[Evolution-hackers] libecal problem

2007-08-02 Thread sandipan.chakravarty
Hi, I am trying to write a libecal program , when I use it in a standalone program the code works fine but when the code is put as a plugin to another gtk program (kiba-dock) the dock crashes(SEGV) on exit . ESource *source = NULL; ESourceList *sources = NULL; GError *gerror = NULL;

[Evolution-hackers] Please comment on patch for evolution contacts access in deskbar-applet

2007-08-02 Thread Karl Relton
Hi friends The deskbar-applet utility uses e-d-s to search through evo addressbooks. However the code used wasn't working on evo-ldap addressbooks. On investigation, I found the code was using e_book_new_from_uri when it could have simply been using e_book_new. Changing as per the attached patch