[Emc-users] Adding feedback to an existing stepper motor.

2019-05-17 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
{Greg} There are options to converting existing steppers to closed loop feed back. The LCNC software/hardware option would be to add an encoder and run the stepper in velocity mode. This does not offer the many advantages of the direct feedback drivers. Then for small steppers there is the

[Emc-users] Lead acid batteries

2019-05-17 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
{Greg} If I were going to install a full off grid potential solar power system for my ranch I would buy lead acid Telco system batteries. They are not true deep cycle, but have such high capacity that it isn't an issue. They are initially expensive and huge. ( I might buy some 10yr old units

[Emc-users] Possible new feature request – a package file.

2019-03-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users

[Emc-users] Rock64 pre-orders on Banggood.

2019-03-25 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
>< I noticed that Banggood had the Quadcore Rock64 boards on pre-order for the 1GB, 2GB, and 4GB ram versions with a projected available to ship date of April 9th. What stood out to me when reading the specs was that the Rock64 has a 2nd 10/100 Ethernet port on the second accessory pin header.

[Emc-users] Air line for Gene

2019-03-08 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
I hope the link will survive the paste. https://www.automationdirect.com/adc/shopping/catalog/pneumatic_components/flexible_pneumatic_tubing_-a-_hoses/straight_polyurethane_(pur)_tubing/8_mm_(5-z-16_inch) | | | 8 mm (5/16 inch) | Pneumatic Components | Products | AutomationDirect 8 mm

[Emc-users] Dedicated Processor hardware for LinuxCNC

2019-02-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
( Greg ) Every kid would love to ask for a pony, if they thought they could get it they would ask for a unicorn. Reality however usually proves this to be impractical to impossible. Everything is changing today at a hyper accelerated pace. Back in the day Motorola produced the 68000 CPU, it was

[Emc-users] OT note to Erik C - Solar batteries

2019-02-12 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
(Greg) Erik, A trend I have been noticing in the DIY solar crowd is to salvage the batteries from wrecked Tesla or Mercedes Hybrids. The Batteries are series wired for output in the 400VDC range but can be rewired in parallel for a 50-60VDC output. Just need to be sure the charge controller has

[Emc-users] Can anyone identify who did this?

2019-02-02 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
(Greg) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Shkv0kA-pYg Operator Panel to LinuxCNC as USB HID via STM32 (/Greg) ___ Emc-users mailing list Emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/emc-users

[Emc-users] Tip for Coolant misters

2019-01-30 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Begin Greg -- The Tool and Die crew I worked with would use a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube, or mister on the machines in the die dept because none were rigged for flood. One of the favorites was to mix up a 40% Isopropal alcohol with distilled or DI water and run it in the mister. The Alcohol

[Emc-users] 7i77 – Trying to understand TB2

2018-12-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
. 7i77 – Trying to understand TB2 Pin 1 – VFIELD – FIELD Power 8-32V Pin 2 – VFIELD – FIELD Power 8-32V Pin 3 – VFIELD – FIELD Power 8-32V Pin 4 – VFIELD – FIELD Power 8-32V Pin 5 – VIN – FIELD I/O Logic Power 8-32V Pin 6, 7 – NC Pin 8 – Ground – COMMON So – are pins 1-4 common to each other,

Re: [Emc-users] lost in the transcendental math again

2018-12-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Cutter comp G41 | G42 Going all the way back to when I was first taught NC programming via punched paper tape. Engaging CC or disengaging CC should always be done with a lead in move. G00 X# Y#G01 Z#G42 X# Y# D# F# Also since it is a modal value the first time you call G41|G42 it is best

Re: [Emc-users] More on bed wear fix

2018-09-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Greg begin Am I going to be the 1st person to point out that the tailstock on most lathe designs does not use the same ways as the lathe carriage and therefore is not subject to the bed wear issue. If the tailstock is out it is mal-adjusted or the lathe is not leveled properly and you have

