Re: [Evolution-hackers] CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_* documentation?

2006-05-10 Thread Jules Colding
Hi Harry, Thanks a lot for these explanations. Most helpful :-) Does any one know about the remaining ones below? Thanks, jules On Tue, 2006-05-09 at 20:59 +0800, Harry Lu wrote: * CAL_STATIC_CAPABILITY_NO_CONV_TO_ASSIGN_TASK What is this? Convert from what? *

Re: [Evolution-hackers] what are camel-index-control and camel-lock-helper for?

2006-05-10 Thread Jeff Cai
在 2006-05-10三的 07:52 -0400,Jeffrey Stedfast写道: camel-lock-helper is a program that helps lock mbox files (like /var/spool/mail) that require privs that the user account does not have. when does mbox files need to be locked by this program? camel-index-control has something to

[Evolution-hackers] Evolution-2.6 for MAC OS X (10.3, 10.4)

2006-05-10 Thread brad mccrorey
Haven't seen much traffic about this, so I'll just post away. The bit I've pasted below was the last traffic I can find on this list with regards to the Mac OS X port of evolution. I can't seem to make sense of the reply at all. I can't find the new accounts wizard anywhere, and believe you me