Re: [Emc-users] parallel ports configuration

2018-07-10 Thread John Alexander Stewart
does "lspci" show ports? You may wish to "lspci > withports.txt" remove them (or, if on-board, disable in BIOS) reboot, "lspci > noports.txt", and do a diff between the two text files, to help see what the system thinks. John. On Tue, Jul 10, 2018 at 8:14 PM yomin estiven jaramillo munera <

Re: [Emc-users] Pendants for LinuxCNC or MachineKit

2018-05-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
John; I could give you my machine config, but it might be confusing, as it is not "textbook optimal" Start here by googling "linuxcnc xhc-hb04" and see what you get. Basically: 1) loadusr -W xhc-hb04 -I xhc-hb04-layout2.ini -s 4 -H There are at least 2 button sets, mine is "layout2" 2) # Home

Re: [Emc-users] Pendants for LinuxCNC or MachineKit

2018-05-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi John; Absolutely - have one on one of my mills. I added it what must be a couple of years ago; I believe that the "XHC-04" is what it is called. I've got spindle control, jogging, zero setting, and probably other things - not all the icons are in use, but more than enough to use it 90% of the

Re: [Emc-users] non-contact position sensors, surprisingly good performance.

2018-02-27 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Gene; Regarding the DM1182 - Ok - I see what it is you are doing. Very interesting - I've been out of the loop for a year or two and getting back into it. John. -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the

Re: [Emc-users] non-contact position sensors, surprisingly good performance.

2018-02-20 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Regarding the g0704 z axis and the automation direct 120v system, could someone post a link to the product? All in this thread an interesting discussion, thanks - John. -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of

Re: [Emc-users] ATS-667 again

2018-01-28 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Thanks David and Gene; Thanks for the responses. 1) The stiffness of mounting is one that I had not really thought much about but makes sense. 2) a higher tooth count gear is something I'll look at this AM. Have lots of old gears kicking about - and, the idea of adding a bit of steel gooped to

[Emc-users] ATS-667 again

2018-01-27 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; I am restarting an older CNC lathe conversion - an Emco Compact-8, fwiw. I have the 5i25 and 7i76, and 6 ats-667 sensors for spindle. (6, because if I only ordered 3, I'd end up breaking one, and shipping is expensive...) Any wiring issues I should be aware of? Field voltage is about

Re: [Emc-users] non-contact position sensors, surprisingly good performance.

2018-01-24 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Interesting - thanks, and tell us how you get on with them. John. -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most engaging tech sites,!

Re: [Emc-users] I bought a Unimat SL1000

2017-04-03 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Greg; I'm going to attempt to CNC it using 3D printed mounts for NEMA 17 stepper > motors. The plan is to make them with channels I can fill with urethane > resin and perhaps some pieces of metal if they don't prove sturdy enough. > I'll also be embedding Rivnuts to provide solid threads where

Re: [Emc-users] 3D Printers (Gregg Eshelman)

2017-03-29 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Greg: If you want inexpensive but good quality and compact, check out the > Monoprice Select Mini. (AKA Malyan M200) > Very interesting - thank you for the pointer. I may have to re-think my "no 3D printer at home"... John.

Re: [Emc-users] Emc-users Digest, Vol 131, Issue 89

2017-03-28 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Two replies here: From: Andrew > > > The olde Stratasys that I had access to at work (I have since left) > > produced items about 1,000x better than I ever got from my home printer, > > despite weeks and weeks of tweaking the home printer. > > > > Do you mean FDM Stratasys? >

Re: [Emc-users] Emc-users Digest, Vol 131, Issue 87

2017-03-28 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy to my comment wrote: >> Do you really need a 3D printer? > No, nor do I need a lathe or milling machine, I could get parts made > by machine shops. Or simply not bother making stuff at all. True enough, although a group of us do tend to share tools - last foreign user of my machine shop

Re: [Emc-users] 3D Printers.

