[Evolution-hackers] Compiling evolution-exchange

2006-03-08 Thread Zeev Lazarev
Hi, There is a problem with compiling of evolution-exchange I can't handle. I went though all step described in: http://go-evolution.org/Compiling_Evolution_from_CVS#Prerequisites passing Doing evolution successfuly. In the next section

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution, Evolution-Data-Server, GtkHTML, Evolution-Exchange branched to gnome-2-14

2006-03-08 Thread Srinivasa Ragavan
Hi, The gnome-2-14 branch for Evolution and Evolution-Data-Server, GtkHTML and Evolution-Exchange has been created. For specific plans on HEAD see http://go-evolution.org/Evo2.8 Thanks Srini. ___ Evolution-hackers mailing list

Re: [Evolution-hackers] About changing password with exchange account

2006-03-08 Thread Sushma Rai
Usually the realm will be the domain name of the Active Directory (in all capital letters).You can ask your system administrator and find it out. You have to set up your linux client to authenticate against active directory and also set the realm name, KDC server etc. in your client's