Re: Background

2000-04-29 Thread Bob Miller
On Fri, Apr 28, 2000 at 08:59:23AM -0700, Ron wrote: I would like to use the Matrix screen saver as my background. However the screen display properties will not allow me to do this even though I can browse to it. Any thoughts on how I may achieve this??? You should be able to invoke

Re: Mandrake 7.1 Beta

2000-05-01 Thread Bob Miller
Linux Rocks! wrote: Hey all... If you want the newwest mandrake... its 7.1 Beta, It uses 2 cd's now :( the second one isnt mandatory, but has stuff you may need. Well.. I installed it yesterday, and its still running... It does include some new WM's (most notably sawmill). What's

Linux for Crazies

2000-05-03 Thread Bob Miller
I interviewed a guy for a software development job yesterday. His resume said he's familiar with the platform "Lunix". I'm pretty sure Lunix is the lunatic distro... (-: -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Console messages

2000-05-05 Thread Bob Miller
Garl R. Grigsby wrote: Ok I am running xconsole from the linux machine to the HP. After removing the "-file /dev/console" flag, I get some of the messages, but not all. Any ideas on that? I don't know. (I love that line. Hardly anybody is brave enough to say it outright. (-: ) But here's

Re: mp3s

2000-05-10 Thread Bob Miller
Rob Hudson wrote: I'm amazed at all the sh$* that's flying over mp3s, napster, etc. On a related note, the file format for Ogg Vorbis was frozen yesterday. Ogg Vorbis is (a) a stupid name, and (b) a completely free[beer], free[speech], unencumbered, unpatented audio compression scheme.

Fwd: UNIX LuvBug virus

2000-05-10 Thread Bob Miller
- Forwarded message - Subject: UNIX LuvBug virus This virus works on the honor system: If you're running a variant of unix or linux, please forward this message to everyone you know and delete a bunch of your files at random. Luv Ya! - End forwarded message - --

Re: Weird behaviour of bash

2000-05-12 Thread Bob Miller
Robert M. Solovay wrote: [solovay@localhost Opera]$ ldd opera ldd: can't execute opera (No such file or directory) Hmmm. I just learned that ldd is a shell script. It just calls /lib/ to do its work. I'm wondering whether you have a libc6 opera on a libc5 Linux. What

Re: Thanks for your help

2000-05-13 Thread Bob Miller
Robert M. Solovay wrote: On my system I have Ah. That explains everything. (-: You have a "libc 5" distribution. Sometime in 1999, libc version 6 was released. Libc 6 is also known as glibc (GNU libc). Libc 6 is forwards incompatible, meaning that programs compiled for libc

Re: What distribution of linux to use.

2000-05-22 Thread Bob Miller
Edward Craig wrote: I'd say SuSe (more toys/applicatiuons) but both distros are good. Documentation on SuSE usually starts out in German, For Mandrake I imagine in French. Occasionally the German slips into the English for SuSE, Can't speak about Mandrake, as I've never seen its

Re: Port Sniffer for Linux?

2000-05-23 Thread Bob Miller
Tymeless Productions wrote: Anyone know of a good port sniffer for Linux? Nmap has the best reputation. It has options out the wazoo. I had a friend use it for me a couple of weeks ago to test the home firewall. --

Re: Ip extracting

2000-05-23 Thread Bob Miller
Randolph Fritz wrote: I offer the following two scripts as candidates: Here it is in sed (I used eth0 because I don't have a ppp link just now). jogger-egg ~ ifconfig eth0 | sed -n 's/.*inet addr:\([0-9.]*\).*/\1/p' It's actually not so hard in sed if you know about the -n

Re: port #'s

2000-05-23 Thread Bob Miller
Tymeless Productions wrote: I am needing to put up a firewall on my LAN. Does anyone know the port #'s of the following: http ftp telnet pop3 /etc/services knows all, tells all. Also, try "netstat -a | grep LISTEN" to see what all ports have servers listening. --

Re: wireless lan - airport

2000-05-24 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: So what would this mean? Would this process work? : 1. Put wireless card in linux gateway as eth2 (that's the third nic!) 2. Assign another static IP address to eth2 3. Put another wireless card in my notebook 4. Assign static IP to my notebook's nic 5. Set

Re: wireless lan - airport

2000-05-24 Thread Bob Miller
Seth wrote: Nope, assign gateway as eth0, and make sure that eth2 will forward make sure that eth0 will route back the other way too. eth2 doesn't need to be public ip How does the notebook know which IP addresses are local to the wireless LAN and which need to be routed via gateway's

Re: wireless lan - airport

2000-05-24 Thread Bob Miller
Seth wrote: I got a block of ips from clipper, and the gateway is my assignment, they don't even care what it is, since they just send everything for that subnet my way. I could pick any of the ips as the gateway, and they don't even have to know which... so long as my routing takes care of

Re: VMware win4linux?