Re: [Emc-users] More on bed wear fix

2018-09-24 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Gene - Xray film exposed to light and processed makes for a very heavy filter. Perhaps a single dental xray would provide enough material. Also if you know anyone who processes there own 35mm. Pan X or Plus X and maybe even Tri-X B film - the leader area will be fully blacked out. Pan X would be

Re: [Emc-users] Multi-spindle support

2018-09-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
I may have slept through a major upgrade. But I was sure that there was no support for dual tool paths to run independently at the same time. I have run older Okuma dual turret turning centers and both turrets could work independently within reason. (This was a single spindle machine) Okuma

[Emc-users] Rockhopper output

2018-09-04 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Gene; If you can get Rockhopper to give you a "D" or "E" size PDF output, your local Kinky's print shop can print up the poster for you. Think it cost me $3.25 + state & local tribute per page. Greg Bentzinger

[Emc-users] Plasma build - early planning.

2018-08-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
So I want to build a combo table with dual Z slides - Plasma and Mill/Router. I have a 50A 60% duty cycle scratch start machine now. I know that if I use it I will have trouble with fine screen and expanded metal will be hopeless. On raw stock it works great, but one of the key reasons I bought

[Emc-users] Pi with a side of SPI

2018-08-09 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Greg - To Gene - and list If the RPi can use SPI over a 250mm length cable at rated speed then it is a great option. No? How about a 150mm cable? If the signal can't get off the host PCB and to the target PCB reliably then the whole issue is a non starter moot point. Maybe if there was

[Emc-users] Has anyone played around with this: Pi-paraport

2018-08-09 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Has anyone played around with this: Pi-paraport https://github.com/garlick/pi-parport I had been wondering if a paraport emulator or an SSerial adapter could be made for the Pi GPIO The new question is can it be shoehorned into a realtime environment. I was thinking a ODroid XU4 imaged with

[Emc-users] CRS - Changelog

2018-08-09 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Mark; Way back when I was making the transition from Slackware to Red Hat I teamed up with another local fellow on a little project. He was much better with disciplined technique than I was. He kept a spiral notebook for each PC and would copy down the entire line, file path and date/time

Re: [Emc-users] CAD for LinuxCNC

2018-07-24 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
I started using SolidWorks about 2000 and bought my own license in 2004. When the market effectively died in 2007 I decided to let the SW maintenance expire since it wasn't earning its keep. In 2010 I bought the full monte Alibre Design Expert package and it has served me well doing most

[Emc-users] ETA of v2.8?

2018-05-12 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Again I would like to that those who continue the development of LCNC. With the recent release of v2.7.13 where does that put us towards the release of v2.8? Thanks for the update! Greg -- Check out the vibrant tech

Re: [Emc-users] Gerber Dimension 200

2018-04-28 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Todd; Could it be that they are just hiding a parallel interface by mimicking a Centronix cable pin out? Just the first thought that hit me when I saw that 37 pin connection. Greg -- Check out the vibrant tech

[Emc-users] Tapping not slipping

2018-03-07 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
My personal choice has been a CAT40 with rigid Bilz #1 holder, or a U200 shank with very minimal tension compression and Bilz #1 holder Bilz holders appear a bit pricey but you won't need many sizes and you can swap taps and holders while keeping the same offset - I'd say mine repeat to about

[Emc-users] 3D Printed parts as the starting point for CNC conversion.

2018-02-11 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
3D printed parts are a great way to jump start a CNC conversion. I do think care needs to be used when making motor mounts. Steppers that run well usually run hot, and I do mean temps comparable to what the hot bed of the printer operates at. One of the best uses of a 3D part is the ball nut

[Emc-users] CSS and threading.

2018-02-05 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
My industrial CNC turning center with 2 speed geared head and 15hp spindle has a table of thread pitch vrs max threading rpm. The issue isn't as much acceleration at the start of the thread as it is being able to make a perfect 90° retract when threading up to a shoulder. On threads which are

Re: [Emc-users] Avoiding probe crash

2017-12-05 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
I like Seb's version with the exception that a probe trigger E-stop. Personally I would prefer the option to invoke a motion/feed hold command with alarm vrs E-stop since many machines can stop faster under power. Greg --

Re: [Emc-users] Looking for examples of conversational machine interface

2017-11-20 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
The "Gold Standard" for conversational control has been Hurco. Hurco trademarked the term "conversational control" sometime back in the late 70's or early 80's. And in fact someone once asserted that Hurco had made more money through lawsuits of trademark and copy write infringement than they

Re: [Emc-users] showstopper on gear change tally.

