me to be worth an entry in

Re: [O] agenda bug

2011-04-19 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Nicholas Putnam nput...@gmail.com writes: I get a strange error message when trying to view the agenda for the current day/week with C-c a a : org-agenda-highlight-todo: Args out of range: #(  diary:  0 14 (org-category diary tags nil org-highest-priority 65 org-lowest-priority

Re: [O] Conflict between Org-Mode versions?

2011-04-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos nicholas.do...@hp.com writes: IIRC, Carsten had run a poll for the nomination of the 50 most-use{d|ful} variables. The results must be somewhere (Worg? Mailing list?). That would probably serve as a better starting point than a 931-element list with no other indicator of

Re: [O] Don't block TODO for one heading

2011-05-04 Thread Memnon Anon
Nathan Neff nathan.n...@gmail.com writes: Is there a property I can set to allow me to change a heading from TODO to DONE w/o checking any checkboxes? If this isn't simple, I can continue to just use C-c C-x C-b to check all the boxen under the headline. I am not aware of such a property

Re: [O] org-contacts and birthdays without year

2011-05-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Julien Danjou jul...@danjou.info writes: Is it possible to specify birthdays without year? I often want to jot down someone's birthday so I'm not surprised next year, but don't want to ask them how old they are. :) Not really :( Same problem here, I just set the year to 1900 whenever I do

Re: [O] Ctl-E doesn't go to end of line?

2011-05-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Mark, Mark S. throa...@yahoo.com writes: Hello, In org-mode, Ctl-E is bound to org-end-of-line. However, this doesn't appear to take you to the actual end of line as it does in the regular modes. Instead, it appears to take you out to the default line fill -- even if your specified line

Re: [O] having problems this mailing list configuration

2011-05-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Piter_ x.pi...@gmail.com writes: I have some problems with mailing list configuration. I wanted to disable mail delivery and check list via web interface, but some how it goes not save the changes I make. I have enabled cookies dan it workd with other mailing lists. Hi Petro, you do not

Re: [O] org-capture in the same file from which it was called under certain heading

2011-05-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Rainer M Krug r.m.k...@gmail.com writes: Yes - exactly that. Now if this could go into the documentation of org-capture, that would be great. The doc string of `org-capture-templates' concisely says: , | A file can also be given as a variable, function, or Emacs Lisp | form. ` So it

Re: [O] org-capture in the same file from which it was called under certain heading

2011-05-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Yagnesh Raghava Yakkala yagn...@live.com writes: to extend the same, I have a similar requirement where I want to capture subtasks of a TODO item as I am working on it. So the (TODO)node under which I want to capture changes with the time. It would be good If there is a way to specify

[O] git submodule and the bzr mirror on launchpad

2011-05-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, I am trying to familiarize myself with bazaar, so I had a look at the org-mode bzr mirror of the git repo. https://code.launchpad.net/org-mode It fails to import since a couple of weeks, probably since this commit: , | commit 509ee52b5317cbcd4a611f57980038c7249363ce | Author:

Re: [O] Separate weeks visually in agenda month view

2011-06-01 Thread Memnon Anon
Joost Kremers joostkrem...@fastmail.fm writes: I was wondering if there's a way to separate weeks in month view in the agenda. Either an empty line or a dashed line or something, anything that's more conspicuous than the Wxx that is displayed, because that doesn't really stand out. Mhh, my

Re: [O] org-agenda-custom-commands have a serious bug!?

2011-06-09 Thread Memnon Anon
zw963 zw...@163.com writes: i have use org-agenda-custom-commands manage my thought and idea. when open my agenda custom view, I often require modified some heading content. when I use org-agenda-switch-to (shortcut key enter) open and make changes, save and kill this buffer return to

Re: [O] Audio/video file playback in org mode

2011-06-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Paul Sexton psex...@xnet.co.nz writes: brian powell briangpowellms at gmail.com writes: * Something like this; respectively!?:  [[shell:mplayer -ss 00:03:21 -endpos 00:06:54 ~/some_podcast.mp3 ]] [[shell:mplayer -ss 00:03:21 ~/some_podcast.mp3 ]] [[shell:mplayer ~/some_podcast.mp3 ]]

Re: [O] Org-toggle-checkbox broken in 7.5?