2017-03-28 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I've got a 3D printer here, a PrintrBot Simple, wooden one. The city library has a set of printers and laser cutters. I think I'd use that. Current project, drawing up some parts that will get printed at the library or at Shapeways. Do you really need a 3D printer? I don't - my Printrbot is

Re: [Emc-users] Thing with a square hole

2017-03-20 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy - The guys at the shop where I last worked beside used to slightly grind the flutes of a standard end mill, leaving (say) 6mm of flute length for cutting pockets. That way, the "higher up" flutes did not re-cut swarf, and thus deflect the tool, and there was no tool rubbing on the higher up

Re: [Emc-users] Tida_TD-1336_lathe

2017-01-31 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Kirk - why replace the tailstock? With gang tooling, you'll be able to make lots of things... (I'm -slowly- CNCing a smaller 8x18 lathe) John. -- Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most engaging

Re: [Emc-users] ATS667 help plz

2016-11-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
By the way - this is all good. I've dug out my ATS-667s from my storage box, as this winter's project is to continue the long -dormant CNC lathe conversion. VFD is done, now slowly working on the spindle sensors, so great timing Gene! (slowly == work and life and family get in the way, but

Re: [Emc-users] Question regarding fuses, line reactors

2016-11-01 Thread John Alexander Stewart
achine at a time, so one 15A 240v circuit has done me well for a couple of decades. Maybe I'm over thinking this... John. On Tue, Nov 1, 2016 at 8:59 AM, andy pugh <> wrote: > On 1 November 2016 at 12:33, John Alexander Stewart <> > wrote: &

[Emc-users] Question regarding fuses, line reactors

2016-11-01 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; Back to my CNC lathe project; it has sat dormant for a few years now. Opinions wanted: The VFD suggests 10a external fuses, plus a line filter. I'm running this on 240v, over here in North America. Are 10A slow blow 250v glass fuses ok for this application? Is it overkill to fuse both

Re: [Emc-users] Machinekit? --> LinuxCNC computer

2016-10-23 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Peter; On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 9:27 AM, Peter Blodow wrote: > when I started listening to this list, I was intrigued by the > possibilties of using ordinary "left-over" desk top PCs (which were > getting very cheap at the time) to do extraordinary work with ordinary >

Re: [Emc-users] Problem upgrading from 2.7.4

2016-10-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Russell - is there a "z" axis on your machine? John. On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 12:00 PM, Russell Brown wrote: > Quoth andy pugh. > >On 12 October 2016 at 08:49, Russell Brown wrote: > >> If I click 'OK' linuxcnc loads but the initial X & Y show as

Re: [Emc-users] Probe cycle switches to MDI

2016-10-08 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Danny - not an answer, but I do find sometimes that my USB MPG will cause that to happen. It is on an older version of LinuxCNC that I should update sometime, hoping that a bug fix has cured it. Sorry for no answer, but at least you know you are not the only one. ;-) John.

Re: [Emc-users] 5i25 failure?

2016-09-09 Thread John Alexander Stewart
> >> I'm afraid the technical details are above my pay grade. I can however > >> help you with Mesa cards that relate to Linuxcnc. > > Just got the 5i25/7i76 plug and go kit from, shipped to Canada via USPS/Canada Post, and it all worked flawlessly. As an aside - I really like the USPS

Re: [Emc-users] LinuxCNC officially rocks

2016-08-29 Thread John Alexander Stewart
On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 7:52 AM, Ron Ginger wrote: > >> > On 28 August 2016 at 00:18, Jon Elson wrote: > >>> >> Oh, they have the share data if you click the link for the > >>> >> whole survey. VERY impressive numbers for LinuxCNC! > >> > All

Re: [Emc-users] LinuxCNC officially rocks

2016-08-27 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Agree that LinuxCNC is fantastic. What gets me is the number of Mach3 users - why don't they switch? Is it that they are (essentially) computer illiterate, and know only Windows (barely), or is it just momentum in the home hobbyist field?? (I'm lucky in that I was "into" wire-wrapping computers

Re: [Emc-users] Need some advice

2016-05-14 Thread John Alexander Stewart
On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 8:03 PM, Gene Heskett wrote: > > You are dreaming John, it has 3, maybe 6mm studs screwed into the back of > the chuck, which fit thru matching holes in the spindles flange & you > have to putz around 20 minutes a nut to get the nut started straight, >

