Re: [EVDL] (still has goals to achieve): can Tesla last?

2019-05-24 Thread Dan Hofer via EV
The elephant in the room that no one on CNBC or other news outlets seems to mention is that the Trump administration in coordination with the fossil fuel industry is working to undermine Tesla with some very powerful forces. For example (of many), the 'trade war' with China includes obvious

[EVDL] (still has goals to achieve): can Tesla last?

2019-05-23 Thread brucedp5 via EV
My feeling/opinion on the thread's original question may differ from most members. Because, each time when I search the news wire multiple times a day, I see a huge amount of con-tesla, and only a few pro-tesla items. Many are stock/investment related so, I rarely post those (decades ago evdl