[Evolution-hackers] Disabled code in Evolution has a bug

2008-01-15 Thread Philip Van Hoof
Hi there, In Evolution this code is not used (imap_parse_namespace_response - imap_namespace_decode), nonetheless it contains a bug. If the delimiter for a namespace is NIL, the imap_next_word will search for the first space. This ain't correct if there are no parameters to parse. For example

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Warning: careful rebuilding with my makefile!!

2008-01-15 Thread Reid Thompson
Paul Smith wrote: Hi all; This morning just after the 2.21.5 release of Evo was announced, the 2.4 branch of libsoup was merged to the trunk. This version is not that easy to build: it requires a newer version of GLIB than is available in Ubunut Gutsy, at least (2.15 or better, while

Re: [Evolution-hackers] Possible memory leak

2008-01-15 Thread Jose Dapena Paz
El lun, 14-01-2008 a las 14:33 +0100, Philip Van Hoof escribió: I think this needs to be something like this: GSList *item = cc-status_stack; cc-status_stack = g_slist_remove_link(cc-status_stack, item); g_slist_free (item); Or just use g_slist_delete_link: cc-status_stack =