Re: [O] org-publish an org-mode outline

2017-08-13 Thread Bob Newell
Bob Newell writes: > #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE > * top > ** level 2 > *** level 3 > #+END_EXAMPLE Question answered in another thread, just to confirm: ",* top" etc. works as advertised. I missed that footnote about using a leading comma but the syntax is consistent with Emacs

[O] org-publish an org-mode outline

2017-08-12 Thread Bob Newell
I may be overlooking something simple here, but I'm having a problem with org-publish. When I try to publish a page containing something like this (minimal example): #+BEGIN_EXAMPLE * top ** level 2 *** level 3 #+END_EXAMPLE what happens is that 'top' etc. get interpreted as section markers (the