Re: [O] org mode capture to headline at point

2016-05-28 Thread yanmcbe
Thanks! You misunderstood though! Ending up over the asterisk is what my function does (if it works as intended)! So it should work anywhere in the heading?

Re: [O] org-agenda-filter-effort and "invalid face reference"

2017-01-04 Thread yanmcbe
Wow, this issue comes very close to something I struggled for hours with (3h42') last year. It finally boiled down to this: sorting by effort in the agenda view only works (correctly) when org-agenda-remove-tags is t. Here's the (edited) ECM I created for IRC and eventually the list:

[O] automatically updating a table (including adding rows)

2017-01-04 Thread yanmcbe
Hi I have a bit of a rambling question. I'd like to have a table to which I can decide to have a row added which contains a value computed from a columnview table (the ratio of time logged over the total amount of Effort). That's the main goal, but since it doesn't work like I want, I'm looking

[O] inheritance of mutually exclusive tags

2016-12-28 Thread yanmcbe
Org-mode allows marking a set of tags as mutually exclusive. It also allows the inheritance of tags. (from now on I am talking only about these mutually exclusive tags) When a tag is set in a parent, but also in a child, what I expect to happen is that the child is not included in