Re: [-empyre-] experiments, change and repeat

2013-09-23 Thread nik gaffney
--empyre- soft-skinned space-- On 19/09/13 07:32, Phillip S Thurtle wrote: Thus I'm mostly interested in the pragmatics of specific circuits of power. In some of its formulations, experimentation is one of the ways that we can ping these relationships to see how they

[-empyre-] AnthropoDecentering and the Hack of the Human Germline

2013-09-23 Thread Adam Zaretsky
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Last of Four on Designer Baby ethics and aesthetics Looking forward to hearing the wrap up week. The two biopolitical animal studies letters I posted above are meant to contrast the very anthropocentric issues of the FDA GM babies

[-empyre-] New Scales of Living

2013-09-23 Thread Adam Nocek
--empyre- soft-skinned space--Hi all, Once again, a terrific discussion this week. I'd like to extend a big thanks to Adam Z, Phillip, Nik and Maja for their contributions. I know there are still a lot of loose ends -- especially, on the nature of experiment, process,