Re: [Evolution-hackers] [ANN] Evolution-mapi moved to new SVN repository

2008-11-22 Thread Suman Manjunath
On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 11:18, Johnny Jacob [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
 We will be creating a new bugzilla component in for 

This is done! Please report bugs under the product name: evolution-mapi

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[Evolution-hackers] can't read messages

2008-11-22 Thread Roy Trumbull

I think I have a corrupt database but have no idea how to fix it. One day I was 
reading my email and the desktop got very busy and then told me I had 3000 
unread emails. Naturally over a few days I deleted a lot of them. They were all 
old and probably had been deleted already. The remaining messages are 
indicated, the folders have the right count, but nothing will display. There 
are a few folders where one of the messages will display.
As evolution is part of gnome I don't even know if I can reload evolution.
Very strange. I went through the FAQs and didn't see anything like it. I was 
using Gutsy but just upgraded to the current version which is H something. 
Problem persists. The evolution version is .
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