2017-11-11 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Personally I would like to come up with a simple test cycle to verify that the machine has been manually set in the correct gear without any switches. Having a Bridgeport type machine I can adjust speed manually assuming the machine is in the right High/Low range. Simply command the VFD to

Re: [Emc-users] Pine64 / Rpi3

2017-10-17 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 4:28:37 AM MDT, andy pugh <bodge...@gmail.com> wrote: On 17 October 2017 at 07:47, Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users <emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net> wrote: > Ideally it would be great if someone could design a cape/hat/shield/ whatever > tha

[Emc-users] Pine64 / Rpi3

2017-10-17 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
of the small simple parts I often do. Peter - any chance an SSERIAL adapter could be made? Greg Bentzinger -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most engaging tech sites, Slashdot.org! http://sdm.link

[Emc-users] Open source / PowerBasic

2017-07-28 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
Chris - I think the $99 price is for the PowerBasic version which fully supports W32 DLL's. I seem to recall the DOS only version was $19 or less - Though when I bought the full development package it was $49 for 2 CDs full of great tools. But that was maybe just before Win XP was released. I

Re: [Emc-users] Present state of Tormach PathPilot relative to LinuxCNC

2017-07-24 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
at 22:27, Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users <emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net> wrote: > I ask this as I am considering a conversion on a benchtop lathe I keep for > simple second op work Do you really need the conversational stuff that PP has, or could you just use ordinary LinuxCNC? I

[Emc-users] Present state of Tormach PathPilot relative to LinuxCNC

2017-07-22 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
I am assuming that we are not too far from the release of v2.8. That said, my question is, has Tormach been updating PathPilot as LinuxCNC has moved forward or is it still a heavily patched and modified v2.6.x? Or maybe I should be asking: Is there a relatively simple way to run a PathPilot

[Emc-users] Lathe Project - Dummy rounds.

2017-07-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
We did a run almost 20 years ago. Used a thick brass base which had the extractor groove and a bit of the body. It was extended and threaded so a chunk of black delrin screwed on and was CNC turned in place. NOT COST Effective. For common brass - drill out primer pocket a bit oversize, seat and

Re: [Emc-users] tach/generator/encoder

2017-06-06 Thread Greg Bentzinger via Emc-users
The way I read the manual page 24 section H. It is saying the tach is a better option for fine motor control, but not required. If you are using a spindle encoder as a tach source to have LinuxCNC control a +/- 10VDC connected between terminals COM and SIG (see figure 14). As Jon stated you

[Emc-users] RPi and the endless saga of SDcard grief.

2017-05-29 Thread Greg Bentzinger
List users; I have been a RPI user since the first B version came out. I been through the "Oops the O/s is toast again" routine more than I care to count. I blame it on very poor choices for the voltage regulator and the choices of the micro USB as a power connector. Arduino scroes an A for

[Emc-users] SF mailing list seems to be flaking out.

2017-05-04 Thread Greg Bentzinger
List; I am setup to get the digest version to reduce the total number of emails I have to sort through each day. So far for MAY I have received Digests 1-3, 6, 8-11. I checked the spam traps and trash folders and I have nothing out of place. Anyone else seeing issues? Greg

[Emc-users] Subject: Re: Gui Feature Request

2017-04-28 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Okuma has had this feature going back to the time when the tape reader would rewind, then read through a punch tape to find the named program. They called this type a "Schedule" program and it had a file type of something like .skd or some such. In later CNC controls (OSP3000 or later (late

Re: [Emc-users] Bridgeport servo troubleshooting

2017-03-05 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quote: Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2017 13:21:05 - From: "Ben Potter" Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Bridgeport servo troubleshooting To: "'Enhanced Machine Controller \(EMC\)'" Message-ID: <007401d295b3$58698280$093c8780$@bpuk.org> Content-Type: text/plain;

[Emc-users] OT - Advice on processor board for indexer project.