Re: [Emc-users] CAD/CAM for LinuxCNC

2016-05-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Well, OnShape is available for Linux. I am currently figuring that package out. Not sure about CAM, but will try CamBam on the output. -- Mobile security can be enabling, not merely restricting. Employees who bring their

Re: [Emc-users] Lathe limit puzzle

2016-05-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy; I rejected that idea on the previous lathe because of the tailstock. > I hadn't considered it on this lathe but it might be the answer. I > just have to remember to move the tailstock out of the way. > I expect to put an estop switch on my tailstock, and home close to the "tailstock end"

Re: [Emc-users] Any Interest or Ideas for a Linuxcnc Fest 2016 ? Continent?

2016-05-02 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Why don't you guys meet up at the CNC Workshop, in Dearborn Michigan? It is at the Tech Shop Detroit, which is a very interesting place (as is the Henry Ford museum, and Greenfield Village, almost adjacent to Tech Shop) The CNC Workshop could still do with some LinuxCNC discussions/seminars, and

Re: [Emc-users] CNC Workshop - we need LinuxCNC/MachineKit talks.

2016-04-13 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Jim and others: I found that each and every one of the attendees and exhibitors and vendors were down to earth, nice people. It was a pleasure to be there. Techshop Detroit was very accommodating. Ron Ginger was also a pleasure to meet in person. I did have my

[Emc-users] CNC Workshop - we need LinuxCNC/MachineKit talks.

2016-04-13 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; Last June, I attended the CNC Workshop in Dearborn Michigan, and gave two talks on LinuxCNC. (I have the notes up at if you want to see what I presented) It was a good time, with great people. It was worth the 8 hour each way drive. This year, I'm

[Emc-users] Andy Pugh and his bike go on Hackaday

2016-04-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Just FYI - I don't know if I have seen this on this list but on, there is a post about Andy and his Ner-A-Car bike, and LinuxCNC. Good for you Andy! John A. Stewart.

Re: [Emc-users] XHC-HB04 on LinuxCNC

2016-03-28 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Danny, have one, have homing, zeroing axes, GOTO zero, manual spindle machining spindle and feed speeds. Not near machine ATM, but can send config files if you wish later. Keep at it, it works well with linuxcnc --

Re: [Emc-users] Stepper, ideal pulses without feedback

2016-03-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Just FYI - about a year ago or so I purchased from Jeff @xylotex a BBBlack and DB-25 cape - ran my Unimat SL CNC'd lathe just fine (feeding a spare Gecko G540, 2 axes of which were unused) BBBoard from Xylotex came with LinuxCNC Machinekit on a little SDCard. An out of the box solution. On

Re: [Emc-users] Learning LinuxCNC Youtube Channel

2016-03-10 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Jim - thanks for progressing with these videos. I wonder if it might be an idea to get a mic that you clip to your clothes, as in the intro there's a lot of echo. Keep going! John. -- Transform Data into Opportunity.

Re: [Emc-users] junk Drill chuck from Grizzly

2016-03-03 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene; Smart move. My ER collet chucks reside on my mills, and almost never get removed. (boring head, cutoff saw, but do not have a drill chuck that fits the spindles) I do have some smaller drill chucks (expensive, good) that I have on parallel shanks, trimmed so that they will go into an ER

Re: [Emc-users] Gib screw direction

2016-02-22 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene; I have the Canadian equivalent of the G0704, CNCd, and I think the Y gib goes to the back of the machine to tighten. I did go through the exercise to adjust the ways, but it needs doing again, and, finding out why the backlash compensation on the Y is so high ​ John.

Re: [Emc-users] Micro-switch repeatability

2016-02-15 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Bertho; I did some tests, plotted the results, etc, at: I think my major issue was the mounting for my dial indicator, and if you do read the article, I did some tests with my new mill, and results are the same or

Re: [Emc-users] collets for this motor?