2011-06-11 Thread Memnon Anon
Wikström, Gustav gustav.wikst...@sogeti.se writes: The command C-c C-x C-b has stopped working for me and I quietly blame 7.5 for it. Anyone who can attest or reject this statement? Mhh, I am on , | ELISP (emacs-version) | GNU Emacs 23.3.1 (i486-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 2.24.3) | of

Re: [O] New release?

2011-06-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Achim Gratz strom...@nexgo.de writes: Org 7.5 has got quite a few wrinkles ironed out during the past few months and the current HEAD looks very clean save for two compiler warnings in org-indent.el... [...] I'd think that the folks who aren't comfortable with living at the bleeding edge

Re: [O] Org-mode is not able to manage complex calendar events

2011-06-20 Thread Memnon Anon
Karl Voit devn...@karl-voit.at writes: you can clone with time shift whole trees, etc. Oh, I have to look up that clone thing. This is new to me. Do you happen to have an URL for this feature by instance? C-h i d m org tab i clone RET ,[ (info (org)Structure editing) ] | `C-c C-x c'

Re: [O] Subtasks are blocked in todo-items of ordered projects. Bug?

2011-06-21 Thread Memnon Anon
Marcel van der Boom mar...@hsdev.com writes: [...] That will allow me to work on the subitems in parallel. Obvious disadvantage is that the subproject as such can only have a 'count' or 'percentage' but not a 'state' and thus cannot be tracked anymore. Any other suggestions for a way to

Re: [O] Copy link at point

2011-06-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Christian Moe m...@christianmoe.com writes: Does anyone know a way to copy a link at point with fewer keystrokes than C-c C-l to edit the link C-a C-k C-y to go to the beginning of the link line, kill and re-yank the link RET RET to finish editing the link without changing anything What

[O] Function: Extract link location to killring (was: Copy link at point)

2011-06-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Christian Moe m...@christianmoe.com writes: That wasn't clear -- I meant to copy the URL part (link type and path) of the link (not the description part). Does this work? I did only some quick testing, this is C-c C-l cut down for this purpose only. --8---cut

[O] install-info-debian on ubuntu? (was: documentation versions question)

2011-06-23 Thread Memnon Anon
Ian Barton li...@wilkesley.net writes: [...] A more subtle approach would be to edit the Makefile to put the info file in the right place. However, on Ubuntu it's not all clear where this should be. Interesting, ,[ (info (org)Installation) ] | Check your system documentation to find out

[O] Visual distinctiveness of todo states (was: No Brackets in TODO keywords?)

2011-06-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Marcus, Marcus Klemm marcus.kl...@googlemail.com writes: For visual reasons I'd like to have TODO keywords in brackets, like [TODO], [DONE] etc. not sure about the brackets, but to add some visual distinctiveness, I use this: (setq org-todo-keyword-faces '((PROJ :background blue

Re: [O] Recurring TODO on weekdays only?

2011-06-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Loris Bennett loris.benn...@fu-berlin.de writes: I want to have a todo which repeats indefinitely on weekdays only. I have the following: ** TODO Dust hard drives SCHEDULED: 2011-07-04 Mon +1w ** TODO Dust hard drives

[O] emacs snapshot on debian and ubuntu (was: Problem with autoloads)

2011-06-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos nicholas.do...@hp.com writes: BTW, where can one get at Julien's emacs 24 builds? http://emacs.naquadah.org/ hth Memnon

Re: [O] make install-info broken in debian

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Jude DaShiell jdash...@shellworld.net writes: I don't know how to fix this one. Script started on Thu 30 Jun 2011 05:11:30 AM EDT root@md:/home/jude/src/org-mode# make install-info-debian install-info --infodir=/usr/local/share/info doc/org This is not dpkg install-info anymore, but GNU

Re: [O] Recurring TODO on weekdays only?

