Re: [Fwd: NDPR David Shoemaker, Personal Identity and Ethics: A Brief Introduction]

2009-03-16 Thread Quentin Anciaux
Hi Bruno, 2009/3/15 Bruno Marchal Hi G√ľnther, Hi Bruno, thanks for your interesting answer, I have some questions though. course, as I said, this will depend of what you mean by you. In case you accept the idea of surviving with amnesia, you can even get to

Re: Changing the past by forgetting

2009-03-16 Thread John Mikes
Saibal and Stathis: does this mean (in reverse) that some new idea (creative alteration or new combination) would CHANGE the (future) world as well? What I mean: if erasing from the inventory (of our memory-mass) DOES change the PAST world(?), does some addition to it change it as well? (Should I