2016-01-29 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene; I have quite a few sets of ER collets. My original ER25 ones are from Regio Fix, and were expensive when I bought them. (Marcus is right...) They are by far the best collets. I have some ER-40s from Maritool in the USA. They seem fine, too. I have some precision ones from CTC Tools, that

Re: [Emc-users] Lost fractions of a step

2016-01-13 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Thank you for the follow up - it was an interesting discussion to follow (along with the "how long will a rotary table turn?" one that Marcus started) John. -- Site24x7 APM Insight: Get Deep Visibility into Application

Re: [Emc-users] Rookie Question - Direct wire or connectors

2015-12-30 Thread John Alexander Stewart
On Sat, Dec 26, 2015 at 6:22 PM, Gene Heskett wrote: > On Saturday 26 December 2015 17:39:11 John Thornton wrote: > > > Gene got a link to one? > > > > JT > > < >

Re: [Emc-users] Z axis stepper gradually losing position

2015-12-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I had X issues - observable on a long job of engraving. Job came out slightly not square! 5I25 to a Gecko G540 - as mentioned above, inverting the polarity of the signal(s) fixed it - I was pushing the Gecko G540 slightly too fast. Only one input of the XYZA showed the symptom. The machine has

[Emc-users] For SamS - Emco Compact 5 PC user(s) needs help on Model Engineer website

2015-12-01 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Sam - apologies for sending this to the list, but could not locate your email address. Model Engineer ( - get on there, and look for the thread titled "Emco Compact5 lathe with Welturn" and maybe you can help, *and* spread the great work you, and others here, have

[Emc-users] Fw: new message

2015-10-24 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hey! New message, please read <> John Alexander Stewart -- ___ Emc-users mailing list

[Emc-users] Fw: new message

2015-10-24 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hey! New message, please read <> John Alexander Stewart -- ___ Emc-users mailing list

Re: [Emc-users] CAD/CAM for LinuxCNC

2015-09-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
re: Mach3/4 and LinuxCNC; 1) Andy's right - supporting hordes of users who come to an open source project is a problem (been on the receiving end of *that* one...) 2) Andy's also right - LinuxCNC is not in competition. I'd use Mach3/4 if LinuxCNC did not do what it was asked to do, but, LinuxCNC

Re: [Emc-users] Knurling with a threading tool using spindle coordinated motion (G33) on EMCOTurn 120P CNC lathe

2015-09-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Very neat - thank you for posting the code and the video. On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 7:52 PM, Tom Easterday wrote: > Here is a video of our G33 knurling routine running. Pretty cool. I’m > sure we aren’t the first to do this, but since I haven’t seen it before I > will pretend

[Emc-users] Mesa software out of date error?

2015-09-05 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; After updating to linuxcnc 2.7.0-pre6, I got the following message: hm2/hm2_5i25.0: Warning: sserial remote device 7i76 channel 0 has old firmware that should be updated Got the latest from ran sudo mesaflash --device 5i25 --write

Re: [Emc-users] Mesa software out of date error?

2015-09-05 Thread John Alexander Stewart
find the 5i25 update on the linuxcnc forum, which helped considerably. :-) John. On Sat, Sep 5, 2015 at 12:16 PM, Peter C. Wallace <> wrote: > On Sat, 5 Sep 2015, John Alexander Stewart wrote: > > > Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2015 11:37:08 -0400 > > From: John Alex

Re: [Emc-users] Lathe conversion

2015-09-04 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hey Andy - reading your web page - Ok - the Emco Compact-8 was the one copied extensively overseas. It was made in Austria originally. The Compact-8 is approx 8" diameter swing and 18" between centres. The Asian 7x lathes are NOT equivalent, and are NOT copies of the Emco Compact-8. Some of the

Re: [Emc-users] BeagleBone and LinuxCNC for a lathe.