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Loris Bennett loris.benn...@fu-berlin.de writes: Karl Voit devn...@karl-voit.at writes: * Memnon Anon gegendosenflei...@googlemail.com wrote: ** TODO Dust hard drives SCHEDULED: 2011-07-04 Mon +1w ** TODO Dust hard drives SCHEDULED: 2011-07-05 Tue +1w ** TODO Dust hard drives

Re: [O] Recurring TODO on weekdays only?

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
loris.benn...@fu-berlin.de writes: Sorry, my bad. But it doesn't make any difference whether I use SCHEDULED or not. If I mark yesterday's task as complete, all the tasks until the repetition of the completed task disappear from the agenda. Argh, I did a quick test before I suggested it, and

Re: [O] org-install ?

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Giovanni Ridolfi giovanni.rido...@yahoo.it writes: GNU Emacs 23.3.1 (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600) of 2011-03-10 on 3249CTO Org-mode version 7.5 9c582ceed8c4ffc1b83f719f8bcabbc2e23027b2 I used to have a \lisp\org-install.el file in my load path. This file was there since 20th October 2010 and

Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Marcelo, Marcelo de Moraes Serpa celose...@gmail.com writes: Is there a way to have a calendar-like overview of the agenda with org? Taskwarrior (http://taskwarrior.org/projects/show/ taskwarrior) can render an overview like this, and it is really nice when you want to get some

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-06-30 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Michael, Michael Gilbert m...@gilbert.org writes: - select a number of items with time stamps in an org file (either by region or, if I must, all items subsidiary to a headline) - change all of their deadlines (or some other time stamp) by a set number of days, relative to the date they

Re: [O] Function: Extract link location to killring

2011-07-02 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien b...@altern.org writes: These two snippets could live on Worg -- can anyone add this to org-hacks.el (or any relevant place)? Done. Hope everythings okay, will check the html export when I wake up. , | commit d0d55a275fa2a78b864ed8eec48ed205aaae42f5 | Author: Memnon Anon

[O] Orgmode Capture to Insert a Mairix Link in VM

2011-07-02 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Gmane! , | Problem -- inserting a Mairix type link when calling Orgmode capture in | VM. Also, opening the link from an Orgmode buffer should retrieve the | message thread through a Mairix search and display it in a VM folder. ` Rest (rather crude solution) here:

Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda

2011-07-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien b...@altern.org writes: Thanks for this -- I guess you'll find a lot of dedicated testers here. [...] Also explore the Agenda views (M-x org-agenda -- see the manual), your package might give us new ideas on how to display agenda information. might? I'm almost certain it will! This is

Re: [O] Release 7.6

2011-07-07 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien b...@altern.org writes: I'm releasing Org 7.6. Excellent! And it can't be said too often: Thanks for your dedication. Org is just amazing. Memnon

Re: [O] Syntax for tags-todo in org-agenda-custom-commands

2011-07-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Loris Bennett loris.benn...@fu-berlin.de writes: What should the correct syntax be and where is it described? Did you look in the manual? What is missing? I looked here http://orgmode.org/manual/Block-agenda.html#Block-agenda ,[ C-h v org-agenda-custom-commands ] | matchWhat

Re: [O] Calendar-like view of the org-agenda

2011-07-08 Thread Memnon Anon
Russell Adams rlad...@adamsinfoserv.com writes: Two minor FRs (I hope you continue to monitor the list): https://github.com/kiwanami/emacs-calfw/issues ? - 'q' key to close the calendar buffer, like org-agenda does ,[ https://github.com/kiwanami/emacs-calfw/pull/4 ] TSDH: aee24d8

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-12 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi, Any guidance? Oh, guidance would be great: I'm curious what others will propose. Anyone? This question might have gone down in the prerelease turmoil ... Memnon

