Re: [EVDL] EVLN: €749 Folkvänlig ebike offered starting in 2 Austrian IKEA stores

2014-05-25 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Glad to hear that IKEA is being proactive. Indeed IKEA is very pro-active toward the environment and social responsibility in general. I know this first hand for having worked for them 16 years in QA that involved auditing suppliers for IKEA demands towards those environmental demands put on

Re: [EVDL] EVLN: 2014 i-MiEV, most affordable EV in America arrives this spring

2014-05-25 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
I think you mean it arrives in USA. Here in Canada we have the iMiev selling for over a year now. Take care, Denis Le 2014-05-23 à 10:30, Peri Hartman via EV a écrit : Thanks for your reference data. We do have a milder climate in Seattle but the tradeoff is you need to

Re: [EVDL] EV Digest, Vol 19, Issue 39 - OTT

2014-05-30 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
If the population REALLY wants them to stop they will stop. Envoyé de mon iPhone Le 2014-05-30 à 11:59, Martin WINLOW via EV a écrit : So, not content with 100 years of greed-fueled destruction of the earths atmosphere through the squandering of a very finite resource,

Re: [EVDL] leaf blowers

2014-07-24 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Leafs should be picked up, with a sucking tool (that should be electric) that shreds them for compost purposes. Then the compost can be used on the city's floral arrangements around town. Think for a second a neighborhood where every household had a leaf blower... What a fight that would

Re: [EVDL] Lithium battery setpoints...

2014-07-29 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hello Zeke You must first make sure cells are well in balance by some sort of equalization procedure which involve shunting current from higher voltage cells to the others. Charger is cutoff when a cell reaches above a max set voltage, like 3,65V for example on my Ranger EV. Does your BMS

Re: [EVDL] Tesla Vs UK's Ecotricity Dispute - MoreBackgroundInformation...

2014-08-10 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hi Cor, Just wondering if you considered changing your charger instead. Have you seen those? Denis Le 2014-08-09 à 20:11, Cor van de Water via EV a écrit : One of the reasons that I am very excited about the

Re: [EVDL] Canadian EVDL members

2016-07-04 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hello Jukka, I use à 240V Avcon for my Ford Ranger EV 2000. It is an old standard as you might know. Denis Boutet Contrecoeur, Qc > Le 4 juil. 2016 à 05:35, Jukka Järvinen via EV a écrit : > > Hi all. > > I'm pushing one of my startups to Canada. It's about EV charging.

[EVDL] J1772

2018-06-24 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hi EV enthousiasts! Am looking for a J1772 male connector and wire to add to my existing charging station. As well am looking for a 240V charging station - new or used, to install at my work place. I live in the Grand Montreal area. Feel free ton contact me if you have one for sale or if

Re: [EVDL]'s EV sales= low-priority> left further in the dust from pride

2019-09-15 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hello Josh, The situation in Québec is much different. At the end of june more than 52 000 VEs are on our roads, compared to 112 000 for Canada. As for infrastructure, it has been a political goal to electrifiy Québec for a few years, and as a result, at the end of june we had - according to

Re: [EVDL] Ego vs Greenworks?

2020-06-24 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hi everyone, any one have experience with Stihl? Denis Le 20-06-24 à 13 h 19, EVDL Administrator via EV a écrit : I've owned a total of 4 E-mowers (not counting the Elec-traks) so far since 1994 - a B, two Yard Machines (MTD), and a Greenworks. The B lasted the longest, but I had to replace

Re: [EVDL] Electric Cars vs Small Electric Trucks (made of Unobtanium)

2020-07-09 Thread Denis Boutet via EV
Hi Mark, I have a Ford Ranger EV 2000 which was converted to LFP batteries. About 600 remain in NA, some for sale. Might be of interest to you. Take care Denis Boutet La Vérité te libérera > Le 9 juill. 2020 à 09:47, Mark Hanson via EV a écrit : > > >> The Tesla 3 is a nice long range