2000-05-30 Thread Bob Miller
I spent quite a while working with VMware 1.x. I think version 2.x has been released now, and it's probably better in every way. I've never used win4linux. Nonetheless, here's what I know. VMware can emulate a standard VGA video card vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy at 640x480. It also has

Re: lan reorg suggestions?

2000-06-04 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The thing is, I'm confused about why I need to have a whole separate firewall machine sitting between my DSL jack and the rest of my public network. Doesn't that control the inflow/outflow of each of the boxes on the other side? Why does a firewall give me more

Re: lan reorg suggestions?

2000-06-04 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I'll have three boxes that will need to have static IPs for one reason or another. Could I instead easily just make one be a firewall for itself and the other two so I don't have to get myself yet another linux box? How would that work? Second nic to be the gateway

Clipper Wireless?

2000-06-07 Thread Bob Miller
Is anybody using Clipper's wireless service? Any comments on its coverage, good or bad? Do you know what the coverage area is? Thanks. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Driver Modules

2000-06-14 Thread Bob Miller
Staley W. Mims, III wrote: I just patched my kernel up to 2.2.16 due to the recent security news regarding the kernel exploit. In the Slackware 7.0 distro, there is a module for the rtl8139 NIC. The patches don't support this card. The 2.2.16 kernel -- the base kernel from Linus --

Re: Zip Drive Support???

2000-06-15 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Seth, you're going through your old messages again. This was sent in April. See the date below :^) Seth was just being nice and waiting until you got home to reply. He knew you wouldn't want to miss anything. (-: -- Kbob [EMAIL

Re: 36 Gigs

2000-07-09 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: When I add the 10 gig IDE drive, it does a kernal panic. What is the panic message? Is it having trouble finding your root partition or what? If so, put "root=sda1" (or whatever) on the command line. -- Kbob [EMAIL

Re: Hey...

2000-07-11 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: What are all you yahoos doing awake at this hour? I mean, I count at least 4 of us up now, probably more. I'm up. I want to play Spaceward Ho! before I go to bed, but my Mac is busy doing a full backup, and its "uncooperative multitasking" makes the machine completely

Re: Hey...

2000-07-11 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Sleep is for mortals. I am *Mike*. Hear me roar. There's a young kid inside me somewhere, He says up all night, a vampire who never dies. With the blood and the moon in his eyes. I hear his voice when I'm coming down, "Sleep is for fools who

Re: Eugene Celebration

2000-07-14 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Didn't somebody mention a linux float in the parade (ahem, Rob S.)? We could make a "Geeks with Boats" float (ha, pun intended). Does anybody have infos for this? That would be a really easy float to build. Hitch the boat trailer to the 4x4, put three geeks in the

Linux App that Monitors Web Pages?

2000-07-14 Thread Bob Miller
I've been using NetMind (, probably) to monitor various web sites for changes. When it sees a page change, it sends me mail. I would like to stop using NetMind, and start doing the same thing on my own local machine. I could put a couple of perl scripts together in a few hours,

Re: A page for you to consider for the Eug-Lug Homepage

2000-07-15 Thread Bob Miller
RonL wrote: Last night one of the guys was asking about Emacs last night. Specifically on how to do C++ editing, compiling and running c++ programs with Emacs. I took the liberty to put the information into a webpage that can be tied into the homepage for the club. Please check it out

Re: Linux App that Monitors Web Pages?

2000-07-15 Thread Bob Miller
Dean Ridgway wrote: Here is a script I clipped out of a newsgroup posting. Yeah, that's just about the level of functionality I wanted. That plus a crontab entry. Thanks. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Ads in browser fix

2000-07-16 Thread Bob Miller
Rob Hudson wrote: Could someone remind me how to add the domains to kill banner ads? Is it in the /etc/hosts file? Does anyone have a nice list of them that they've been using? One way to do it is to make the ad host point to localhost. Add a line like this to /etc/hosts

Re: Staroffice to GPL?