Re: [O] OLUG talk about Org-mode

2011-07-12 Thread Memnon Anon
Pieter Praet pie...@praet.org writes: On Thu, 07 Jul 2011 15:05:33 +0200, Bastien b...@altern.org wrote: The video is now here: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/15820239 Nice chilling out atmosphere! :(, my firefox only shows a white box. Do I have to sign up and login to view it? Can

Re: [O] OLUG talk about Org-mode

2011-07-13 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Jonathan, Jonathan Leech-Pepin jonathan.leechpe...@gmail.com writes: The direct link to the video on the UStream site is: http://ustream.vo.llnwd.net/pd15/0/1/15/15820/15820239/1_365053_15820239.flv If I understood Pieter Praet correctly, this did not work for him: ,[ Message ID:

Re: [O] OLUG talk about Org-mode

2011-07-13 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Sebastien, I've uploaded it on my Web site: http://www.mygooglest.com/sva/OLUG_Meeting_July_2011.flv Please download it, as this link may become unavailable in the future. Thanks! Got it, its working. And while I am at it, thank you very much for making your .emacs available there and

Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi all, Pieter Praet pie...@praet.org writes: On Thu, 14 Jul 2011 19:32:18 +0200 (CEST), har...@free.fr wrote: Please don't *insult* our devs by calling this useless BS a BUG, let alone ask them to *waste* their precious time and skills on it. Mhh, I don't think it was in any way insulting

Re: [O] how to change the headline starter *

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi all, I think this is a very reasonable and concise mail on the star topic Nicolas wrote here. If Bastien agrees to its assessment, I would suggest adding a link to it to the FAQ item on the topic. Memnon

Re: [O] ThoughtBack

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
John Hendy jw.he...@gmail.com writes: On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 11:11 AM, Bastien b...@altern.org wrote: [...] Or did I miss something? Don't think so. Googling produces little, either. [...] So... looks like notes + some other feature set that's unexplained? I found some stuff, e.g.:

Re: [O] agenda view: global todo list

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Sebastien Vauban wxhgmqzgw...@spammotel.com writes: William H. Daffer wrote: I'm relatively new to org-mode, I'm liking what I see so far, but I have two questions. [...] I'm using emacs 23.2.1, org-mode 6.33x [...] First remark: migrate away from remember. Use the new interface called

Re: [O] Performance problem when switching agenda views - need for cache?

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Rainer, Sorry, I can not really comment/help with anything. Just curious: Rainer Stengele rainer.steng...@diplan.de writes: This process, switching to all todos and back to weekly agenda takes about 18 (!) seconds netto. This is a lot! a) How many files are in your agenda file list? b)

Re: [O] ThoughtBack

2011-07-15 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Brian, [BTW: Keeping it on list, because there still may be some good results for org. Strictly speaking however, this is at least semi-OT. But I do not add OT to the subject yet.] brian powell briangpowel...@gmail.com writes: On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 9:00 AM, Memnon Anon

[O] Searching the org list (was: Formal description of Org files)

2011-07-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos nicholas.do...@hp.com writes: There was a discussion about this on the list a few months ago, but I can't get to search.gmane.org to find the thread atm, although I can get to news.gmane.org: is that me or is gmane's search on the fritz? I had some trouble with gmane search for

Re: [O] bulk relative time shift (in org file)?

2011-07-16 Thread Memnon Anon
Bastien b...@altern.org writes: My Gnus .overview has been corrupted and I lost track of the question. Can you restate it shortly here? ,[ Original request as short as I can get it ] | Michael is looking for a way to bulk re'timestamp' items | relativ to the timestamp the item has

Re: [O] Custom agenda view for properties

2011-07-17 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi Christian, Christian Zang christian.z...@wzw.tum.de writes: despite carefully reading the manual and trying out some approaches so far I could not figure out whether or not it is possible to have a custom agenda view based on a header's properties. The manual is great, but its always a