2015-08-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi John; I've a small Unimat SL that I've CNC'd (and talked about it at the last CNCWorkShop back in June, and in my blog) Some random thoughts: 1) Beaglebone is fine. Sure, graphics is slow, but so what? Change Axis to the DRO display and you are fine. 2) My OLD Unimat has a not so great

Re: [Emc-users] Switches for home, limits

2015-07-30 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene; The no longer required manual locks reminder gives me some additional freedom as that had not occured to me. What had occured was how do I keep them from being demolished if not correctly positioned? So that opens up additional possibilities, thanks John. The X axis on mine; I retain

Re: [Emc-users] Switches for home, limits

2015-07-30 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene: I used (for better or worse) microswitches. X axis - you can see it to the left of one of the pics. Uses the original table stop and some of the screws that were in the table (for locking handles? can't remember off hand)

Re: [Emc-users] Fwd: Tread Mill controller

2015-07-22 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Be warned; with my KBIC clone in my G0704 (King Canada KC20VS) I needed to add another small power supply to power the KBIC when replacing the potentiometer with the Mesa 7i76 board - the KBIC would barely supply enough current for the potentiometer, but not for the opto on the 7i76. Also, the

Re: [Emc-users] Axis DRO

2015-07-10 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Len - actually, I'd like to *find* the velocity information in 2.6... Like you, I too find the over-abundance of numbers in the stock Axis display confusing. Maybe there's some toggle settings in a pull down menu that can disable it? Not near a running machine at the moment. John. ​

Re: [Emc-users] encoder opto update

2015-07-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Cecil; As usual, I like your style. Question - how many slots did you put on the disc? I have an Emco Compact-8 that is the same size as yours, and I'm just wondering what is the number most people use. Thanks - John. --

Re: [Emc-users] encoder opto update

2015-07-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Cecil - no worries - at first I thought gosh - metric dimensions - very kind of you then I figured it out! ;-) Merci - John. On Tue, Jul 7, 2015 at 2:33 PM, Cecil Thomas wrote: Opps, Sorry, Make that .25 inches deep! Cecil The disc has 20 slots, about 2.5 deep

Re: [Emc-users] OT: lathe cut-off tool FS advice

2015-06-30 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Tom; on my larger manual lathes, HSS tooling, I'd expect a chip load about 1/10 of what you are doing, and a speed about 1/5 to 1/10 of what you were trying. Mind you, maybe I'm a chicken, and I don't have Carbide cutoff experience, so don't take the above as gospel. JohnS. ​

Re: [Emc-users] Programming services

2015-06-24 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Marius; I think this is a good idea, but a little bit premature for me in my current phase of employment. ​ I would also expect (from my limited experience) that an organized LinuxCNC/MachineKit support organization, much like the Linux vendors do, would make a lot of sense. There seemed to be

Re: [Emc-users] Threading wizard problems

2015-06-23 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Marius; Out of interest - where is this wizard located? Is it available for all?? I saw Tormach's lathe at the CNC Workshop last week, and I think we have some work to do to be as nice as that machine was Thanks - JohnS. ​

Re: [Emc-users] TB6600 Stepper Motor Drivers

2015-06-23 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Dave - As mentioned by others, cut the center tap wiring; I did this for my Sherline Rotary table to let it run with my other machines. I used full coil; probably could have got away with using half coil only. Was looking at the Sherline CNC machines website last night - one of these might make a

[Emc-users] CNC Workshop mini review

2015-06-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
The workshop went well, in my opinion. TechShop Detroit is an amazing place, and is an ideal host for a workshop. LinuxCNC/Machinekit wise: Tormach were here with their lathe, and pcnc1100 mill. Running PathPilot. Robert Luken had two sessions on GCode, and LinuxCNC. Jon Elson had a

Re: [Emc-users] Schematics for a GO704

2015-06-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Gene; I wired up the G0704 sensor to my Mesa 7i76/5i25 combo and use it with Andy's Lincurve stuff for speed feedback. And full speed control via the same combo. I'll be mentioning some of this at a seminar at the upcoming CNC Workshop. Some stuff on my blog - the Canadian name for the G0704

Re: [Emc-users] Sandy box

2015-06-05 Thread John Alexander Stewart
On Fri, Jun 5, 2015 at 8:42 AM, Gene Heskett wrote: One thing I haven't noted yet, no on has mentioned the price of this little box? Gene - I don't know about the SandyBox, but my BeagleBoneBlack, with parallel cape plus LinuxCNC (MachineKit) on an SDCard was about $80.00

