Re: [Evolution-hackers] Proposed fix for bug 311512

2007-04-09 Thread Karl Relton
Matthew As a new Mail maintainer, could you take a look at my proposed patches for fixing bug 311512. Srini has had a look, and noted the ABI breakage (see below). This was deliberate on my part - the only way to get newmail notification to take note of the results of a filter thread. Many

Re: [Evolution-hackers] UAM

2007-04-09 Thread Srinivasa Ragavan
Hi Diego, I have created a page in the wiki to capture the discussions around UAM I have added few most important points that should be covered part of UAM. Other hackers would be updating the wiki directly. I feel that you can start looking into the first bullet

[Evolution-hackers] triggering a receiving automatically

2007-04-09 Thread Joachim Kluge
I have Xubuntu Edgy and spool my mail via getmail to /var/mail. The app mail-notification notifies my instantly of new mails with the help of FAM (File Alteration Monitor). But how can I make Evolution to fetch new mails without manual interaction without constant polling? E.g. per D-Bus or