2000-07-17 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: If true, very very good news, even if you don't like StarOffice, cause the fallout will be much improved software all the way around, even for things like Abiword etc... This will really fix the bloat too, since someone could recompile as smaller pieces etc... Speaking of

Re: Why Windows is better than Linux??/

2000-07-17 Thread Bob Miller
RonL wrote: I was going to print a copy of that and tack it to my cubicle wall it at work, but the DOSzombies I work with wouldn't recognize it as sarcasm. Yesterday's Doonesbury is going up, though! --

If Operating Systems Were...

2000-07-27 Thread Bob Miller
Then there's the chapter from Neal Stephenson's "In the Beginning Was the Command Line"... Copyright 1999, Neal Stephenson, all rights reserved, copied without permission: MGBs, TANKS, AND BATMOBILES Around the time that Jobs, Wozniak, Gates, and Allen were dreaming up these unlikely schemes,

Wireless Linux

2000-07-30 Thread Bob Miller
My wife bought a WaveLAN wireless card for her laptop. She also brought home for the weekend one of her company's wireless access points so I could debug the setup for her. The access point is going back to work in the morning; the WaveLAN card is staying in her laptop. Once I got it working,

Re: openssh other Mandrake Crypto files lock up RPM?

2000-07-31 Thread Bob Miller
hsundt3 wrote: I went to Mandrakes Crypto-torium at and faithfully downloaded all the files and tried to install in the order the DEps LiST [see below] Opening a consol and typing rpm -i or -u [filename] has same result. I

Re: Building new Kernel

2000-08-08 Thread Bob Miller
Another kernel building note... If you've been running an RPM-based distribution's kernel up until now, and you want to build your own for the first time, you might want to use the distribution's kernel as your starting point. You can simply copy /usr/src/linux to your workarea and use that,

Re: File Server

2000-08-09 Thread Bob Miller
Ron LeVine wrote: Ok, Now I am venturing into a realm of computing that I don't know much about. I have need of a file server. Wheat is the best/least painful way to do this. Security is an issue so please take that into consideration. Give us more info. You need a file server for what?

Re: X Window Issue

2000-08-09 Thread Bob Miller
Chuck Theobald wrote: Hi All, I've been having problems with my X server lately. I just repartitioned my disk, moving /tmp to it's own partition. Now startx results in a message list as follows: Does /tmp have mode 1777? Does "ls -ld /tmp" say "drwxrwxrwt ..."? (yes, that last letter

Re: KDE and Gnome (was: Secure SHell Some Questions I Have)

2000-08-10 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: Gnome has more than a desktop, it's got the internal stuff like Bonobo (inter-app comm) which is badly needed. Is Bonobo anything more than a reimplementation of Microsoft COM? In Miguel di Izaca's paper that was on /. yesterday

Re: XServer

2000-08-13 Thread Bob Miller
Rob Hudson wrote: Where can I tell X to allow root (or anyone from localhost) to be able to connect to the server? Someone said try 'xset +localhost' but that didn't do anything. Short answer: man Xsecurity Longer answer: You're probably using MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE authorization. You have a

Coda on Mandrake?

2000-08-13 Thread Bob Miller
I'm looking at the Coda distributed filesystem from CMU. Has anybody tried it? Loved it or hated it? It looks like Mandrake Linux has Coda in the cooker, in the contrib section, but it isn't on the two-CD 7.1 distribution. Does anybody have the Mandrake

Re: Team EUGLUG?

2000-08-15 Thread Bob Miller
Garl R. Grigsby wrote: Sorry all, I am already on a team. But check out my stats. Look under Bad_Karma. I'm already a member of a team, too. Team SGI SETI, no less. The funny thing is, I left SGI last October. The funnier

LinuxWorld Expo

2000-08-17 Thread Bob Miller
I just got home from LinuxWorld Expo in the San Jose Convention Center. Here are some impressions, in no particular order. If it isn't obvious, these are all my personal opinions. It should also be obvious that I'm writing this for a varied audience, and parts of it won't be interesting to

Re: File size limit?