2017-03-01 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Greetings list members; With all the talk or ARM vrs AVR vrs all others etc. I have a question for those who might be able to point me towards a workable solution. Back in the early 80's my uncle purchased a HAAS 5C programmable indexer. This is the hardware that basically was the original

[Emc-users] Pet Projects

2016-12-15 Thread Greg Bentzinger
uot;un-employed" it seems you can't sell your spare time. Greg Bentzinger, out yonder in Colorado. -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most engaging tech sites, SlashDot.org! http

Re: [Emc-users] Wiring up a 7i77

2016-11-23 Thread Greg Bentzinger
___ From: andy pugh <bodge...@gmail.com> To: Greg Bentzinger <skullwo...@yahoo.com>; Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) <emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net> Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 3:18 AM Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Wiring up a 7i77 On 22 Nove

[Emc-users] Wiring up a 7i77

2016-11-22 Thread Greg Bentzinger
This feels like someone just dumped a plate of Spaghetti in my lap. It is overwhelming. Of course every manufacture has to adopt different terms for the same type of signals which doesn't make things any easier. So first problem is deciding the best method for interfacing the TECO FM50-203 VFD

[Emc-users] Ver 2.8

2016-10-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Not trying to pester anyone. I am finally getting down to the actual electrical install and beginning to wire things up. So I am going to need HALui and many of the other tools to sort out signals soon. Just wondering if there is any vague idea as to when V2.8 will go mainstream or if I

Re: [Emc-users] Haas thoughts

2016-10-11 Thread Greg Bentzinger
er harness for Haas and FADAL control consoles. Greg Bentzinger out yonder in Colorado -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most engaging tech sites, SlashDot.org! http://sdm.lin

Re: [Emc-users] Rotary table indexer project

2016-09-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger
From: Chris Albertson <albertson.ch...@gmail.com> To: Greg Bentzinger <skullwo...@yahoo.com>; Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) <emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net> Sent: Monday, September 26, 2016 4:25 AM Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Rotary table indexer project This is the

Re: [Emc-users] Rotary table indexer project

2016-09-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Chris; I would add a remote cycle start input and a cycle complete output that could be optionally hooked into LCNC. Likewise I would allow bi-directional positioning moves. Just add a small overshoot value and and feed back into position to maintain consistent preload in one direction. I

Re: [Emc-users] Need unlocked copy of a pdf for a breakout board I just bought two of.

2016-09-07 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Gene; See the attached pdf I made. This is the pinouts as I read them from the ebay display images. It doesn't answer everything and I think you will want to use the B axis for spindle control since this BoB only provides for On/Off but no direction. Another oddity if I read things correctly

Re: [Emc-users] What does "CNC" really mean?

2016-08-31 Thread Greg Bentzinger
CNC is one of those acronyms that we are stuck with. The more things chance the more they stay the same. The term "Horseless Carriage' has mostly died out except here in Colorado where they still issue legacy "Horseless Carriage" license plates for extremely old vehicles. But today they still

Re: [Emc-users] LinuxCNC officially rocks

2016-08-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Way back in the early days of EMC2 the first OEM to pick it up was Sherline. Next came Smithy tools. Then nothing new for years until EMC2 morphed into LinuxCNC by force and matured both in features and hardware support to the point that the next OEM to pick up LinuxCNC was Tormach with there

[Emc-users] Wiring my Hurco KM3 - hope to avoid magic smoke.

2016-08-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello LCNC users hive mind; I am finally getting to the actual wiring stage of my LCNC retrofit of my 1987 HURCO KM3. The point of this message is to say what I have planned and if anyone notices that I’m heading for a cliff, a wall, a Magic smoke event you can yell at me now, or if anyone has

[Emc-users] OT: Help locating device.