[Orgmode] ColumnView and DateFormat

2008-10-29 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! First things first: Org mode is great! Org is the reason I started using emacs a few months ago. Thanks for this fine software. I am using the column view very often and added several columns to my org-file using this line , | #+COLUMNS: %35ITEM %4TODO %1PRIORITY %19SCHEDULED %10TAGS

[Orgmode] Re: ColumnView and DateFormat

2008-11-01 Thread Memnon Anon
Bernt Hansen [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Memnon Anon [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Orgmode provides this nice timeline view, but this only displays tasks with time-stamped items. Using column view, it provides even more useful information. Is there a way to have a timeline that focuses

[Orgmode] Reminder: Add Presentation on Homepage

2008-11-28 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! I just browsed through ormode.org and noticed that there is no link there to Russell Adams talk on orgmode. I really enjoyed this talk and think this is a great supplement to Carstens own talk. Could someone add

[Orgmode] Org and financial data

2009-01-05 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! A new year has started and I try to get even more organized. So, I think it is time to keep track of my financial data, and I think orgmode is the way to go. Yet, I am not sure how to keep the structure. I started with something quite simple like using a date structure and tables: *2008

[Orgmode] Re: Org and financial data

2009-01-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! Manish mailtomanish.sha...@gmail.com writes: Have you considered (a more convenient and flexible approach, IMHO) John Weigley's Ledger [1] Well, I heard of it. But I am hesitating to learn another tool. But hey, there is a Debian Package, so I will have a look at it. This sentence from

[Orgmode] Re: Org and financial data

2009-01-06 Thread Memnon Anon
Hey! Matthew Lundin m...@imapmail.org writes: I think orgmode is the way to go. If your needs are simple (i.e., just tracking discretionary spending) you might consider using properties and column views to keep track of where your money is going. I find that this creates a nice way to sum

[Orgmode] Re: Problem logging state change for TODO's

2009-02-09 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! Varnit Suri vs...@brocade.com writes: I am a fairly new user of Org-mode, and I 'm using v6.20i. I read about how to log a note each time I change the state of a TODO item (http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/org/Tracking-TODO-st

[Orgmode] org-bbdb: help

2009-02-25 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! I like to keep track of birthdays of people I know. For the last 6 months, I've been keeping a birthday section in my organizer.org, having multiple lines like this one: %%(diary-anniversary 1 1 ) Geburtstag Foo: %d Jahre. But, since I started with emacs, I wanted to get used to the

[Orgmode] Re: org-bbdb: help

2009-02-26 Thread Memnon Anon
Nick Dokos nicholas.do...@hp.com writes: I think something like this should work: anniversary: 1972-02-26 birthday Okay, here a line from my .bbdb: ,[ Linebreaks manually added ] | [FirstName LastName nil nil ([Telephone xxx/] | [Cellphone /xx]) ([Home

[Orgmode] Emacs22/23: %%(diary-anniversary) Change of behaviour?

2009-03-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Hi! Today, I installed Emacs to test it. Having a look at the agenda, I missed some birthdays I had in my organizer.org in the suggested format: %%(diary-anniversary 2 10 1789) Geburtstag Ghandi: %d Jahre. D M Y I thought I made a mistake and switched month and

[Orgmode] Re: Emacs22/23: %%(diary-anniversary) Change of behaviour?[solved]

2009-03-10 Thread Memnon Anon
Ian Barton li...@manor-farm.org writes: Is the variable european-calendar-style, the same in both versions of emacs? Great Tip! ,[ C-h v european-calendar-style ] | european-calendar-style's value is t | | This variable is obsolete since 23.1; | use `calendar-date-style' instead.

[Orgmode] Re: Organize Your Life In Plain Text!

2009-05-07 Thread Memnon Anon
Hey list, Okay, here is another question for all the clocking junkies out there ;). Is there a way to clock two items at the same time? This may sound stupid, 'who can do two things at the same time?' but please let me explain. Whoever clocks items, wants to keep control of what he/she does.

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