Re: [Emc-users] How to delay spindle-at-speed

2015-05-14 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Tomaz; I had the same problem: The solution (as found in my blog page above): FYI - when I put a Mesa 5i25 in there, I accurately

Re: [Emc-users] How to delay spindle-at-speed

2015-05-14 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Scott - Hal was a bit of a problem to learn for me, too. But then one day it clicked and now it's not really a problem. Syntax still is a bit of a mystery at times, so I'm not near the Hal expert that many on the list is. Keep at it, and you'll have more and more fist pumping Yeah! moments. ;-)

Re: [Emc-users] Linuxcnc Fest for 2015

2015-04-27 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Ron; Thank you for this email - I had wondered about the Mach4 focus of the seminars, and wondered about Tormach/ seminars to balance the sheet, so to speak. John A. Stewart. -- One dashboard for

Re: [Emc-users] Backlash - what are ok numbers?

2015-04-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Karl - Aaargh! And to think I used to work in imperial measurements only. Living around the world, now back in imperial land you'd think that I'd still be able to work in thous but looks like I can't! Thanks for the correction - John. ​

Re: [Emc-users] Backlash - what are ok numbers?

2015-04-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I can't believe that I'm replying to my own thread, with an off-topic post. Look on youtube for the westjet metric time video - priceless. (Canadians are in theory metric, and I most certainly am, but almost all materials are in inch, based on our proximity to the USA. The WestJet April 1 metric

[Emc-users] Backlash - what are ok numbers?

2015-04-06 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; Finally fixed the Oldham couplers for my X/Y axes on my latest build, and was measuring backlash for inserting in the LinuxCNC ini file. This is for a G0704 style of mill conversion, using one of those kits from the old KeilingCNC place. X/Y/Z is 0.1mm, 0.24mm 0.1mm or, 2.5 thou, 9

Re: [Emc-users] Custom EMC installation? -- BINGO!

2015-03-31 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Neil; I've got 3 of these boards. Two with Mesa 5i25s in them, and they *scream*. One that is software stepping, that'll be repurposed shortly (beagleboard with xylotex cape arrived yesterday - smiles all around) Make sure: 1) hyperthreading is turned off in BIOS; 2) try the isolcpus bit -

Re: [Emc-users] Possible New Lathe

2015-03-27 Thread John Alexander Stewart
My Emco Compact-8s have the 3 M8 nuts to hold chucks on to the flange - it does not have the rotating collar. I find it fine - I don't change chucks that often (like, the ER-25 collet adapter has been on there for a year). Changing is pretty quick, but there is an art to getting the nuts threaded

Re: [Emc-users] It's not an ORAC, but it should do...

2015-03-10 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Greg - just saw this email from you in my spam folder. I've got a genuine Compact-8 waiting to be CNC'd - one of these years. Have the 3 phase motor, VFD, the Mesa 5i25/7i76 got put in another vertical mill, but that's easy to purchase. I was thinking of using the feed screws but making acetal

Re: [Emc-users] PathPilot (what hardware?)

2015-02-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy - the LinuxCNC community develops a case of PathPilot envy, someone will write an open source version. :-) you have been elected to now do the same for Mills. :-) John.

Re: [Emc-users] half-assed cnc

2015-02-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Dave - Thought about doing that, then thought why bother? it's a half-solution, why not go the whole way and actually have a machine that can cut tapers, threads, contours, etc... (I measured up one of my lathes for a fellow called Graham Meek, who publishes designs for (amongst other things) a

Re: [Emc-users] What Would You Do?

2015-02-08 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Dean; Personally - my location makes my situation different than yours. I have 3 CNC builds - two with Gecko 540s, one with Leadshine stepper drivers ordered from China. Ok - of the Gecko G540 machines; one is Mesa 5i25 driven, the other is software stepping. The 5i25/G540 really works VERY

Re: [Emc-users] Manual Mill Setup Question

2015-01-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I have no drill press now - just a couple of CNC'd mills - one with a quill. What I do is I use my MPG to twiddle handles when moving manually. I can control the spindle, zero DRO axes, etc all via the MPG. This mill (with quill) uses the XHC-HB04 MPG pendant, wired version, and it's great. I'm

Re: [Emc-users] Gearchange comp

2015-01-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I have implemented Andy's lincurve example on my two speed geared mill. Works very well! Wrote it up at Thanks Andy! JohnS ​ -- Dive into the World of Parallel Programming!