2016-07-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hi all; I have been pulling my hair out trying to find a simple 802.11# unit. What I need is a small module that takes RJ45 input and makes it a wireless connection. Much like a USB wireless dongal. Think of it as an inline wireless adaptor, a single IP pass through not a full router bridge.

[Emc-users] O.T. Help - I need tips to keep the mice out of my machine wiring.

2016-06-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Today I was piddling around in the shop and I happened to open up the control console on one of my CNC mills. This is still the OEM control. Well the mice had climbed up the inside of the 3" square tubing which mounts the console and they had built quite a nest inside with lots of excess urine

Re: [Emc-users] Linuxcnc forum

2016-05-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I am on the digest delivery method - it does cut down on the traffic - but it is kind of a FIFO Buffer that dumps a digest volume when the message size gets big enough to warrant sending it or when the last message reaches a certain age. Once a day - not! On May 24th I received 8 digests.

Re: [Emc-users] Toolchange M6

2016-04-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Henry Ford saw no reason to ever make a different car than the Model T. The fact that the Model A came about was mostly done behind his back and when ready presented to him as fate accompli. Just because you got away with bad habits when using Mach 3 is no excuse not to learn proper methods.

[Emc-users] Has the 'emc-users' mail list taken a dump?

2016-04-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I get the Digest version and the last I received was #26 on April 7th. Greg -- Find and fix application performance issues faster with Applications Manager Applications Manager provides deep performance insights into

Re: [Emc-users] Creating G-code?

2016-01-30 Thread Greg Bentzinger
That Maker-works chart is missing the biggist column, between scanner and CAD. Paper blueprints. I know that by now you would expect that companies would supply electronic design media to speed up both quote and delivery times, but it seems that anything other than paper printed blueprints is

[Emc-users] Rigid tapping speed advice

2016-01-22 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Single point threading - my best was a M6 x .5 20mm depth using a Micro-100 solid carbide mini threading bar in 303 Stainless. Thread milling - #6-32 with a usable thread depth of .470" in 6061 AL. Andy's boring head tapping (X axis) - I have lost many carbide threading inserts which chipped

[Emc-users] There needs to be a 'Cliff notes' / The idiots guide to Smart Serial configurations.

2016-01-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello fellow users; Today I will ask for clarity in understanding Smart serial usage. >From the many docs I have read so far it appears to rule out SSerial as a >single point to point only interface and that the devices are somehow linked >via hub or a daisy chain. Which is it? I picked up a

[Emc-users] Looking Forward - Will there come a point where Path Pilot may be a GUI option?

2015-12-31 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I know as is it has been integrated into the OEM Tormach Mill and lathes it has many specific functions dedicated to that hardware. I just wondering that will a perhaps watered down generic version be available as an LCNC GUI. I have moved my second Hurco knee mill to my shop and once I have

[Emc-users] mains voltage

2015-12-25 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I was always told "Never rectify straight from AC mains without an isolation transformer." Bad Karma - Bad Ju ju - will come back to bite you. -- ___ Emc-users mailing list

[Emc-users] Possible Error in Linuxcnc.org html docs for 2.7

2015-11-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Looking at the description of "M19" it states that it requires a differential encoder with index to function. I believe it should be (any) quadrature encoder with index. (differential being great for noise immunity but not an actual requirement.) Not trying to be picky, but the docs are how

[Emc-users] Would this new item be of any use?

2015-11-10 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Got an advert for this since I am an Allied customer and was wondering if this would be useful as a spindle sensor. http://www.alliedelec.com/lp/151110/honeywell/?utm_source=prod_medium=email_campaign=151110_product --

[Emc-users] Leadshine HBS507 3-phase HYbird Servo Drive

2015-10-31 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello all; (Trick or Treat - I'm hoping for both) I have been looking at the Leadshine HBS507 drive and the feedback cable from the Hybird motor. They use a Dsub-15 3 row (like a VGA) and listed on pins 1-2 is EA+ and EB+, pins 7-8 are EZ+ and EZ-, pins 11-12 are EA- and EB- so it appears to

