Re: [Evolution-hackers] EVolution-MAPI

2009-10-27 Thread Tor Lillqvist
 I wonder if can myself compile it using cigwin environment from the source

Cygwin is not Windows. Cygwin is a kind of Unix that just happens to
run on top of Windows. The existing port of (older versions of)
Evolution and the necessary parts of the GNOME stack below is
specifically for *native* Windows. Cygwin is not used.

Theoretically it shouldn't be hard to build Evolution and everything
below for Cygwin. But Evolution running on Cygwin certainly is not a
project I personally would be interested in taking part in, or using.

(Yes, I know I didn't answer his actual question.)

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Re: [Evolution-hackers] EVolution-MAPI

2009-10-27 Thread Tor Lillqvist
(Please don't follow-up privately to a message thread that started on
a public mailing list. I am adding evolution-hackers back to the
recipient list.)

 It would be great to have a similar tutorial on how to build it from source
 to port for windows, the packages required, the configure, makefiles and all
 necessary stuff.

Yes, feel free to do that.

The overwhelmingly simplest way to build software like Evolution and
the necessary parts of the GNOME stack etc below it for Windows is to
cross-compile from Linux. Doing it like that means you have few
problems with autotools or libtool. That is certainly the direction I
am (slowly) moving, even if I still do build natively on Windows those
packages that I distribute on

Take a look at the openSUSE Build Service where a colleague of mine
has set up several projects cross-compiling lots of software packages
for Windows, see for instance

 I just wonder if one from your team could point me to way of compiling it.

my team? ;) Ack, no, I doubt people have time for that. Just start
by learning to do simpler things first, make sure you understand what
is going on, and then move on to more and more complex stuff. Don't
jump in at the deep end. Start by learning how to (cross-)compile for
instance GLib.

 That would be a great contribution to people like me wnat to get rid of MS
 desktop enviroment.

Sorry, I think you misunderstand something here. Few people work on
Evolution etc just out of idealism or a desire to hurt Microsoft.
(Besides, you said yourself that in your case you would still be using
an Exchange server, *and* obviously a Windows desktop, so I don't
fully see your point here.)

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