Re: [Emc-users] Possibly dumb question - 7i76 encoder for spindle speed feedback

2015-01-01 Thread John Alexander Stewart
and stuff... On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Peter C. Wallace wrote: On Tue, 30 Dec 2014, John Alexander Stewart wrote: Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 21:45:14 -0500 From: John Alexander Stewart Reply-To: Enhanced Machine Controller (EMC) emc-users

[Emc-users] Possibly dumb question - 7i76 encoder for spindle speed feedback

2014-12-30 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi all; I'm back working on my mill with spindle tachometer, to utilize Andy Pugh's automatic spindle speed selector example code. I have, from the spindle sensor, input going to a 6N138 optoisolator's input. Ground and voltage source tied to machine. It sources enough current to drive the input

Re: [Emc-users] Limit Switches - 7i76

2014-11-23 Thread John Alexander Stewart
It's no problem, just tie them as the plans say (+field voltage, IIRC) and set the correct level so that they trigger as expected. I understand that the NC switches are better as they will open if there's a wiring issue, but that's a minor item. On Sun, Nov 23, 2014 at 7:46 PM, Jeremy Jones

Re: [Emc-users] Limit Switches - 7i76

2014-11-23 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Whoops - by correct level I mean, either use the signal as given, or use the signal as -not to use it inverted. My hal files are not nearby, so I can't tell you which version I used on my NC switches. If you use pncconf, you'll be able to set whether the signal is inverted or not. If you get it

Re: [Emc-users] Question re using magnetics for work holding

2014-11-12 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Cleaning those strong magnets: I use Duct Tape for cleaning those strong magnets. You know the tape - tearable, silvery stuff that dries out if you use it to tape over hot air ducts... I use these magnets for all kinds of things - e.g. my large lathe has dial indicators held on by magnets (via

Re: [Emc-users] Unable to get Nvidia Graphic Card working with nvidia drivers .

2014-11-07 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Alex; I've made the isolcpu=1 modification but numbers are always pretty high (6-65000 on both threads) but more stable as I can see. How many cores? If two, the isolcpus=1 is correct; if four, or one or... it may not be. I modified Kent's 07_rtai script to find the pae kernels; someone

Re: [Emc-users] Machinekit and LinuxCNC

2014-11-03 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Dave; Thanks for the response; I don't think that its bleak at all. Like you, I see continual improvement, and a great future. Open Source: I did manage the largest and longest running open source project in the Canadian Government. Million++ of downloads, distributed for a while by Apple,

[Emc-users] Machinekit and LinuxCNC

2014-11-02 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Can someone tell me what the eventual plans for Machinekit and LinuxCNC is? Are the two forks going to come together again? I really like LinuxCNC, and I really like the idea of small, embedded CNC controllers, so I'm just wondering. (I have been loosely following the machine kit google group;

Re: [Emc-users] Machinekit and LinuxCNC

2014-11-02 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hmmm. Reminds me of a company I worked for; two groups who could not talk. One group (mine) was spending a pot of money (about a million bucks, 1980s money) to keep an old computing system going, the other wanted to spend that same pot of money on the next generation of computers. I asked for,

[Emc-users] part 2 - Mach3 to LinuxCNC

2014-10-22 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I'm always interested to see how the younger set build things. Quite often they use Mach3 - here's an example: Charles and Co. are doing great things with Machinekit and 3D printers, but, how do we get the younger set to use LinuxCNC more? I don't

Re: [Emc-users] gvcpDRO

2014-10-22 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Kirk; Interesting - I did just sell my drill press, and am finishing up a G0704 mill conversion, and would like to run it with an MPG and a very simplified screen. You might have the building blocks there to do this... :-) Thank you - John.