Re: [Emc-users] CAD/CAM for LinuxCNC

2015-09-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Best buy I ever made was BOBCAD in about 1990. Cost me $495. Bought it from a dealer at the WESTEC tool show in Los Angeles. Later I bought an update to BOBCAD Gold Version 12 (for DOS) This was another $49 + $20 for FEDEX. At some point BOBCAD called me up and sold me Version 14, but the

Re: [Emc-users] Lathe chuck keys

2015-07-31 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Andy; This should be obvious to you. For most of the square sockets take out the parts and set them up with a stubby carbide boring bar and load your square boring program and bore them all to a common size. One too big - braze with Si-bronze to build up prior to boring - no shims to come

[Emc-users] How to lie properly in CNC programs.

2015-07-07 Thread Greg Bentzinger
This is directed at Gene and his grips with the back plot showing spindle center vs. cut edge. I been pounding the keys for many a year since I was first trained on the New Bandit level 1 control with a round RS-232 Amphenol mil spec output to a good old teletype machine so proven programs

Re: [Emc-users] Suitable transformers = hens teeth (Gene Heskett)

2015-06-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
=iso-8859-1 On Saturday 13 June 2015 12:05:11 Greg Bentzinger wrote: Gene; We really need to break your DC motor fixation. If you think PCW's 5i25 is neat just wait until you start using a VFD controlled spindle. Odds are that a better replacement motor and VFD will cost near the same of what

Re: [Emc-users] Suitable transformers = hens teeth (Gene Heskett)

2015-06-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
- Original Message - From: Steve Stallings steve...@newsguy.com To: 'Greg Bentzinger' skullwo...@yahoo.com; 'Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC)' emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Cc: Sent: Saturday, June 13, 2015 6:10 PM Subject: RE: [Emc-users] Suitable transformers = hens teeth (Gene

Re: [Emc-users] Suitable transformers = hens teeth

2015-06-13 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Gene; We really need to break your DC motor fixation. If you think PCW's 5i25 is neat just wait until you start using a VFD controlled spindle. Odds are that a better replacement motor and VFD will cost near the same of what your planning to build to support that marginal OEM DC motor. I have

[Emc-users] 7x lathes

2015-05-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I bought a HF 7x about 2004 to try and use onsite to make and modify a huge amount of circuit board standoffs. Was doing a major retro fit / upgrade on rack mount chassis equipment. Bottom line fighting the machine ate up all the time savings of not just driving to the real shop to do it on

[Emc-users] How to build a little black box - Machine emulator.

2015-05-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I have 2 Hurco mills - 1 I plan to retrofit to LinuxCNC the other I hope to get running on the OEM control. What I would like to do is take the control I tear out for the retrofit and fix its issues and get it running on the bench with an emulator. Basically I would need a box to accept 3 axis

Re: [Emc-users] Mill coordinates setup

2015-03-20 Thread Greg Bentzinger
That would match most common FAUNC controlled machine configs. So your G54-G59 part offsets would be like: X-##. Y-##. Z ##. where Z is the height of the table surface to the part top. (positive) -- Dive

Re: [Emc-users] VFD causing limits to trip. Huh?

2015-03-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Pardon my ignorance... But is there a significant difference between use of shielded cable between VFD and motor vrs lines in hard or flex metal conduit which makes a complete ground at each end? Thanks Greg -- Dive

Re: [Emc-users] motor connections

2015-02-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
I use a DB9 with shielded cable on pin 5 and the 4 drive lines each using an upper and lower pin in parallel as redundant connections and less current density. Cheap enough, readily available on short notice. Might try a DB15 with dual wires for motor + encoder signals. (That would be a {2 row}

[Emc-users] SWAG on the release date of 2.7

2015-02-02 Thread Greg Bentzinger
About to start a new retrofit conversion in the next few weeks and would rather put off the software side until v2.7 is released than have to convert from 2.6. If it is beyond the near horizon am I good to go with v2.7 pre? A decade ago I was a heavy Gentoo user (lets build every little part

Re: [Emc-users] Hurco KM3 to retrofit - now what do I need?

