[Evolution-hackers] A multithread problem

2006-01-12 Thread jeff cai
Hi,all I found an implict multithread problem. I want to see whether anybody could give me more information about it. In function message-list.c:mail_regen_list, a new message is created and put into a thread queue, meanwhile, the message is also prepended to a regen list of the message list.

[Evolution-hackers] String/UI change notifications for commits done on UI Hackfest

2006-01-12 Thread Harish Krishnaswamy
hi All, We are in String/UI Change announcement period and I notice the due notifications to gnome-doc lists have not been sent for patches related to the UI Hackfest. So I will be sending a consolidated notification citing all the changes done as part of the UI Hackfest with a cut-off on Jan