Re: [Evangelism] Plone vs Joomla vs Wordpress

2012-09-07 Thread Chris Calloway

On 9/7/2012 11:42 AM, Matt Hamilton wrote:

someone is paying (I presume) for some kind of mechanical
turk to directly try and rubbish one project over another.

That's what it looked like to me, also. I take care of this on email 
lists I manage by moderating the subscriptions (rather than the posts). 
If one of the current list managers cc'd on this email would add me as a 
mod for this list, I'd be glad to get out my mop and clean this up.


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Re: [Evangelism] Plone vs Joomla vs Wordpress

2012-08-27 Thread Dylan Jay

On 28/08/2012, at 8:47 AM, PatDole wrote:

I am using WP for years but a business partner got me interested in  
because i is faster and more secure.  But fewer commercial web hosts  
the requirements for Plone than support the requirements for  

Considering all you can get for WP i.e. different themes, plug ins,  
i am

still wondering if i even should try Plone.  Still working on it

The reason you'd try Plone is flexibility. If you plan on managing a  
lot of content, pdfs etc with many different editors then eventually  
you will reach the limits of WP or Joomla. Plone is the elevator that  
goes all the way up.

I'd recommend the best way to get started is which comes  
bundled with Diazo + lots of plugins which allows to create many  
different kinds of sites without having to write code.

If you do need to write code or want to install plugins not supported  
by, the next easiest step to having a public plone site  
isn't that clear.

The best advice I can give is to get a $10pm ish server from Amazon  
Ec2 or rackspace cloud or similar and follow the steps here

We were working on a service that automated these steps for you, and  
I'd be really interested in some feed back from you.

The service is called
You go there and it gives you advice on Amazon, or rackspace etc. Lets  
you select one of the virtual server providers and then sign up to them.
Plonefactory then asks you your amazon or rackspace credentials and  
will then do everything to create that new virtual server, configure  
it and install plone so all you have to do in the end is log in and  
start using plone. It will also send you a zip file to install on your  
computer so install and test plugins locally and then one click  
install them on your remote server.

If such a service existed would it make you feel more comfortable  
about trying plone? or would you still prefer more hosters who  
specifically said they are plone compatible?

btw, to other plone devs on this list. We haven't made much progress  
on plonefactory in the last year. It's a gevent based pyramid app.  
Would anyone be interested in helping finish it off if we open sourced  

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Re: [Evangelism] Plone vs Joomla vs Wordpress

2012-08-21 Thread ctxlken
You seem to be a spammer.  Please prove me wrong.

On 8/21/12 4:16 AM, plombier montpellier [via Plone] wrote:
 Hello, I found this joomla 2.5 site via

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