2015-01-08 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quoting: Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2015 11:58:49 -0500 From: Dave Cole linuxcncro...@gmail.com Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Hurco KM3 to retrofit - now what do I need? To: emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Message-ID: 54aeb749.2020...@gmail.com Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252; format=flowed

[Emc-users] Hurco KM3 to retrofit - now what do I need?

2015-01-07 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Well - I've gone and done it, I bought another Hurco CNC mill. My existing machine was a 1990 KM3P with the MAX32 upgrade and the whole 9 yards of software upgrade options... Which is fantastic - if it would only boot. This machine is kinda unique with many special gotcha's if you were trying

Re: [Emc-users] Coolant filtering

2014-11-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Two items that have worked great. 1) Paint straining bag - sold to be put in a 5 gal (18-20L) bucket then the paint is poured in to about 80% capacity then the bag is lifted out taking any paint skin or clumps with it. We made a large holder - much like a oversized coffee filter basket to

Re: [Emc-users] Rifling machine

2014-09-06 Thread Greg Bentzinger
-assembled to allow removal of work and cutter assy together so tool could be backed out by hand. The beauty of the original design is that short of taking a chuck key or wrench to the machine it is nearly impossible to get out of sync. Greg Bentzinger

Re: [Emc-users] losing hair rapidly here, lcnc is not working as advertised in man pages.

2014-08-16 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quoting: Message: 6 Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2014 16:50:56 +0100 From: Andy Pugh bodge...@gmail.com Subject: Re: [Emc-users] losing hair rapidly here,    lcnc is not working     as advertised in man pages To: Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC)     emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Message-ID:

Re: [Emc-users] second part

2014-08-06 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Harbor freight electronics - Not just NO but an emphatic #377 NO! Buy welding gloves and hoods - OK BTW I am a consistent customer of HF but there are some things they sell which should be avoided like plague because they will be endless grief.

[Emc-users] (off topic) Technology names

2014-06-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Perhaps the best example of this was when the early drivers for scanning devices was being developed. The development group even requested naming permissions from the Samuel Clemens estate trust, which were in fact granted. The end result was; Toolkit Without An Interesting Name aka the

[Emc-users] (no subject)

2014-03-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello Hive mind of LCNC; My question tonite is how much hard drive space is needed with a 10.04 install then getting all the other source files, compilers etc. so that I could do a make and install master as RIP. System has a 40 GB hdd, Installed 10.04 from CD then LCNC via script. No extras

Re: [Emc-users] Canned cycle relative motion weirdness

2014-02-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Yeah - I did some digging and that whole L word in a fixed cycle dates back to the original NIST RS-274D-NGC. IMHO - Its a dinosaur that should have died out. I consider it an accident waiting to be activated by the user. One of the most powerful reasons to switch to LCNC is the faster

[Emc-users] Reading high count encoders at high speed.

2014-01-27 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Ok - another crazy idea from the popcorn gallery.   To use an analogy, Gecko Stepper drives work some math-o-magic in the internal FPGA to transition from 1/10 step mode to full step mode without loosing position.   An idea I had was to do something like that when trying to read high count

[Emc-users] LCNC performance recorder?

2014-01-24 Thread Greg Bentzinger
First off while I will call this a feature request, it is also something I would put at the bottom of the list as there are so many other areas that better deserve attention. I do put this out there because it might be really simple to do. I don't understand many parts of LinuxCNC “under the

Re: [Emc-users] The d525 performance tweak (Sven Wesley)

2014-01-11 Thread Greg Bentzinger
USB is like a Swiss Army Knife for PC manufactures that allows them to use some dirt cheap electronics for some common tasks. While it does all sorts of functions OK, it really can't do anything great other than save the OEM mfg money.   Try this on any system that has PS/2 ports. Attach a Kyb

[Emc-users] Advice on Spindle drive.

2014-01-10 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello fellow LCNC users; I am seeking advice of the collective hive mind on the best course of action for a machine build I have been slowly working on. Note also I am not in a rush to finish, I prefer to take as long as is needed to get it right the first time as I loath having to do things

Re: [Emc-users] Ramped feed rate.

