Re: [Evolution-hackers] Viewer for file-stored E-Mails

2008-12-22 Thread Michael Städler
Hi Pat and Reid,

thanks for the quick response. You see, it is clear to me, that both, eml and 
mbox, are flat file. What I am looking is a viewer, who can view this in a 
accurate manner, not like a flat file editor. The hint to mutt is a good one. 
If I can't find another - graphical - viewer, then I will go with mutt.

-- Michael

 Pat Suwalski wrote:
  Hi Michael,
  Michael Städler wrote:
  I usually store important E-Mails one-by-one in files, thus I can
  these information easily. I am in the process of switching from
  Windows/Outlook to Linux/Evolution. In Evolution the only Save as
  format is normal Unix mbox. But in Linux I cannot view these files
  just by selecting them in a file explorer. Am I missing something? I
  just can't find a tool which just lets me view an mbox file. Of course
  can re-import the file in Evolution. But this isn't my intention. Any
  help for me?
  As you probably know, the mbox format is flat text. For casual reading 
  and searching you can use pretty much any text editor. However, I know 
  that's not what you're asking for.
  I don't know of any desktop program that views mbox files, but mutt on 
  the command line will do it with the -f switch.
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 ... can't you use your file explorer to associate .eml files with the
 viewer of 
 your choice?

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[Evolution-hackers] Can Evolution be built on evolution-data-server-dbus ?

2008-12-22 Thread lixujia

Hi all!

I'm try to install the Evolution on a mobile platform, but that OS use 
evolution-data-server-dbus instead of evolution-data-server.

And when I tried to configure the Evolution source, the error were given:
No package 'libegroupwise-1.2' found

So I checked the path to pkgconfig, no libegroupwise.pc found.
I am puzzled. Can Evolution be built on the evolution-data-server-dbus?
Thank you!


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