2000-08-17 Thread Bob Miller
Bob Crandell wrote: It seems that I've hit a limit on file size. Do you recall anything related to that when installing the big disks? Two of my runs ended with the wonderfully informative message "System error: Input/output error", after running beautifully for ~12 hours. The output file

Re: Clusters in Linux

2000-08-17 Thread Bob Miller
Garl R. Grigsby wrote: The thread on clusters brought a couple of questions to mind. I just have one question. What do you guys want a cluster for, anyway? -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: K-mail bug

2000-08-18 Thread Bob Miller
Lindsay Crawford wrote: I plan to use K-mail until I'm ready for something better, and I don't know when that will be. All my mail is saved in K-mail folders so if I change to something else I'd want to know how to access this mail from the new reader. I switched from kmail to mutt earlier

Re: Nautilus

2000-08-18 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: It's very very beta stuff, but I was still impressed with the work done so far. I was sold on Nautilus at LWE Wednesday. I just finished installing Helix Gnome on my laptop, and am about to start on Nautilus. Has Nautilus crashed on you yet? BTW, Helix Gnome is trivially

Resizing an NTFS partition?

2000-08-19 Thread Bob Miller
Anne's new laptop is a Dell Lattitude LS. It has a 12 Gb disk, which is partitioned like this. hda115 Mb type 222 hda211491 MbNTFS (or HPFS) She'd like to make it dual-boot between Win2K and Linux. What tools are available to shrink the NTFS partition

Re: Resizing an NTFS partition?

2000-08-20 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: On Sat, 19 Aug 2000, Bob Miller wrote: Anne's new laptop is a Dell Lattitude LS. It has a 12 Gb disk, which is partitioned like this. hda115 Mb type 222 hda211491 MbNTFS (or HPFS) She'd like to make it dual-boot between Win2K

Re: Outlook PIM replacements

2000-08-26 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Hey, does anybody know a Linux program that can import the contact information (PIM-type stuff) from Outlook? I need it so I can cut the cord for one of my coworkers, and he has alot of contacts that he needs to keep. I haven't had a need before to mess around with

Re: xserver ports?

2000-08-30 Thread Bob Miller
Franklin Hays wrote: I was able to get it setup today after playing with the port settings on the firewall, though it was noticeably slow. May I ask: What kind of app is it? A realtime video editor has different performance requirements than a forms-based DBMS front

Re: xserver ports?

2000-08-31 Thread Bob Miller
Franklin Hays wrote: Which X toolkit(s) does it use? gtk+-1.2.8, hope this is what you are referring to. I think (not sure) that gtk+ is a heavy user of imlib. very slow to initialize then performance is fairly good until opening up UltraScan, then it slows to a crawl again. At

Re: Another How do I...

2000-09-02 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: Ed is the standard text editor. Ed???... this is a holy war between vi and Emacs, with a bunch of pico people off to one side being laughed at by everyone... Yes, ed. Ed is the standard text editor. You can read the whole rant here (though I'm sure this isn't its

Re: Question on Memory

2000-09-04 Thread Bob Miller
Garl R. Grigsby wrote: In the last several weeks, I have noticed that the OS does not seem to be releasing memory correctly. The machine is a dual Pentium Pro 200 with 196 MB. I was working on the box one day and I noticed that the drive seemed to be running a lot. Most of what I do on the

Linux in Sept/Oct.

2000-09-04 Thread Bob Miller
So, if I were planning to visit beautiful Eugene sometime between September 20th and November 1st, are there any particularly good dates to do it? Any special events coming up on the Eug-LUG calendar? The web site says there's a meeting scheduled for the 3rd Saturday of every month... --


2000-09-06 Thread Bob Miller
A story. A long story. Not responsible for reader boredom. Lately, I've been reading the Portland Pattern Repository, aka the Wiki Wiki Web ( A lot of Smalltalk programmers hang out there. I was interested in Smalltalk years ago, but never managed to do much with it.

Re: I have an Adaptect SlimSCSI 1460, how do I access my Syquest eazydrive 135?

2000-09-07 Thread Bob Miller
Harald Sundt wrote: I have an Adaptect SlimSCSI 1460 PCMCIA card, how do I access my Syquest Eazydrive 135 from my Excaliber 300 Laptop running Mandrake 7.1? Is there a web page devoted to using syquest 135s on Linux? I had to qualify IRIX's SCSI driver for the Syquest 135 once upon a time.

Re: Let's talk drivers...