2013-12-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger
block mode and using the feed overide as each part is cut.     To: Greg Bentzinger skullwo...@yahoo.com; Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Sent: Thursday, December 26, 2013 11:14 AM Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Ramped feed rate. Hi Greg, Sorry for taking so long

Re: [Emc-users] Slow G code (sam sokolik)

2013-12-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hey Sam;   How does it the improved look ahead compare on the chips 3d NGC sample file?   Greg -- Rapidly troubleshoot problems before they affect your business. Most IT organizations don't have a clear picture of how

[Emc-users] Ramped feed rate.

2013-12-18 Thread Greg Bentzinger
 (Ok here I am mumbling into a microphone before the crowd... )   But going way, way, way back ( Picture in your minds eye teletypes and paper tape programs...) I had always wanted a ramped feed rate command.   Like   G1 X1. Z-.25 F20. ( ramp command) X4. Z-1. F5.   So that the move from X1.

Re: [Emc-users] Update HAL values without stalling motion (Charles Steinkuehler)

2013-11-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quote:   On 11/21/2013 12:41 AM, Marius Liebenberg wrote: Charles you might find that any M code will cause a slight stoppage of the head as the M codes are not computed like gcodes with constant velocity in mind but rather as a separate command. Also it is not a motion command so there

Re: [Emc-users] G33 spindle synchronized motion - index, rotary axis, multiple axes (andy pugh)

2013-09-21 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quote: From: andy pugh bodge...@gmail.com Subject: Re: [Emc-users] G33 spindle synchronized motion - index,     rotary axis, multiple axes To: Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC)     emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Message-ID:     can1+yzxyt00tex8udzvticqvtb9akmcjq9hxkmkzjamhzhj...@mail.gmail.com

Re: [Emc-users] Motorman Robot with absolute Yaskawa encoders

2013-09-10 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quote: Peter C. Wallace p...@mesanet.com snip -   Well... Thats not entirely true, the muxed data serial can be recovered just like the muxed encoder data is. 9600 baud is so slow that the muliplexing will cause minimal distortion (it will be sampled at 4 MHz so something like 400 samples/bit

[Emc-users] Control refit options - best economical servo amp for this application?

2013-09-05 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Hello group; An old friend contacted me recently about problems he has been having with his hobby mill. I say hobby because the man is a top notch surgeon who does mainly reconstruction of destroyed hands. His hobby mill looks to be a late 70's vintage CNC knee mill with a 2 or 3 hp

Re: [Emc-users] BP Knee Mill Spindle

2013-08-23 Thread Greg Bentzinger
John; BP was pushing the edge with the 4200 rpm top speed. When you look up bearing specs most consider 4000 rpm max continuous under load. If your head is truely that noisy then something else isn't right - cutting air that machine should just purr with the loudest noise being the motors fan.

[Emc-users] Camera cross hair caliberation.

2013-08-19 Thread Greg Bentzinger
If you have a vice, or even just a good sharp square edge part that you can set X/Y axis zero with an edge finder or wiggler, then move your camera cross hairs into position and note the correction factor on the DRO position screen. As to the camera mount - how about a male/female pair of vee

Re: [Emc-users] Two phase BLDC motors

2013-07-26 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Quoting: Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2013 20:48:07 +0300 From: Andrew parallel.kinemat...@gmail.com Subject: Re: [Emc-users] Two phase BLDC motors To: Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) emc-users@lists.sourceforge.net Message-ID: CAJZ=btnvkuaepmrdcwacgdpi3p8vjbwmeeh11amnlwruzht...@mail.gmail.com

Re: [Emc-users] cinci control (Stuart Stevenson)

2013-07-25 Thread Greg Bentzinger
Stuart;   Those pics give me flashbacks of S100 bus hardware.   Could be worse - my Hurco came with a Ultimax II (since upgraded with a complete Max32 card set) which used IIRC Intel multi bus which had an 8 bit ISA card connector and (I think) an S100 on the same card.   I was shopping for a

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