Re: [Emc-users] open-source cam software thoughts and comments

2014-10-21 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy and others; 1) I run CamBam on my OSX machine - had to install a MONO framework, but it works. (found the instructions in the cambam forum) The latest Linux release of CamBam is great - it runs on Ubuntu 14.04 really well - the previous release had some MONO framework issues. 2) I did use

Re: [Emc-users] How to machine....

2014-10-20 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Well done Andy. With regards to your comment on the video about I don't think I have seen another CNC horizontal miller. I did see a Centec 2A CNC'd somewhere on-line, and I, too, have a Horizontal miller that'll get done one of these years. Certainly, you did a very good job of your conversion

Re: [Emc-users] How to Migrate from Mach3 to LinuxCNC

2014-10-19 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Ah! But, was the author successful? (have to wait for my copy to arrive so that I can find out!) You (meaning, all of us) must remember that many people are either 1) low on the computer knowledge scale, or 2) reluctant to change. I think most/all of us here are able to think out of the box, but

Re: [Emc-users] Another 5i25-7i76 question - spindle encoder this time.

2014-10-02 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Two great ideas - I'll be in my workshop after work to have a peek. Thank you - John A. Stewart. -- Meet PCI DSS 3.0 Compliance Requirements with EventLog Analyzer Achieve PCI DSS 3.0 Compliant Status with Out-of-the-box

Re: [Emc-users] Problem with 5i25 on D525MW

2014-10-02 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andrew - I have 3 D525MWs, two with Mesa 5i25 cards. One's been in operation for almost 2 years, the other is a new install that I'm completing. Not being an expert in this area, but I did purchase a small switching supply for field power, (12v in my case) and I have another 5v one for analogue

[Emc-users] Another 5i25-7i76 question - spindle encoder this time.

2014-10-01 Thread John Alexander Stewart
My 7i76 mill is working very well. The last setup before I put everything in its place is to get Andy Pugh's automatic spindle software gearing to work. I have a spindle encoder, that is not-differential, and does not have an index. 16 pulses per rev. I have it wired such that the 3 jumpers

Re: [Emc-users] PCD routine for ngcgui

2014-09-29 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Dave wrote: Cool stuff! Now if I could only remember it when I need it. ;-) My thoughts exactly! Thanks Chris/Andy for bringing this enlightening example to my day. JohnS. -- Slashdot TV. Videos for Nerds. Stuff

Re: [Emc-users] 7i76 and spindle control

2014-09-26 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Andy, Gene - I do have a spare 12v linear regulated supply and a nice small 5v switching sitting by my new mill, was going to prototype with the 5v first. (KBIC says 0-7v input in voltage follower mode - 0-5v will get me going) Interesting about the dc-dc converters; on reading, as Gene says,

[Emc-users] 7i76 and spindle control

2014-09-25 Thread John Alexander Stewart
I have a G0704 mill (known up here as a King Canada KC20-VS) that is being CNC'd, with only one real issue cropping up. The spindle speed control - original is a 4.7k pot, the spindle circuit board is a copy of a KBIC 120 style board. With the 4.7K pot in place, I measure 4.14v across the outer

Re: [Emc-users] 7i76 and spindle control

2014-09-25 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Hi Peter; Thanks for the response - I'll try that tomorrow. My first mill (different manufacturer) was an easy replacement - no external power required - so my mind was set in just do it the same mode. So far, Chris Morley's pncconf is working well with your products - having fun with this

Re: [Emc-users] New to LinuxCNC and PnCConf and need some help...

2014-09-17 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Pete; Interesting project. Ok - homing; on my little Unimat CNC lathe, the Z axis is over at the right side of the bed, and the X axis is inward, furthest from the operators usual position. (website - but this site will be too basic for most here on

Re: [Emc-users] XHC-HB04 pendant: how to step increment down

2014-09-15 Thread John Alexander Stewart
Mark, et al: On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 5:12 AM, Mark Wendt wrote: Buttons? We don't need no steenkin' buttons! Increment, decrement, all on one knob. ;-) I have one of these connected to one of

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