Re: Hiding emphasis markers

2020-05-22 Thread Bastien
Hi Mark, "Mark E. Shoulson" writes: > All right, then, you asked for it.  It's really very sloppy code right > now; I'm just playing around to see what works.  Comments are kind of > stream-of-consciousness, they may be out of date wrt what works and > what doesn't etc.  But hey, have fun. >

Hiding emphasis markers

2020-03-18 Thread Mark E. Shoulson
On 3/18/20 4:58 AM, Norman Tovey-Walsh wrote: Mark E. Shoulson writes: On 2/19/20 2:39 AM, Bastien wrote: - org-hide-emphasis-markers => t Just to note: I've been working on a minor-mode in which the emphasis markers are "invisible" but not hidden (i.e. they still take up space, […] size,