2000-09-13 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: Actually I really wanted to know how compatible different versions of Linux are. As in, if I have old hardware and get the source for a driver, will I be able to keep it working into the future. Or are the drivers for Red Hat, Debian, and Mandrake so different that one

Another Windows Joke

2000-09-19 Thread Bob Miller
Actually, it isn't a joke, it's a real piece of mail, whose author is, AFAIK, serious. Windows is the joke. - Forwarded message from name withheld - Subject: Re: Supporting commercial software on open source platforms Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 18:41:39 -0400 From: name withheld what

Re: Another Windows Joke

2000-09-20 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: Sloppy coders are laughed at in the open source world because of the sloppy code, and so they are loath to even put stuff out there, because in a closed source environment, nobody knows how bad the code is, but when everyone can review and patch, bad code sticks out like a

Re: Getting it Fixed

2000-09-20 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Sure, bring it by tomorrow. Look for me. I'm the loudmouth linux zealot. He, he. Oh, yeah. That narrows it down. Just like saying, "Look for me at Saturday Market, I'm the one who looks like a stoner." -- Kbob, who looks like

Re: Getting it Fixed

2000-09-20 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn quoted somebody who wrote: This very cool paragraph goes straight (with due credit) into my quotes.txt file from which I extract random mail signatures. So, um, how many of you have noticed that all my email has an extra header with an interesting quote? 15 years ago when I started

Re: 2 IP's 1 card?

2000-09-20 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: No it's not the title to a romance novel, I'm trying to set up my linux box to two new IP's and I can ping 217 but not the 218. In the past we've used IP's that weren't one right after the other, and I don't remember why. Is there a

Re: last thursday's meeting

2000-09-21 Thread Bob Miller
Ralph Zeller wrote: This sounds like fun, but I think we need to set a goal for what we are trying to accomplish. It's one thing to build a cluster, but how much better to build a machine or network that will serve some useful purpose. Personally, I like the idea of donating a capable and

Re: last thursday's meeting

2000-09-21 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: I think you just compile whatever application with a cluster-optimized library and that's good. Of course, the app has to be the type with little i/o and lots of cpu time so that it's worthwhile to run it in a cluster, so I guess you're mostly right. I think we would

Re: 2 IP's 1 card?

2000-09-21 Thread Bob Miller
[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Any Ideas? I'm using Mandrake 6.1 and an older kernel 2.2.13 So am I. 6.1 and kernel 2.2.13-22mdk. I set this machine up a nearly year ago, and don't remember exactly what I did. But it's all shell scripts, so you can debug it pretty easily. Here's a good place to

CVS (was: Another Windows Joke / 2.4 kernel)

2000-09-25 Thread Bob Miller
Ben Barrett wrote: very neat. CVS is really lacking for some things Seth (others too?), what do you want cvs to do? I've used it for 3 projects, just the basic command-line tool w/ options, but notice thatadd-ons like sourceforge itself, and emacs frontends add a lot of

Re: GPS treasure hunting...

2000-09-26 Thread Bob Miller
Michael J Smith wrote: I guess the mystique of GPS is lost on me. The GPS Mystique was best explained by Buckaroo Banzai: "No matter where you go, there you are." -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Upgrade Time Again

2000-09-27 Thread Bob Miller
Tymeless wrote: Answer: Raid array. I am thinking of going with twin 30GB drive setup. Any other thoughts on this??? Also, any preference on drives??? Check out 3ware's raid controllers. They're fast and cheap. It's a PCI card with multiple IDE buses that does hardware RAID. They have

Advanced KDE (was: Sounds like fun...)

2000-09-27 Thread Bob Miller
Lindsay Crawford wrote: Where's access to KFM? KDE uses kfm for both web pages and local directories. You can click on, e.g., your home directory icon and open a local directory window, then type in an HTTP URL. You should have a home directory icon on your desktop, and another one on the

Re: Euglug email listed on website now....

2000-10-01 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: Kudos to Rob, our ever amazing webmaster at, we now have a 'latest' email box on the website itself. The last 10 posts to the list are listed on the website, and it updates every half hour or so. Each link goes to the site for that post. It's


2000-10-02 Thread Bob Miller
Lindsay Crawford wrote: Is there any way to purge the system of old cookies? Every time you set Netscape's preference to "Do not send or accept cookies", it erases all your old cookies. So just set that preference item. If that's not good enough, you can delete the file ~/.netscape/cookies.

Re: Source files?

2000-10-03 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: GnomePM is a GPL program. Red Hat includes it in it's 6.2 distribution. I also downloaded the srpm for this program. I want to look at the source code. I can't seem to do that. What is the trick to getting at the source code for a GPL program? List the files in the

Make your Linux hard disk 498% faster!

