[equinox-dev] ECF consuming org.osgi.services.cm and org.osgi.service.metatype

2008-02-06 Thread Markus Alexander Kuppe
Hi, the ECF team plans [1][2] to leverage org.osgi.services.cm and org.osgi.service.metatype with its discovery API and we're anxious to get comments from the Equinox team. Especially for #217981 which might be solved by combining efforts and on the issue of configuration admin still being

Re: [equinox-dev] Signed bundles

2008-02-06 Thread Jeff McAffer
Marcel Offermans wrote: So, reiterating, if I want to run Equinox with OSGi security enabled and have it use my own keystore, I have to start it like this (formatted a bit for clarity, but typed as one big line): java

Re: [equinox-dev] ECF consuming org.osgi.services.cm and org.osgi.service.metatype

2008-02-06 Thread Thomas Watson
We just had the graduation review for cm last week and are in the process of getting the code moved into the Equinox-Bundles project. A graduated cm bundle will be ready in M6. Tom From: Markus Alexander Kuppe

Re: [equinox-dev] Signed bundles

2008-02-06 Thread Thomas Watson
The option to enable signed bundles in 3.3 is osgi.support.signature.verify (notice support and signature are reversed). In 3.4 we are introducing a more general option called osgi.signedcontent.support which does not have simple true|false options, but we will continue to recognize the old 3.3.

Re: [equinox-dev] [prov] EclipseCon installers

2008-02-06 Thread Jeff McAffer
D'oh. What I'm looking for here is avoiding having M x N physical installer downloads (where M = # of platforms and N = # of packages). I don't expect us to make things more complicated or do more work, just working through the best possible structure given what we have now. Thanks Jeff

[equinox-dev] [launcher]

2008-02-06 Thread James D Miles
By using the -showsplash I can get an early splash screen. However when not using this mechanism we were able to set osgi.splashPath with a comma separated list of URLs. We still need the splash selection based on nl that we got when using osgi.splashPath. How can we get the splashpath bmp

Re: [equinox-dev] [launcher] Showsplash

2008-02-06 Thread Andrew Niefer
James, The native code that is showing the early splash screen does not have support to change the bitmap that is being shown. This means that you need to wait until swt is available before it can be refreshed. With SWT I believe changing the image is just setting the BackgroundImage on the

[equinox-dev] equinox BoF for EclipseCon

2008-02-06 Thread Jeff McAffer
Tom and I just submitted an Equinox BoF proposal for EclipseCon. https://eclipsecon.greenmeetingsystems.com/submissions/view/579 Hope to see you there. Jeff ___ equinox-dev mailing list equinox-dev@eclipse.org