[Evolution-hackers] message list for folder

2005-10-20 Thread Igor J.
I need plugin to work with new messages. I can get EMEventTargetFolder pointer. How to get any object with message list with uri from EMEventTargetFolder? ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list Evolution-hackers@gnome.org

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Making the editor component replaceable (some first idea's, overview what would need to be done)

2005-10-20 Thread Robert Staudinger
On 10/18/05, Kaushal Kumar [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi, Hi, on a first glance it looks possible to fulfill the required features below. A few questions though: Some of my thoughts on replacement of gtkhtml with gecko (gtkmozembed/gtkmozedit). The basic set of features which would be needed

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Communication with e-d-s

2005-10-20 Thread Dick Kniep
Hi Harish, Op woensdag 19 oktober 2005 10:17, schreef Harish Krishnaswamy: Hi Dick, There is some activity going in providing SWIG wrappers for evolution-data-server which should address your requirements. vseguip is focused primarily on Ruby - but feel free if you want to add python to

Re: [Evolution-hackers] message list for folder

2005-10-20 Thread Igor J.
On Thursday 20 October 2005 16:50, Parthasarathi Susarla wrote: There is a hook for new messages available but that does not give the list of messages. It just gives the folder name and uri. I dont think so getting the list is possible though. Yes. But can I get list of all folders in