2000-10-03 Thread Bob Miller
When the PC known as was new in late 1998, I measured its raw disk read speed. It got about 12 Mb/sec doing large block sequential reads from /dev/hda. This was about 30% faster than the 1996 vintage SCSI disk on my Octane at work. Cool. Exciting acronyms like UDMA and ATA/33

Re: Make your Linux hard disk 498% faster!

2000-10-04 Thread Bob Miller
Bob Miller wrote: (a long, boring story.) My question was this: What should be passed in on the kernel's command line to enable IDE disk optimization under Mandrake Linux? Thanks. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: MS Word editor?

2000-10-04 Thread Bob Miller
Lindsay Crawford wrote: Is there anything in the standard Mandrake set capable of reading a MS Word document? Netscape does a half-assed job of displaying it. If you read mail with netscape, just click the attachment to open it. (I don't know how to do it without using netscape mail.) --

Re: looking for console text utility

2000-10-08 Thread Bob Miller
Cory Petkovsek wrote: For instance, let's say I wanted to append a '' to the beginning of every line in a file. This might be done with a command line as: cat file1 | rep -o \ x file2 where x denotes the location of each line (ie \ before the line), and -o means output instead

Re: OT: looking for laptop

2000-10-10 Thread Bob Miller
Franklin Hays wrote: if anyone is selling drop me a line. also, anyone know a good link for laptop hardware compatibility for linux? remember there was a great link on this but have forgotten on which list it was placed. --

Re: Inetd

2000-10-12 Thread Bob Miller
Bob Crandell wrote: This line is at the top of /etc/inetd.conf: "To re-configure the running INETD process, edit this file, then send the INETD process a SIGHUP signal." How do you send the inetd process a SIGHUP signal from the command line? Man inetd doesn't mention it. Is it done

Re: M$ to use Corel to get into Linux?

2000-10-13 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: So the question is would you rather use C# and .NET to do basically the same things that you can do with the Java stuff. Of course this has the added benefit (?) of having Bill's stamp of approval... Java itself isn't exactly open source. Sun fubarred itself into the

Re: Crashscape Crashigator alternatives

2000-10-14 Thread Bob Miller
Christopher Allen wrote: It needs KDE libraries installed, though. Are you running KDE? Yes. I've tried gnome several times, but always switch back to KDE, primarily because of KFM's speed. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: My lame uptime

2000-10-16 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: The tools to diagnose this are: top (to see what is using all of the CPU) kill (to stop it) a console terminal (don't use X-terminals, in case it's a X problem :) And "cat /proc/meminfo" to see if you're out of free swap space. --

Re: Macromedia

2000-10-25 Thread Bob Miller
Lindsay Crawford wrote: I went to a commercial site (Lane Bryant, where my wife has an account) which told me I needed something called Flash player. If you are using Mandrake Linux, Mandrake 7.1 includes the flash plugin. Install it by logging in as root, inserting the Mandrake 7.1

Re: Printing

2000-10-25 Thread Bob Miller
Bob Crandell wrote: Are there any default limits to print job sizes? I have a guy who is printing 4 and 5 meg graphics. The only limit is the amount of free disk space. Temp files are in /var. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

IMOHO (was: Upgrade to perl-5.6.0)

2000-10-25 Thread Bob Miller
jake wrote: (that would be a good topic for a Thursday night clinic, IMOHO;) What's IMOHO? In my otherwise/ordinarily/oh-so/ornery/other/ officially/(parole) officer's/orthopedist's humble opinion? -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Q. installing rpm files in Mandrake 7.1?

2000-10-25 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: How do I determine what version of Xfree86 is installed on my system? jogger-egg ~ rpm -q XFree86 XFree86-3.3.5-3mdk or ... jogger-egg ~ rpm -qa | grep -i xfree XFree86-xfs-3.3.5-3mdk XFree86-libs-3.3.5-3mdk

Re: last Thursday's meeting October 12, 2000

2000-10-25 Thread Bob Miller
Timothy Bolz wrote: Most of us felt the .net plan won't work. I felt the same way until yesterday when I read this essay. Check it out. (BTW, note that it was written in Feb, 1999, about 18 months before Microsoft announced .NET.)

Re: Microsoft Hacked?

2000-10-28 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: Woo-hoo! We're having fun now! The article says that the crackers (mistakenly referred to as hackers) used a known worm/virus to break in, and, once they were in, they were undetected for three months.

short-term ISP

2000-10-29 Thread Bob Miller
Anne and I are visiting Eugene for two weeks, Nov. 12-25. We really don't want to be without email for that long. We'll both have our laptops with us (some guy is giving a presentation at the 11/18 meeting about Linux on laptops, I think (-: ), but our laptops have WinModems which don't work

Re: last Thursday's meeting October 19,2000

2000-10-29 Thread Bob Miller
Timothy Bolz wrote: Thursday October 19,2000 Seth and Mike and Paul went over to visit with Stan for a while. I asked Seth what they talked about he said they visited some sites on Kline bottles. He said they talked about e-commerce. I wasn't there but it should have been interesting.

Pinball (was: Beefheart Sweden...any fun yet? [Off Topic])

2000-11-03 Thread Bob Miller
Michal Young wrote: Sorry for continuing an off-topic thread, but I'm confused about this message and require enlightenment. (Now! Just do it!) Worse, I want to start *another* off-topic thread, and your message just reminded me. Where are the best places in Eugene to play pinball? I've

Re: Linux Graphics

2000-11-07 Thread Bob Miller
Steve wrote: Are there any no cost and copyright free Linux graphics out there? Some one has asked me to write content for a server, about a novice's journey into Linux. They would like Graphics to go with my content, any suggestions? Tux the penguin is available at no cost - I can't

Tech Brew Pub is Tuesday, NOT Thursday (was: Meetspace)

2000-11-11 Thread Bob Miller
*** WARNING. Tech Brew Pub is this Tuesday. Not Thursday. Edward Craig wrote: be at the Tech Brew Pub this Tuesday, the EUG-LUG meeting on Ummm..., it's Thursday (so the meeting starts later at 7, instead of 6) Uh oh. The tech brew pub organizers sent out mail moving the

Intuitive Network Config?

2000-11-19 Thread Bob Miller
Yesterday, Cory and Seth were talking about a program that helped with network configuration. Said it was called "intuitive" something or other. Can you guys give me a pointer to that? Thanks. -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: X troubles?

2000-11-21 Thread Bob Miller
James S. Kaplan wrote: I think someone posted the answer here awhile back. "can't open default font "fixed" That was the question XF86-SVGA broken XF86-VGA16 works fine. The font path is in /etc/X11/XF86Config. Did you change it when you changed servers? --

Re: Thursday's meeting

2000-11-22 Thread Bob Miller
Michael Smith wrote: Just for the record, I will not be at Stan's this Thursday, nor do I feel that anybody else should. Go get a life, people. ;^P Darn, I wanted you guys to help me install Woody on the Toshiba. (-: -- Kbob [EMAIL PROTECTED],

Re: Thursday's meeting

2000-11-22 Thread Bob Miller
Bob Crandell wrote: Why? What's happening Thursday? A strange ritual in which a large number of turkeys play the part of Microsoft Corporation, and a large number of hungry citizens play the part of free software. Vegetarians such as myself play the part of the computer-illiterate populace.

Re: Thursday's meeting

2000-11-22 Thread Bob Miller
jakob wrote: On an on-topic note...i believe it was kbob giving the linux on laptops schpeel last weekend. In it, he demonstrated putting his laptop to sleep while in X. Just to clarify, I have been unable to do so and not have XFree lock up. Are you using XFree, bob? In addition, the XFree

Blocking Ads (was: last Thursday's meeting 11/16)

2000-11-23 Thread Bob Miller
Timothy Bolz wrote: Cory was working on trying to block banner ads. I know Seth helped him. I don't know if he got it working. I'm sure there are others who wouldn't mind trying this. Cory, which ad blocking software are you using? I set up Internet Junkbuster on my home machine a few

Re: Finding a port in any storm...

2000-11-26 Thread Bob Miller
Kent Loobey wrote: A while back someone was trying to find a way to get on the Internet when they were on the road (I think it was Bob, but I am not sure). Any way, I saw a way this last weekend. I stopped at a Truck stop and each of the tables had an Internet port that the truckers could

[EUG-LUG:5121] Re: How to 'lie' about an expire time/date

2000-11-29 Thread Bob Miller
Seth Cohn wrote: Considering that hacking Windows software is just as easy (ie I think it's more the hacking perception, than the hack itself. Maybe my Unix expertise biases me, but hacking Windows software seems significantly harder than hacking in an open source

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